June 2021 Minutes

Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021

This meeting took place online via Zoom at 7:30 p.m. on 2nd June 2021.

Present: David Johnston (DJ), William Dalziel (WD), Andrew Poulter (AP), Angus
Cameron (AC), Ruth McLusky (RM), Donald McLaren (DM).

Apologies: Jim Heron (JH); Cllr Jeremy McDonald (JM), Michelle Flynn (MF), Stirling
Council; PC Heather Campbell, Police Scotland.


Cllr Evelyn Tweed (ET), Cllr Martin Earl (ME), Stirling Council; Paul Hicks (PH),


Item Content Action


  1. Approval of previous minutes on 21st April 2021

    It was proposed by DJ and seconded by AP, that the minutes of the
    meeting on 21st April 2021 should be accepted and this was approved

  2. Declarations of Interest


    None made.

  3. Police Report

    A 22 year old male had been arrested and charged with an offence
    against the Environmental Protection Act, 1990, within the Loch
    Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. On 20th March 2021, police
    were called to South Loch Earn Road, near to Balmeanoch, in relation
    to a large amount of litter and detritus that had been left behind by
    people camping in the area. Enquiries were carried out and resulted in
    the identification of a male suspect, who was later traced, arrested
    and charged with the offence. He was bailed to appear at court, with
    the condition that he should not enter or seek to enter the Loch
    Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. As with any such incident, if
    you see an offence being committed, please report it to the police on

  4. Postponed Business

    The following items have been postponed until the current restrictions
    are relaxed:

    Lesley Milne's presentation on Town Break Dementia Support

    1. Services.


    2. The installation of lights between Balvaig Bridge and A84, Strathyre.

    3. Parking in Callander.



    Taken by Paul Hicks on 2 Jun 2021 - D

    Item Content Action


    Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
    Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021


    ME said that item (c) would no longer be happening as there is now
    no money left in the budget. It was agreed to remove it from the
    agenda for the time being. At a previous meeting, JM had offered to
    establish the current position regarding item (b). It was agreed that
    RM should contact JM for any updated information.

  5. Matters arising from previous meeting

    Development in local area. RM expressed concern that the National
    Park Authority (NPA) was apparently thinking of imposing various

    RM to contact
    JM for update
    on item (b).

    a) developments on the community without proper consultation. DJ said
    that these things would all have to be considered in the light of the

    place making plans for each area. This led to item 14 on the agenda
    being considered at this point. (See below for details.)

  6. Local Bridges

    Stroneslaney Road, from its junction with the A84 to its junction with
    Keip Road, will be closed from 9:05 a.m. until 12 noon and from 1 p.m.
    until 3 p.m. on each day between Monday 21st June and Friday 25th
    June 2021 to facilitate bridge parapet repairs, cope stone repairs and
    drainage clearance. The weight restrictions at Calair Bridge and on
    Stroneslaney Road will be suspended for the duration of the closure.
    Alternative routes are available via Stroneslaney Road, the C33
    (Balquhidder Road) and the A84 trunk road.

    DJ reported that the repairs in Balquhidder and Strathyre were going
    well. AC raised the question of the Glen Ogle bridge at Lochearnhead
    and asked if there was any progress with this. Different websites
    suggested various dates had been set for work to begin but, for the
    time being, single-lane working was still in operation with traffic lights.

  7. Cycle Track (NC7) in Strathyre

    On 11th May, David Robinson (Recreation and Access Adviser for the
    NPA) contacted the community council to say that he had not
    intended his previous statement to create further problems by
    encouraging individuals to prevent cyclists from using an agreed route
    to the village centre. He had suggested that part of a sign erected on
    the national cycle route could be covered to avoid giving the
    impression that the access path to the village shop was part of the
    cycle route itself.

    On 12th May, DJ contacted Mr Robinson directly and discussed the
    matter with him. As a result, Sustrans had been contacted and had


    RM to invite D.
    Robinson to



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    Item Content Action


    Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
    Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021


    agreed to install a new sign, removing any mention of the national
    cycle route. They had also proposed some alternative logos for the
    new sign (to include all the facilities available in the village) and
    offered to forward a copy of traffic calming measures that had been
    deployed successfully in Aberdeenshire. Mr Robinson is willing to
    attend the next meeting of the community council to discuss these
    proposals further. WD pointed out that there had been signs in place
    for some years, asking people to slow down, but cyclists simply
    ignored them. DJ agreed that further measures were required. WD
    also said that he had been researching the legislation and thought that
    there might be a case to be made regarding invasion of privacy. It was
    agreed to invite David Robinson to attend the next meeting. ME also
    suggested that the Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB) might be able to
    assist and WD agreed to approach them about the situation.

