October 2023 Minutes

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Arnprior Community Council
Approved Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting held on
Tuesday 3rd October 2023 at Arnprior Nursery
Present: Morag Sheppard (Secretary), Margaret Pitkeathly (Member), Wendy Weir (Member), Duncan McEwen (Member).
In Attendance: Esther Lim (Minute Taker)
Apologies: Iain Breakenridge (Chair), Sheena Adam (Treasurer).
Residents: 1 resident was in attendance.
1. Welcome and Apologies
In the absence of Iain Breakenridge (IB), Margaret Pitkeathly (MP) acted as Chair for the meeting. The Chair welcomed the attendees to the meeting.
1.1 Declaration of Interest
The Chair called for any declarations of interest. There were no declarations
of interest.
1.2 Approval of Agenda
There were no items to add to the Agenda.
2. Approval of OGM Minutes
The unconfirmed minutes of the OGM held on 15th August 2023 were reviewed and approved having been proposed by Morag Sheppard (MS) and seconded by Margaret Pitkeathly.
3. Matters Arising
3.1 Defibrillator Update
No update.
3.2 Cardross Bridge
No change. It was noted that during the UCI Cycle event, heavy vehicles were
diverted over the Cardross bridge despite the clearly displayed weight limit of 3 tonnes. The CC will contact the SC’s roads department to inform them.
[Action: Iain Breakenridge]
3.3 Planning: Shelloch Wind Farm Update
Iain Breakenridge has been in contact with Ruth Shewan, External Affairs
Manager at EDF Renewables. She confirmed that they are still progressing to
an investment decision and will inform the Community Council (CC) once
decisions have been made.
3.4 Your Stirling: You Decide
Having been informed that work would start on the canopy in November 2023
and be completed in December 2023, the CC have been informed that the
work will now commence in January 2024. Members noted that delays and
amendments to the plans increase costs and cut into the budget.
Questions around responsibility for ongoing maintenance and community
access still need to be addressed. Iain Breakenridge is in the process of
scheduling a meeting with Elaine Peddle of Arnprior Nursery to discuss how
the community and the nursery team can work together. Morag Sheppard will
also attend the meeting and Wendy Weir (WW) will join if required.
[Action: Iain Breakenridge, Morag Sheppard]
3.5 Walking Routes – Signposts
No update.
3.6 Cycle Championship Event – Update
The CC are awaiting an update from Councillor Rosemary Fraser regarding the
issues raised at the previous meeting. [Action: Councillor Fraser]
3.7 Arnprior Community Storage Project
Iain Breakenridge and Morag Sheppard are scheduled to meet with the 2
secured funders on 26th October 2023 to discuss progress.
IB is to compare prices of storage containers and make a recommendation to
the CC. [Action: Iain Breakenridge]. A member noted that JCC Agricultural
services in Thornhill also supply containers. MS will forward this information to
IB. [Action: Morag Sheppard]
IB has requested copies of the funders’ logos which he believes were
previously provided to the CC. WW will look back in her emails to see if she
has these to forward to IB. [Action: Wendy Weir]
3.8 Roads Update
As agreed previously, IB has submitted a roads enquiry. He received a reply
from Stephen Bly confirming that the enquiry had been referred and he should
receive a reply by 12th October.
Members recommended that a survey should monitor overtaking and speeding
at both ends of the village, not just in the village centre.
3.9 Charitable Trust Update
MS is scheduled to meet with a representative of the Development Trust
Association Scotland (DTAS) to discuss whether this is an appropriate route for
Arnprior CC and what is involved. IB has approached various people informally
regarding becoming trustees.
WW suggested the CC approach Kippen CC to find out how much work is
involved. [Action: Morag Sheppard]
4. Police Report
There was no police report for this meeting. Members were uncertain when they had last received a report. Wendy Weir agreed to look into getting a report for the next meeting. [Action: Wendy Weir]
5. Councillor’s Report
There was no councillor in attendance and no report provided for this meeting.
6. Financial Report
6.1 There was no Financial Report for this meeting.
 The balance on No. 1 account is £8,224.23
 The balance on No. 2 account is £4,434.20
6.2 MS has applied to the Bank of Scotland to become a signatory on the CC
accounts. This request is currently being processed. The CC are also in the
process of setting up internet banking with the bank to be able to make
payments via bank transfer.
WW warned members to be wary of suppliers who request payment via
WW requested that information about the different uses of the 2 accounts,
including the various funding types and how they can be used for the
community, be provided as an update for existing members and as induction
for the new member.
WW also noted that she is still waiting for payment for expenses incurred
before lockdown and for which she had provided receipts. MS will discuss with
IB on his return from holiday. [Action: Morag Sheppard]
7.1 First Aid Certificates
MP asked WW if she had received any certificates for the first aid training
carried out by Trossachs Search & Rescue. WW agreed to chase this up or
provide one herself for Carla Cadden. [Action: Wendy Weir]
7.2 Arnprior Nursery Lighting
A resident has approached the CC regarding the lights outside Arnprior
Nursery which are left on all night. The resident claims their brightness
decreases visibility and causes light pollution. Members suggested that the
number of lights could be reduced, they could be programmed to switch off at a certain time or activated by motion sensor. The CC agreed to contact facilities at Stirling Council to discuss this. [Action: Morag Sheppard]
7.3 Christmas Community Social Evening – Saturday 9th December 2023
Members discussed the proposed pre-Christmas community social evening.
MP and WW have agreed to co-ordinate this. The provisional plan is to set out
tables and chairs in one of the larger rooms at the nursery and for people to
arrive from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. There will be Christmas drinks and nibbles and a raffle to raise money for Trossachs Search & Rescue as a thank you for the first-aid training they ran earlier in the year. Susan will be asked to make mulled wine and WW will make mince pies. Members agreed the CC would pay for ingredients. [Action: Margaret Pitkeathly and Wendy Weir]
7.4 Disruption X10A Bus Service
Stephen Bly notified the CC of disruption to the X10A bus between 8am –
3.30pm in the 2 weeks up to 6 October.
7.5 DRT Reminder
Stephen Bly reminded the CC that DRT journeys must be requested before
3.00pm 1 day in advance.
7.6 Potholes
MP drew members’ attention to the large potholes in the road in The Avenue,
particularly at the end of the road. She requested that someone from Stirling
Council’s roads department be asked to have a look at these with a view to
having them filled in. Another member drew attention to the potholes in Mains
Road and Causewayhead Road and requested these also be looked at.
[Action: Iain Breakenridge]
7.7 Septic Tank Pipe Update
Duncan McEwen asked for an update on the condition of the pipe. WW
responded that she had not noticed a smell or leakage recently. She agreed to
observe the pipe over the next few days as problems often become visible after heavy rain. [Action: Wendy Weir]
7.8 Fibre Optic Broadband
It was noted that contractors have recently been installing ducting for fibre optic cables in the area. There is currently no scheduled date for installation of the cables.
8. Date of next OGM
The next OGM will take place from 19:30 to 21:15 on Tuesday 5th December 2023. It is intended to take place at Arnprior Nursery.