Feb 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting on 3rd February 2022

Present: Colin Cameron (Chair), Robert Young (Vice Chair), Alison Lamont Chalmers (Minutes),
Christine Wilson (Treasurer), Luci Rooney, John Nicholson

Apologies: Claudia Duncan, Alison Limbert (Secretary), Fraser Allan

In attendance: Cllr Rob Davies, Cllr Jane Hutchison, Emma Calvert


  1. Recording of Declarations of Interest

    Colin noted a potential conflict with an item in the Planning Report and would take no part
    in any discussion.

  2. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

    The Minutes from the meeting on 2nd December 2021 were proposed by Christine Wilson and
    seconded by Alison Lamont Chalmers.


  3. Matters arising

    1. Scottish Water repairs to Spokers Loan - Christine reported that the newly installed drainage was
      untouched during the Scottish Water repair work.

    2. Grey and Blue Bin Collections - the third collection since the introduction of the four weekly uplifts
      is due Sunday 6th February. Substantial parts of the village were missed on both the first and
      second collection dates. Cllr. Hutchison has ascertained that there are two vehicles on the route
      covering the village but there has been no adequate explanation given as to what has gone

    3. Christmas plans – Colin thanked everyone involved this year and mentioned the good coverage
      in the Stirling Observer. He also thanked Luci, our Christmas Elf, for once again, driving round
      the village in the musical van on Christmas Eve.

    4. War Memorial – no update. Christine to chase. Action: CW

    5. Day in the Life of a Blue Bin – a visit to Polmaise recycling centre has been approved to follow the
      sorting process of tins/plastics from our blue bins. Luci has asked if we can film the visit and is
      awaiting a response from Bruce Reekie of Stirling Council.

    6. Sandpit at Donaldson Park – overflowing with sand with kids still playing in it.

  4. Projects

    1. Phone box refurbishment: Robert is awaiting confirmation of an imminent return date. The
      groundwork has been done and is ready for the reinstallation. Once the box is back, the electrics
      will also have to be reinstated. The surrounding area is still quite rough so there will be a
      requirement for a mini digger to level off the site for hard standing and fencing. Quotes for this
      work have been obtained. It was suggested that advice be sought from Janet Rutherford (Balfron
      in Bloom) on what planting would be suitable in the area. Action: LR

      Now that Hewitt & Aker has closed Luci will approach local companies to ask if they would be

      willing to donate goods on a regular basis. She has ideas for ‘left over’ recipes. Action: LR

  5. Police Report

    The police report is available on the BCC website and noticeboards. It was noted that the accident on
    Station Road resulted in rather more than ‘slight’ injuries for the driver. A discussion followed on the
    dreadful state of the road surfaces and verges around the village, particularly on Station Road and
    Dunmore Street. The poor sightlines at the Balfron Station junction with the A81 were also discussed.
    A representative from the Roads department will be invited to a future meeting. Action: CC

  6. Elected Councillor's report

    Council Budget: A meeting to set Council tax rates is on Feb 16th. The Conservative group are proposing
    a 1% rise specifically to be spent on road repairs. There is also a budget meeting coming up.

    Bridge Repairs: Branshogle Bridge repairs are underway and should be completed by the end of April.
    The Balfron 10k is to take place on 1st May, and the bridge needs to be open by then to minimise
    disruption due to race route road closures. This will be monitored by the ward Councillors.
    Complications have arisen with the Catterburn bridge repair due to there being three services running
    across the bridge. A temporary bridge has been proposed but this would have to be removed when the
    work begins. It is could be a year before the repair work begins though there are a number of contractors
    interested in doing the work.

    Area Forums: There has been some discussion around resuming the Area Forums bringing together all
    South West area Community Councils and other bodies. A survey has been circulated to ascertain the
    interest in this.

    Fixed Penalty notices: Cllr. Hutchison has looked at the number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued by Stirling
    Council for the last quarter and these were as follows: Dog fouling – 15 reports with one penalty issued;
    Fly tipping – 143 reports with 53 penalties issued.

    Planning Committee: Cllr. Davies is now on the Planning committee. A new wind farm at Fintry has been
    approved. An application from Cala to decontaminate the house building site only at the Killearn
    Hospital site was approved.

  7. Treasurer report

    The funding from the Lottery Community fund for the Sustainability festival has been received.

    A power inverter has been purchased for community use. This enables power from a car battery to be
    converted to be used e.g to play music from a vehicle. The annual fee for Zoom access has been paid.
    This will be reviewed depending on the course of the pandemic.


  8. Planning report

    Two new applications since December: a single-storey extension to a house in Balglass Drive; and the
    erection of three houses at the Old Manse Stud, Station Rd. The Community Council submitted
    comments requesting measures that address Greenhouse Gas Reduction be considered e.g safe
    pedestrian and cycle links with the village and that there are on-site Electric Vehicle charging facilities.
    Details of all applications are available at

  9. Chair - including Correspondence

    Endrick Gardens-Buchanan Street path: Re-opening of the blocked access lane is being pursued by
    Gordon Lawrie, Estates and Commercial Property at Stirling Council. Glasgow Together CIC (the
    developer of the Buchanan Street properties) has been contacted requesting that the lane be re-instated
    and the residents have been advised to take the fences down. It is understood that they are happy for
    pedestrians to access through their gardens but are refusing to remove the fences. Cllr. Davies will make
    a formal request that the fences be taken down. Action: Cllr. Davies

    Provost’s Award: the meeting was delighted to hear that the Provost intends to make an award to Elsie
    Andrews for her outstanding contribution to the community during the Covid pandemic.

    Deputations Procedure: Stirling Council has approved a Deputations Procedure that gives community
    groups and organisations the right to speak at Council meetings. This allows members of the public to a)
    speak against/in support of a proposal; b) offer alternative ideas; c) provide information intended to
    influence a Council decision.

    City of Culture bid: there will be information sessions regarding Stirling’s bid on 22nd February at 1400hrs
    and 23rd February at 1930hrs. These can be accessed through Microsoft Teams.

  10. Climate awareness event

    We are aiming to hold this event on June 11th. An initial meeting took place on Zoom to look at
    ideas/aims. Suggestions were put forward for other people and organisations who might be interested
    in taking part. A further meeting is planned for Feb 15th in the McLintock Hall where interested parties
    will be invited along. It is imperative that we get this moving as time is short and we have to decide
    what we want to achieve. Consideration was given as to whether we should combine forces with other
    villages e.g Fintry who are also looking to have a sustainability event.

    Seed Bank: Emma Calvert told the meeting of her seed bank initiative, designed to encourage people to
    grow food from seed in their own gardens. She has opened a Facebook page: G63FoodGrowers. The
    project is being launched on 7th February using the libraries of Balfron, Drymen, Strathblane and Killearn
    Village Hall. The idea is that you sign out seeds, grow them, then donate seeds back to the library. She
    is putting together easy ‘how to’ guides. Wildflower seeds will also be included. Alison Limbert has
    supplied a list of possible funders to support the initiative. As some people donated seedlings to the
    community at the Phone Box last year, Luci and Christine suggested that this could tie into the seed bank
    plans. The initiative was warmly welcomed by the meeting.

  11. AOB

Christine noted that the swing seats in the small playpark have been replaced by Stirling Council.

The ownership of an overgrown hedge at the Clachan is not known. It is reaching passing cars. Robert
may know of the owner and will enquire. Action: RY

The Road closure signs on Balfunning Lane are being ignored and traffic is again building up on this
single-track road. Action: Cllr. Davies


Next meeting - Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 7.30pm, Balfron High School