Sept 2021 Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting on 2 September 2021 via Zoom


Present: Colin Cameron (Chair), Christine Wilson (Treasurer), Alison Limbert (Secretary), Alison Lamont-
Chalmers, Luci Rooney, Claudia Duncan, Laura Gormley, John Nicholson

In attendance: Councillor Alistair Berrill

Apologies: Robert Young (Vice-chair), Fraser Allan


Minutes were taken by Alison Limbert as the Community Council is still seeking to appoint a minute

A welcome was extended to Kenneth Alexander and Crispin Hayes (Killearn-Balfron Paths), and to Anita
Crozier, resident.


  1. Recording of Declarations of Interest



  2. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

    The Minutes from the meeting on 5 August 2021 were proposed as accurate by Christine Wilson
    and seconded by Alison Lamont-Chalmers.


  3. Matters arising

    1. Bank building – after a visit to the McLintock Hall by Bank of Scotland representatives they are
      proposing to use it as a venue for a Community Banker pilot.

    2. Endrick Gardens-Buchanan St path – following representations to Stirling Council, action is being
      taken to get the fencing across the route removed and ensure this deemed right of way is re-
      opened for public use.

    3. The King’s Highway (path between Stirling and Dumbarton): BCC has been supporting
      Gargunnock village in leading this campaign and attended recent meetings with Mark Ruskell
      MSP, and with David Hopper (Stirling Council) and Alyn Smith MP. Both meetings had good ideas
      about raising the profile of the campaign. Next meeting is on 29 Sept in Gargunnock for all
      interested parties.


  4. Projects

    1. Space for Living: At a recent meeting with Stirling Council the scope of work for street furniture
      for the Buchanan Street North development was scrutinised. A provisional start date of w/c 11th
      October has been agreed with Roads - this is not a confirmed start date - and should take
      approximately 8 weeks to complete. Once Roads have developed the work programme and
      traffic management plan, Stirling Council will be in touch with local elected members, the school,
      residents and businesses within the vicinity of the works.

    2. Phone box refurbishment: It was agreed to proceed with the refurbishment works proposal which
      is within budget and could be completed by the end of the year. Next steps include agreeing the
      ground works and the temporary provision of the Food Exchange. ACTION: RY


  5. Police Report

    The meeting noted a written report from PC Steven Graham. A member of the community had reported
    a case of “egging” of vehicles. The High School was informed and responded appropriately. The police
    report is available on the BCC website and noticeboards.


  6. Elected Councillor's report

    Consultations: Engage Stirling portal has 3 active consultations including closure of Buchanan Primary
    School, Alive with Nature plan and extension of special education needs provision.

    Community Council guidance: Stirling Council is meeting on 7 October with a view to update the guidance
    and allow Community Councils the option to meet in person if they so wish.

    COVID Cases: Forth Valley Health Board areas reported for week 17-23 August, 668 cases per 100,000.
    Cases in Stirling are below those in Clackmannanshire and Falkirk.


  7. Treasurer report

    Stirling Council has confirmed the amount of admin grant and that the cost of storage space rental can
    be covered by the admin grant. The grant for a minute taker is also available. The BCC bank account
    details have been updated with signatories from the current Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.


  8. Planning report

    Robert reported 3 new planning applications, including the felling of an ash tree in Barnwell Drive. A
    question was raised as to whether this was in response to ash dieback disease. ACTION: RY


  9. Chair - including Correspondence

    1. The Co-Op has submitted a preplanning application to Stirling Council to demolish the
      existing building and build a bigger new store on the current site. Discussions are underway
      with Stirling Council to ensure there is no reduction in parking availability. The anticipated
      earliest start date would be 2022. The Co-Op is working on a plan for a temporary store
      during construction.

    2. Draft Community feedback and survey: any edits, comments or additions to be sent direct
      to Alison. ACTION: Community Council members


  10. Killearn to Balfron link path

    Crispin Hayes (consultant) and Kenneth Alexander (Killearn Futures) presented the proposed route
    for the path with a focus on the section from Balfron towards the Endrick Bridge and on to
    Boquhan. The route includes a proposal to make the bridge single lane. South bound traffic would
    have priority for crossing. Intermittent rubber cycleway delineators (700mm long) would delineate
    the vehicular and the shared crossing area. This is a cost- effective solution to this section of the
    route. The funding for the project is to provide a path for everyday journeys and provide a viable
    alternative to using a car for a journey. Consultation meetings will be happening this Autumn with
    the community. There have been 210 responses to the online survey from both villages.

  11. Membership of Community Council

    The following proposals were made in order to be compliant with Stirling Council’s Code of
    Establishment for Community Councils: Laura to be offered full membership effective from 13
    May 2021; Alison Limbert and Claudia to be offered full membership at the October Community
    Council meeting (by which point both will have attended 3 meetings as co-opted members). These
    amendments were voted on and approved by all Full Members.


  12. Community consultations

    Household waste collection – At the online consultations the disappointment and concerns from
    the community were raised. Stirling Council has confirmed that the appointment system will
    remain at the recycling centre. Luci is awaiting feedback from Stirling Council on her proposal to
    assist in communicating with householders what can and cannot be recycled in the blue bins in a
    greater detail than the leaflet that was sent to householders. Claudia suggested that a plastic
    recycling bin be introduced at the recycling centre to accommodate additional household plastic
    waste rather than each household ordering additional bins. ACTION: CC

    Branshogle Bridge B818 – John attended an online meeting hosted by Stirling Council. Apologies
    were given by SC for not engaging with the local community earlier and addressing concerns.
    Cllr Davies asked for the reasons behind the bridge failure and subsequent closure. Several
    reasons were discussed including heavy rainfall, drainage works, probable lack of rainwater
    maintenance and vegetation along roadside. Repair work has been hampered by Covid, lack
    of subcontractors and material supplies. SC are still waiting for tender submissions for the
    work and timelines to carry it out. The bridge structure is 100 years old and does not conform
    to modern standards. It was confirmed that there would be no weight limit on the new
    bridge. Concerns were raised by the community on the other 7 bridges along the same stretch
    of road and the alternative routes unable to support the volume of traffic and emergency vehicle
    access. SC said these bridges had been inspected according to the guidelines for highway
    structures. Action would be taken by SC road engineers to re-inspect the bridges again. C21
    is the primary road for residents. SC agreed that this road would be considered high priority
    for winter preparations. Further concerns were raised by the community as to the quality of
    pothole repairs, speed restrictions in Fintry and the requirement to repair Fintry Cross. SC
    explained their road maintenance budget restrictions and limitations. SC would not commit to
    repairing Fintry Cross until after the bridge was repaired. Action was taken by SC to ensure
    that the national website was updated regarding the road closures and alternative routes as
    there is nothing currently on the site. The meeting closed with no confirmation of a further
    meeting. It was suggested that residents use SC Environment & Places enquiries as their email
    contact to SC on this matter.


  13. Lottery Funding

    Action on Climate Change Lottery Funding – It was agreed that Alison should contact Killearn
    Sustainability Group and HubG63 to discuss ideas for putting together a joint bid for a community


  14. Eco-opera

The premiere of this will be taking place in Australia in October and it is hoped to find an opportunity to
share some of the video at a future Community Council meeting.

  1. AOB

    Trip hazard – A resident suffered an accident near to the site of the old bus stop at the Co-op. The poor
    state of the pavement condition has been reported to Stirling Council via the portal.


  2. Next meeting - Thursday 7 October 2021 at 7.30pm