April 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of meeting 7th April 2022
Present: Colin Cameron(Chair), Alison Limbert (Secretary), Christine Wilson (Treasurer) Alison Lamont Chalmers, Claudia Duncan, Luci Rooney, Donna Dutch (Minutes)
In Attendance: Councillor Rob Davies, PC Steven Graham, Lesley Shaw (Clackmannanshire & Stirling Health & Social Care Partnership)
Apologies: Fraser Allan, Robert Young, John Nicholson
1) Recording of Declarations
CW and ALi noted their involvement as volunteers with the Balfron 10K.
2) Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Minutes from the meeting on 3rd March 2022 were proposed by Christine Wilson and seconded by Alison Limbert.
3) Matters Arising
a) The Toll plaque on Buchanan Street has been replaced and is looking splendid.
b) War Memorial - Stonework needs to be repaired, the damage being more complex than first thought. CW is awaiting costs for a report of damage before work commences. May have to contact The War Memorial Trust if the damage is significant. Action CW
c) The Resilience Plan contact details have been updated.
4) Lesley Shaw (Clackmannanshire & Stirling Health & Social Care Partnership)
Lesley introduced herself and her role as a Service Improvement Manager. The views of the community regarding health and social care is vital. Questions were asked regarding the closure of Strathendrick Care home. The previous consultation was discussed and concerns raised about the questions that failed to meet the needs of the community. CC to track down consultation document and share with LS. All members of BCC felt the closure of the home was shortsighted and was not in the best interests of the community, it played a huge part in connecting the community together. LS reassured members and the community that she wants to be involved and figure out what the challenges are in Balfron. She is keen to set up a volunteer group to form part of a task force to identify concerns and issues. She reiterated the purpose of her new role is to work together and her ethos is "open door and be long term partners'. No time scales as yet for the working party to come together but she would like to start soon with working focus groups commencing end of May. LS ended by saying that this is a collaborative project and is keen to understand the issues around Balfron health & social care. CC thanked her for her contribution and looked forward to an improved relationship.
5) Projects
a) Phone Box - we are missing the contributions from Hewitt & Aker, the need is still there and the community will be encouraged to donate. AL will do a social media request. Co-op money is due in April and it's hoped they will donate items on an ongoing basis.
LR to discuss signage requirements with Louise Craig and come back with a budget. Action AL/LR
b) Eco-Festival - CC/LR paid a visit to the Waste Management site at Lower Polmaise. Very interesting visit particularly regarding the disposal of blue bin waste. There was constructive engagement with the Waste Management team. LR raised the issue of soft plastic waste and she will pursue the Co-Op on where it ends up. The Waste Management team are keen to be represented at the Festival and further meetings are planned.
The Festival will take place on 11th June and planning is well under way. A further application for funding has been made to Stirling Council’s Community Pride fund.
6) Police Report
Concerns raised about the speed of drivers on the Gartness Road, signage to be looked at.
Some anti-social behaviour with children on the Primary site and around Hillhead Brae has been addressed.
The Police report is available on the BCC website and notice boards along with warnings on how to identify fraud and scams.
7) Elected Councillor’s Report
a) Focus on local elections which are taking place on 5th May.
b) Branshogle Bridge work is delayed by two months. It is a priority to get the work completed as it is causing problems for businesses and commuters. It also impacts the Balfron 10K on 1st May, and concerns were expressed that the road closure licence has not yet been approved. Action CC/RD to write to Legal Services
c) Catterburn bridge: no dates yet given when work will commence.
d) Cllr Davies met with Stirling Council to discuss progress on the Kings Highway proposal.
8) Treasurer’s Report
a) Phone box - estimate for re-connection of electricity has been received.
b) Balfron in Bloom requested some money for planting of flowers.
c) Current spend projections show us in arrears for the Eco-Fest. If the Community Pride money does not come through we may need to adjust various allocations.
d) End of year tax report is to be completed.
9) Planning
One new application since the last meeting but no response by BCC deemed necessary. Revised drawings for the petrol station have been submitted and a decision is awaited. Details of all planning applications can be found at stirling.gov.uk/planning-building-the-environment/planning/view-comment-on-planning/
10) Chair
a) Endrick Gardens SUDS - Scottish Water has finally made contact. They were last on site in March 2021 and are in a design consultation phase. They will be in touch when this is completed.
b) An increasing number of residents are concerned that there is no action over access to the path between Endrick Gardens and Buchanan Street. Stirling Council has contacted the homeowner concerned but the matter remains unresolved. The officer at Stirling Council is understood to be on long term sickness so CC will renew contact with the relevant line manager. Action CC
c) It is understood that the site at 13-19 Buchanan Street formerly owned but not completed by Glasgow Together CIC has recently been sold at auction. The buyer is currently unknown.
11) Ukraine Crisis
a) Frances Douglas has set up a Facebook page 'Balfron welcomes Ukrainians' to share ideas and offers of help and support.
b) Community has asked for the vacant Care Home to be used for housing refugees, but we have been told there are no plans for this to happen at present.
c) A suggestion for a concert to raise funds for Ukraine has been raised by Jim Thomson. BCC thought this a laudable idea, but agreed that the organisation of it must come from elsewhere given our current focus on the Eco-Festival.
12) Donaldson Park swing replacement
Council is to replace baby swings and a request to tighten the slackline has been made.
13) Safeguarding Policy
The draft policy was reviewed and agreed by all members, and is now accepted as policy.
14) AOB
a) Request made to use the BCC events shelters for Old Crocks & Balfron 10K events.
b) Concerns about pavements and drainage on Spinner street should be made online: https://stirling.gov.uk/online-forms/comments-complaints-compliments/report-an-issue/
c) Updates requested on the status for Killearn-Balfron cycle path . Action CC
15) Next meeting Thursday 5th May 2022