  8. Waste bins in Strathyre and Lochearnhead

    On 20th May 2021, Mark Pyman (Waste Collections Coordinator for
    Stirling Council) contacted the community council to apologise about
    the lack of action over a problem with the collection of redundant
    waste bins in Strathyre. (See item 15D of the minutes from 27th
    January.) This was due to an email address not being properly
    monitored at the time. He was under the impression that the bins had
    now been collected, but asked if this could be confirmed by the
    community council. A similar complaint had been made about a metal
    bin located in the car park at Lochearnhead. Again he was unsure as to
    whether or not the bin had been removed and asked for con firmation
    from the community council.

    WD confirmed that the redundant waste bins had now been removed
    from Strathyre. AC was unable to confirm that any bin had been
    removed from Lochearnhead. RM will respond to Mark Pyman.

  9. Grit bins in Strathyre

    WD pointed out that no bins were involved, but he had liaised with
    MF about having piles of grit placed in appropriate places and had
    prepared a map to show these locations. To date, no response had
    been received from the Council. RM will follow this up with MF and
    supply a copy of the map that WD had prepared.

  10. Traffic speed in Strathyre


    next meeting.
    WD to contact
    CAB for help.


    RM to reply toM. Pyman.


    RM to liaise with MF regarding grit piles.

    WD had been approached by the owners of the Immervoulin Caravan RM to contact




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    Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
    Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021


    Park who were concerned about the speed of vehicles approaching
    Strathyre from the South. Many vehicles travel at too great a speed as
    they reach the entrance to the site, where cars and caravans are
    entering and leaving. WD thought it would be good to have traffic
    calming measures in place, warning of the approaching speed limit. He
    also suggested that the current 40mph area should be incorporated
    within the existing 30mph zone, making it all one 30mph area. He also
    suggested that it would be good to have a similar extension of the
    restricted area to the north of the village. It was agreed to write to
    Transport Scotland about the problem. ME suggested contacting Neil
    McFarlane, the Area Manager.

  11. Payphone Box Removal (Mhor 84)

    Nothing has happened as yet but DJ recently contacted MF about the
    situation and she is is following it up with Stirling Council.

  12. Community Council website content

    PH had constructed the website and suggested that it would be
    helpful to establish "ground rules" for what is (or is not) included on
    the site. It was agreed that topics to be published should be carefully
    chosen and relevant to local needs. DJ also commented that out-dated
    items should be removed once they are no longer relevant. AP cited
    the recent addition of Covid-19 testing in Callander as an example of
    something that should be included and PH confirmed that it was
    currently posted on the site.

    PH asked if it might be possible to find some young and enthusiastic
    local students who would be willing to spend a period of time as a
    news "sub-editor". This could enable some youngsters to gain prac tical
    experience, both of managing websites and of practical journalism. It
    was agreed that RM would contact McLaren High School to explore
    whether there might be any interest in this proposal.

  13. Land ownership at The Munro, Strathyre

    RM reported that Kelly Clapperton-Bates from the BLS Trust had
    requested help relating to a dispute about parking on the land
    adjacent to "The Munro Hotel" in Strathyre. Stirling Council apparently
    owns the parcel of land that is currently used as an access road to
    several properties and runs immediately beside "The Munro". A
    question needs to be resolved concerning whether or not any lease
    exists for exclusive use of this land by the hotel as the owners are


    N. McFarlane at Transportregarding this situation.


    RM to contact McLaren High School regarding editorial help.


    RM to contact MF at Stirling Council to seek clarification of the legal position.




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    Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
    Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021


    telling people not to park there. It was agreed to refer this matter to
    MF at Stirling Council. ME suggested that a legal opinion would be
    required. He reminded members that the way in which community
    councils are supported is changing and MF may not be available in her
    current rôle for much longer. AP asked if something had changed
    recently at the hotel and RM replied that the building is being altered
    to provide rental accommodation in flats. It is likely that parking
    arrangements will become an important factor for any lease.

  14. Place Making

    Update. DJ said that the Community Trust had consulted with several
    different groups and was currently preparing a document that it is
    hoped will be ready for the Autumn. A national report is about to be
    published on the subject of “place” and will address various matters of

    1. interest to rural communities. It calls for greater devolution and de-

      centralisation and should lead to local communities having a greater
      voice. The NPA and other agencies will be duty bound to respect the
      views expressed in all place plans, which should func tion as a
      safeguard for small communities.

    2. Community Council website. This had been dealt with under item 12

      Portaloo unit at Strathyre. No sign of this unit had been seen. It was

    3. unclear where the unit was intended to be sited. It was agreed that
      RM would seek further information from the Council directly, with a

    copy to MF.


