May 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of meeting 5th May 2022
Present: Colin Cameron (Chair), Alison Limbert (Secretary), Christine Wilson (Treasurer),
Alison Lamont Chalmers, Claudia Duncan, Donna Dutch (Minutes), John Nicholson, Robert
Young (Vice Chair)
Apologies: Fraser Allan, Luci Rooney, PC Steven Graham
In Attendance: Councillor Rob Davies, Sue Bell, Alasdair Street
2) Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Minutes from the meeting on 7th April were proposed by Christine Wilson and
seconded by Alison Limbert.
3) Matters Arising - Killearn-Balfron cycle path: a new route around Boquhan has been
proposed using Jenny Gunn’s Loan but landowner agreement remains an issue. No
decision has yet been made concerning the crossing of the Endrick at Balfron Field Bridge.
4) Declarations of Interest - none
5) Projects
a) Phone Box - Food coming in and out of the phone box. Money in from Co-Op and the
first purchases have been made. We will apply again; application deadline is end of May.
Action CW
b) Eco-Festival - risk assessment discussed and in place to cover any eventualities. The
plan is to launch the publicity campaign in the week of 9th May, with daily social media
posts, links on the website, an article in the Stirling Observer, parish newsletters and
through the schools. Posters from the school children will be going up around the
village. It also has its own Facebook page @BalfronEcoFestival. Stirling Council’s
Waste Management team will attend.
c) War Memorial - Stonework needs to be repaired, the damage being more complex than
first thought. Christine has received the costs and report. She may contact The War
Memorial Trust to help with costs. Action CW
6) Police Report
The Police report is available on the BCC website and notice boards along with warnings
on how to identify fraud and scams.
7) Elected Councillor’s Report
a) Branshogle Bridge work is delayed by two months. It is a priority to get the work
completed as it is causing problems for businesses and commuters. The farmers are
having to divert and this is causing economical hardship. Concerns shared about the lack of
work that appears to be going on. Communication has been poor and residents require
better and more frequent updates.
b) Catterburn bridge: no dates yet given when work will commence.
c) 85 Ukranians have arrived in the Stirling area. Support is in place via different social
media sites and other organisations.
d) Cllr. Davies noted that if he is not re-elected he will brief the new councillors regarding
bridges and other concerns. The meeting thanked him for his service to date.
8) Treasurer’s Report
a) Phone box - new light has been bought and is due to be fitted. A refund is due from
Scottish Hydro Electric. An excellent piece on the food exchange was in the Stirling
Council newsletter.
b) We now have insurance cover for the millenium benches, bus shelter and phonebox.
c) Accounts signed off and ready for AGM.
9) Planning
One new application since the last meeting but no response by BCC deemed necessary.
Revised drawings for the petrol station have been submitted and a decision is awaited.
Details of planning can be found at the the link below:
10) Chair
a) BCC agreed to support The Big Plastic Count in the run-up to the Eco-Festival. The schools have been encouraged to get involved.
b) An increasing number of residents are concerned that there is no action over access to
the path between Endrick Gardens and Buchanan Street. Stirling Council has contacted the
homeowner concerned but the matter remains unresolved. Balfron Pathways group has
written to the Chief Executive of Stirling Council asking for action.
11) Ukraine Crisis
a) Frances Douglas has set up a Facebook page 'Balfron welcomes Ukrainians' to share
ideas and offers of help and support. There are other pages in the wider Stirling community
to continue supporting the refugees.
b) Strathendrick Care Home - BCC are to seek confirmation from Stirling council whether
or not the home has been sold. Action CC/RD
12) Annual review of BCC Data Privacy Policy
This was reviewed. No changes have arisen since last year and this was accepted.
13) AOB
a) Concerns raised about the Zebra crossing at the Co-Op, as the paint has faded
significantly and is difficult to see. This will be rectified under the Balfron Active Places
work in October.
b) Balfron 10k had a good response and in total 230 runners took part. It had a good
community response. AL informed us that the leftover food was donated to the phone box.
c) A question was raised whether there has been any survey of speeds in the village since
the introduction of the blanket 20mph limit. It was agreed to add this to the agenda for the
June meeting.
d) With the pending change of ownership of Shearers Garage, suggestions were asked of
the best way to celebrate. Action AL
14) Next meeting Thursday 2nd June 2022 starting at 7.30pm
The AGM will be held by Zoom on Tuesday 14th June at 7.30pm. Anyone wishing to
attend should contact