March 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting on 3rd March 2022
Present: Colin Cameron (Chair), Alison Limbert (Secretary), Christine Wilson (Treasurer), Alison Lamont Chalmers, Fraser Allan, Claudia Duncan, John Nicholson
Apologies: Robert Young (Vice Chair), Luci Rooney, Cllr Jane Hutchison, Lesley Shaw (Clackmannanshire & Stirling Health & Social Care Partnership)
In attendance: Donna Dutch
1. Recording of Declarations of Interest

2. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minutes from the meeting on 3rd February 2022 were proposed by Christine Wilson and seconded by Alison Lamont Chalmers.
3. Matters arising
a) Hedge at corner of Clachan and Station Rd - The ownership of an overgrown hedge at the Clachan is not known. Robert is pursuing enquiries. Action: RY
b) War Memorial – Christine has contacted the restoration specialist and they will carry out works when they return to Balfron to replace the Toll plaque. Christine to liaise with Jim Thomson on when this is expected. Action: CW
c) Condition of road surfaces – Following the discussion at last month’s meeting Colin contacted Stirling Council to request an update on specific roads which are in poor condition. Station Road at the cemetery and Balfron Station and Dunmore Street are currently proposed for resurfacing 2022/23. A SC officer will inspect the poor/dangerous sightlines at the Balfron Station junction with the A81. Please continue to use the Stirling Council reporting system for potholes and areas of concern on road surfaces.

4. Projects
a) a) Phone box refurbishment: The phone box has been returned and is in use. The outstanding works to be completed are landscaping and reconnection of the electricity supply. Due process was undertaken before the contractor EJS Landscaping was appointed. Luci is contributing sandstone blocks to the landscaping project to keep the proposals to within the available budget. Robert has contacted the electricity network and they will respond within 6 weeks. The formal opening of the refurbished phone box will be on the weekend (11 and 12 June) of Balfron Eco Festival. The first payment from the Co-op Local Causes scheme is due in April. This is for stocking the phone box as a food exchange with non- perishable food items. Action: LR

5. Police Report
The police report is available on the BCC website and noticeboards. Balfron in Bloom made a complaint to the Police following a van driver driving over the flower bed and damaging flowers at the war memorial. This is being followed up.
6. Elected Councillor's report
There were no elected councillors at this meeting.
7. Treasurer report
No movement in funds since last month. There have been 3 additions to the BCC asset list which is used to calculate the cost of BCC insurance coverage. The additions are the millennium benches, the bus shelter outside the Health Centre and the phone box.
8. Planning report

Details of all applications are available at There have been no changes since last month.
9. Chair - including Correspondence

Endrick Gardens-Buchanan Street path: Gordon Lawrie from SC Estates & Commercial Property was due to have a site meeting with Glasgow Together CIC which had to take place by phone due to the snow. The company is due to report back to him on their proposed action. He has also been in touch with a contractor to estimate costs for restoring the wall on the north side of the path. The owner of the fences currently blocking the path have been advised that they are encroaching on Council land and should be removed once the lane has been made safe for pedestrians.
10. Safeguarding policy

A draft safeguarding policy including a Code of Behaviour was reviewed by BCC committee. The policy is a requirement from Together for Our Planet funders who have provided funding for Balfron Eco-Festival. They expect their grant holders to have a safeguarding policy for children, young people and vulnerable adults proportionate to its activities. The draft policy will be updated to include comments made at the meeting, shared with Stirling Council and when finalised will be agreed by the members of BCC.
11. Balfron Eco Festival
30 volunteers have pledged their support to organise this event which is planned for 11 and 12 June. There have been 3 sub-groups formed; Food, Consumption & Waste; Natural Environment; Energy & Transport. The groups are reporting back at the next meeting on 9 March. The number and breadth of ideas for the Eco Festival from the community volunteers has been inspiring and expanded beyond the initial thoughts when the funding application was made to the Together for Our Planet fund. BCC agreed to apply to the SC Community grant fund for additional funding and this was agreed and supported by BCC committee. Action: ALi/CW
12. Membership of Community Council
Colin reminded the meeting that there will be Community Council elections in 2023 and that all members will need to stand for re-election. Some long-standing members will not be putting themselves forward, so it is imperative that new potential members are identified and encouraged to join. Christine Wilson announced her intention to stand down after this year’s AGM so we are also seeking a new Treasurer. The Community Council is a vital part of our democracy and can make a major contribution to the vitality of Balfron, so it is important that effective succession planning is in place. Action: All
13. AOB
Resilience Plan contact details will be updated. Action: FA
Next meeting - Thursday 7 April 2022 at 7.30pm, Balfron High School