    RM to contact the Council for further news.

  15. Correspondence

    a) Insurance for vehicles used on CC business. RM confirmed that this
    would be renewed for the coming year.

  16. Timber Transport

    1. Progress of grant application for an upgrade to the C33 road. DJ
      reported that a reply is still awaited from Stirling Council.

    2. Current activity. DJ is also still waiting to hear from the convenor of
      the Timber Transport Working Group about the date of its next
      meeting to review the operation of the Timber Transport
      Management Plan (TTMP). He expressed concern that one person is
      both chair of the Timber Transport Forum and also the primary point
      of liaison with Stirling Council. On the face of it, an understanding is
      being reached between the industry and the local authority before the



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    Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
    Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021


    needs of the local community are even considered. The roads being
    used are owned by the Council and companies naturally have a right
    to use them, but the TTMP and concerns of local residents should also
    be respected. There is also the question of potential damage to the
    roads and what action will be taken to remediate things.

    ME commented that he had liaised with Bruce Reekie (BR), the
    relevant Council Officer dealing with the TTMP. He was confident that
    BR had a good understanding of the need to provide sound
    information as the basis for the TTMP and was aware of an imbalance
    in the way that the competing interests are currently resolved. ME was
    hopeful that the needs of the community would not be overlooked. ET
    asked to be kept in the loop and said that she was willing to take this
    forward in the Scottish Parliament. DJ appreciated this support and
    commented that patience would be needed by the local community.

    AP mentioned that a large hole (nine inches deep) had appeared in
    Ballimore Road, along which timber is being transported. ME
    mentioned the online reporting system for reporting such damage and
    urged local people to make full use of it. He also mentioned the
    Council's policy on road defect repairs and advised that it would be
    helpful to be aware of this. He offered to forward a copy to the
    community council officers.

  17. Planning Matters

    An application to construct a sports court at Laggan House, Laggan
    Road, Strathyre, had been approved, but this was unlikely to be
    contentious and there were no other new developments of interest

  18. Matters from ward councillors and National Park

    1. ET was congratulated on her election as Member of the Scottish
      Parliament for the Stirling constituency. She explained that, following
      discussions with colleagues and officials, it was clear that it would
      make better use of public funds for her to continue in the rôle of local
      councillor as well until the local election next year. During this time,
      she intends to donate her salary as a local councillor to local chari ties,
      but believes that it will be more appropriate for others to take on her
      previous convener and portfolio rôles. She plans to use the dual rôle
      to further develop the good working relationship between the local
      authority and the national parliament to benefit this area. She
      indicated when she was scheduled to attend our meetings and invited




      Taken by Paul Hicks on 2 Jun 2021 - D


      ME to send copy of Council's policy on road defect repairs to CC.

      Item Content Action


      Balquhidder, Lochearnhead & Strathyre
      Community Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021


      all local residents to contact her about any matters, local or national,
      in which she might be able to assist. Her email address is:


      ET then gave a brief resumé of matters that people were raising with
      her. These included enquiries about the pandemic response, including
      concern over a recent gathering at the Tango Night Club in Stirling.
      She encouraged people to check her Facebook and Twitter accounts
      where she provides regular updates on matters such as finance for
      improvements to play parks for children. DJ commented that he had
      received a complaint very recently about the continued closure of the
      play area in Lochearnhead. Now that normal activities are resuming,
      such facilities need to be brought back into use.

      ME expressed his disappointment that there was no representation
      from the National Park at the meeting. There seemed to be very few
      reports coming forward from our area and the impression given was
      that no problems existed here, but he queried whether this was the

    2. case. DJ mentioned a recent problem at Old Tea Room / Library in
      Balquhidder with people using it as a “party house”. AC commented

    that there had been no particular problems in Lochearnhead,
    although it had been busy. ME emphasised that agency resource
    deployments are driven by data, so it is important to report any

  19. Any other competent business

DJ reported that the group that had brought broadband connec tion to
Balquhidder had developed a proposal for monitoring local tra ffic via a
smartphone app and had been nominated for an award by the Civtech, which seeks to harness technology in solving “challenges”

a) identified by public sector agencies and organisations. They were one

of two groups chosen and can now expect significant investment. It
will be a lengthy process, but they have already started work on a
publicity video and the next stage will be to produce a technical
specification that can be put out to tender.


There was no further business and, at 9 p.m., DJ declared the mee ting
to be closed. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 14th Julyat Strathyre Village Hall (if permitted) or online.




Taken by Paul Hicks on 2 Jun 2021 - D