Oct 2021 Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting on 7 October 2021

Present: Colin Cameron (Chair), Alison Limbert (Secretary), Alison Lamont Chalmers, Claudia Duncan,
John Nicholson, Robert Young (Vice-chair), Fraser Allan

In attendance: Councillor Jane Hutchison

Apologies: Christine Wilson (Treasurer), Luci Rooney

Minutes were taken by Alison Limbert as the Community Council is still seeking to appoint a minute


  1. Recording of Declarations of Interest



  2. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

    The Minutes from the meeting on 2 September 2021 were proposed as accurate by Alison Lamont
    Chalmers and seconded by Alison Limbert.


  3. Matters arising

    1. Community Council - Laura Gormley has sadly resigned due to pressure of work. Our thanks were
      given for her contribution. We are therefore seeking a new volunteer for the Donaldson Trust
      Board as well as new CC members. Any suggestions for potential co-optees to be shared with

    2. Bank building – it was noted that the closing date for offers was Tuesday 5 October.

    3. Endrick Gardens-Buchanan St path – Waiting on legal letter to be sent from Stirling Council.

    4. Eco-Opera – it was noted that the Australian end of the project has been postponed until 2022
      due to Covid-19 restrictions.


  4. Projects

    1. Space for Living: A constructive meeting took place between Stirling Council and Balfron in Bloom
      concerning the development of the Tontine area. There has since been a delay to the
      implementation of the next phase of the planned work. BCC requested that we contact the
      Transport Planning Officer to seek reassurance that works to repair the collapsed local bridges
      have priority and that the funding from external sources for Balfron Active Spaces will not be put
      at jeopardy by any delay to the works. ACTION: CC

    2. Phone box refurbishment: The order has been placed for the works and we await confirmation
      from the contractor on the date the phone box will be collected for refurbishment. It is expected
      to be between 15-18 November. Quotes being sought for installing a new concrete base for the
      refurbished phone box. A temporary store has been purchased and will be in use when the phone
      box is being refurbished. It is hoped that the phone box will be refurbished and returned to
      Balfron by Christmas.

  5. Police Report

    The police report is available on the BCC website and noticeboards.

  6. Elected Councillor's report

    A special Council meeting has been convened for 21 October to discuss the collapsed Branshogle and
    Catterburn bridges as well as the wider state of bridges in Stirlingshire. It will be attended by all Cllrs,
    Heads of Environment & Housing, Roads & Land Services Team Leaders, and Council representatives
    from finance, comms and community engagement. Both bridges which have fallen will be given equal
    importance. It has been stressed the importance of communicating with local businesses and
    communities. Cllr Hutchison has also requested information on when the works at Endrick Bridge (next
    to Drymen show field) are proposed to take place. No contractor has been appointed for these works.
    No information has been received from Scottish Water on when the works at Ballochruin bridge will be
    completed. Cllr Hutchison to follow this up. ACTION: JHCommunity Council Scheme of Establishment has been updated to allow Community Councils to meet
    in person.


  7. Treasurer report

    Payments made since the last meeting include to Jim Thomson for the installation of War Memorial
    signage, and L. Carr for the initial deposit for the phone box restoration.

    BCC noted its thanks to Historic Environment Scotland who have agreed to pay Jim Thomson for the
    Motte signage and installation.

    BCC approved expenditure of £50 for a temporary box to be purchased for the food exchange while the
    phone box is repaired.


  8. Planning report

    2 new planning applications have been submitted since the last meeting and 2 ongoing applications have
    been approved with conditions, details of all applications are available at

    BCC was contacted by the tenant of the proposed yoga and wellness studio on Bankers Brae after their
    planning application had been rejected on the basis of lack of parking. BCC sent an email of support as
    the tenant has a number of processes planned which would minimise any potential parking issues.


  9. Chair - including Correspondence

    1. Kings Highway – Recent meeting was attended by Colin. Stirling to Gargunnock section is
      most developed and nearing Sustrans stage 2 completion. Preferred Kippen to Gargunnock
      route has an initial group and windfarm funding to support its development. Kippen to
      Buchlyvie, there is no action group established in Buchlyvie/Arnprior. For Buchlyvie to Balfron
      route, Colin has been in contact with Balfron Pathways to discuss potential route ideas.
      Balfron to Killearn route, are at Sustran stage 3, and looking at construction 2022/2023. The
      aim is to make the Gargunnock to Killearn route a single development group to raise the
      profile of the project.

    2. A meeting was held with a Co-Op property representative, Cllr Rob Davis, Cllr Jane Hutchison
      and Colin. Initial design sketches for the new Co-Op building were shared. The square
      meterage of the store will almost double and car parking will be improved.

      The expected construction would take 6 months and be in 2023. The temporary provision
      during construction is likely to be a portacabin selling essentials.

    3. Rural Stirling Housing Association – has submitted an application to Inspiring Scotland: Rural
      Communities Ideas into Action Fund with a proposal to develop community plans at 3
      communities including Balfron. BCC submitted an email to support the application.

    4. Jim Thomson in conjunction with BHS Art Department has launched an art competition to
      mark COP26 conference

    5. Resident from Tombrake Steadings contacted BCC with concerns of speeding traffic next to
      their property. Stirling Council contact details to be shared with the resident for their concern
      to be sent direct to Stirling Council. ACTION: CC


  10. Membership of Community Council

    In line with Stirling Council’s Code of Establishment for Community Councils: Alison Limbert and
    Claudia Duncan were offered full membership effective from 7 October 2021. This was voted on
    and approved by all Full Members.


  11. Community consultations

Survey to capture feedback from the community on priorities for BCC and the ways which BCC
keep the community updated about their activities will be made available online via BCC website
and Facebook site. Hard copies will be available in the phone box and at Balfron Library.



  1. Lottery funding bid ideas – Action on Climate Change

    Application to be prepared for lottery funding to host a sustainability festival in Balfron in Spring
    2022. ACTION: ALi


  2. AOB

It was noted that if no buyer is found by 31 March 2022, it is the intention of the owner to close
McFarlanes shop.

Residents are encouraged to report any incidents of flytipping to Stirling Council via


BCC agreed to arrange a wreath for the war memorial to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.



12. Next meeting - Thursday 4 November 2021 at 7.30pm