Feb 2021 Minutes

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Draft Minutes

Online Meeting on 4 February 2021, 19.30


  1. Welcome, recording of those present and apologies


    Present: Fraser Allan, Colin Cameron, Alison Lamont Chalmers, Carsten Mandt,
    John Nicholson, Bill Noblett, Luci Rooney, Christine Wilson, Robert Young

    In attendance: Cllr Alastair Berrill, Cllr Rob Davies, Cllr Graham Lambie; Laura
    Gormley, Alison Limbert, Amanda Reilly, Gordon Reilly

    Apologies: Pam Campbell, Andrea Gabriel


    Colin Cameron reported that David McGowan had resigned from BCC and thanked
    him for his long standing service as a community councillor.

  2. Recording of Declarations of Interest


    Fraser Allan declared his interest in agenda item 12.


  3. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meetings


    The minute of the previous meeting was proposed as an accurate record by
    Christine Wilson and seconded by Alison Lamont Chalmers.

  4. Matters arising


    BCC thanked Laura Elder and the team for organising the Christmas trees and Luci
    Rooney for providing the mobile Christmas concert and calendars, which were well

    Colin noted future ambitions for linking up walking and cycling paths between
    Killearn and Stirling via the villages. Gargunnock Community Council were furthest
    ahead with negotiations with land owners to be able to implement these plans.

    It was noted that there had been little progress with the Buchanan St footpath.


  5. Co-option of new Community Council member


    Laura Gormley was approved as a co-opted member of BCC.

  6. Covid-19 Response


    1. Balfron Covid-19 Support group update


      A community rota for delivering prescriptions from the pharmacy has been
      established, delivering on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    2. Balfron Resilience update


      Fraser reported that West Stirling community issues raised through Stirling Council
      resilience focused largely on mental health challenges, loneliness and food poverty.
      It was noted that icy pavements had recently been exacerbating loneliness for
      residents unable to go out in wintery conditions. Additional members are needed to
      join the community resilience team. Any interested parties should contact either
      Fraser or Lee Rooney.

    3. Balfron Food exchange


      The food exchange had seen slightly less use recently. Food donations are still
      needed and are much appreciated, but PLEASE no more books. Access had been
      more difficult due to icy conditions. Fraser will ask Stirling Council for an additional
      grit bin to be sited in Dunmore St.

  7. Projects


    1. Space for Living


      The new surfaces and layout at the Clachan are wearing in well. Balfron in Bloom
      are in the process of discussing a revised planting plan for the beds at the Clachan.

      A temporary Heritage Group QR code sign has been installed at the Memorial. BCC
      agreed to support a permanent installation.

      It was noted that the village was now a 20mph village.


      Colin noted that the Co-op is planning to re-design the Balfron shop completely,
      looking at construction in 2022. Co-op services would continue during construction
      but detailed plans are not yet available.

      b.Phone box refurbishment


      Options are being explored further, pending discussions with Bank of Scotland.


      c.Small Playpark -Donaldson Park


      The old faulty play equipment had been removed and Stirling Council had received
      delivery of the new equipment. They hoped to install it in early March. The play park
      will be resurfaced using wood chip instead of sand, but a sandpit will be added.

      BCC agreed in principle to the additional cost for the replacement play park fencing
      to match the gate in Spoker’s Loan.

  8. Bank Closure


    On 11 Dec 2020 a meeting was held with BCC, Bank of Scotland, Stirling Council,
    MP and MSP representation. The bank will close on 23rd March, but their
    representatives agreed to think about alternative approaches. The bank is plannning
    to sell the building but it had not yet been marketed. Stirling Council are interested in
    possible joint schemes for the building.

  9. Police Report


    BCC noted a written report by Police Scotland.


  10. Elected Councillor's report


    The latest Covid briefing focused on the local roll out of vaccinations.


    A glitch with the Engage Stirling portal was reported, wrongly showing closed
    consultations as still open.

  11. Treasurer report


    Thanks were given to Luci for generating £80 from the sale of calendars. Given the
    likelihood that virtual meetings will be continuing for some time a decision was made
    to purchase an annual subscription for Zoom.

  12. Planning report


    Robert reported that the applications to develop a glamping site at Drumtian Wood
    had been resubmitted. Amanda Reilly provide a resident’s perspective on road
    safety and environmental concerns with the proposed development. It was also
    noted that the development was unlikely to benefit the local community and local
    economy. BCC agreed to lodge an objection. Due to the number of objections
    already lodged the application would be referred to the planning panel.

    Permission had been granted to extend a dwelling house in Endrick Gardens.


  13. Chair including Correspondence


    Colin highlighted that the health and social care consultation was now live.
    John agreed to attend the Rural South West Forum on 15 Feb 2021.

    Colin has been invited to join the Killearn Paths Steering Group to look at joining up
    paths between the two villages at the Endrick Bridge.

    Bill confirmed that BCC had bags and litter pickers available for litter picking.

  14. AOB


    Alison Limbert informed the group of her social enterprise Love Lochs and
    Landscapes supporting sustainable tourism in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs

    It was noted that this year’s Community Council newsletter has been published, but
    due to distribution difficulties because of the pandemic is only available online, via
    the Community Council website and Facebook pages.

  15. Next meeting


Thursday 4th March 2021