Nov 2021 Minutes

Braehead & Broomridge Community Council
November Meeting 2021: Zoom Conference Call 7pm



Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary) Philomena McClung, Jess McNeil,
Wendy McLean, Mandy Rae, Barbara Anderson, Aileen Hall, Councillor Flannagan


Martin Shaw, Police Scotland


In attendance:

Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker), David Ashforth, Superglass, 1 x resident (Veronica


  1. Welcome


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  2. Apologies


    As noted above.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


    No amends to minutes of previous meeting.
    Minutesproposed Aileen, seconded Hugh.


    Matters Arising


    City Centre South – waiting to hear back on this. Original staff that were dealing with it have
    now left.


  4. Reports


Chairperson Report


No report.
Secretary Report

Community Council dates needed for 2022 – agreed that we would be sticking with the last
Monday of the month.



Treasurer Report


The treasurer noted the following:


Bank Balance







Meeting Hall Hire


£ 21.00

Secretary Expenses (zoom sub)

£ 14.39

Treasurers Expenses (ink, paper

£ 16.35

Total Expenditure

£ 51.74

Bank Balance


Cash in Hand

£ 15.97



Committed Expenditure/Reserve


Minute Secretary

£ 410.00



Covid19 Grant unused – expect to return

£ 150.00

Bench x 2 purchase & install


Available Funds



5. Other Reports


Councillors Report


Anti-Social Behaviour Panel meeting on 10 December.

Thursday 2 December – Children

and Young People Committee Meeting to discuss policies etc. Parents have the option to
defer the start of primary school however they may have to pay for their nursery year.
Stirling Council is becoming part of a pilot project and the deferred year nursery payment
would be paid for as part of the project.


Health and Wellbeing Survey which has been issued to schools within the local authority –
various questions being asked in the survey. As there will be questions relating to sexual
experience etc these will be issued to over 16-year-olds only. The survey is Scotland wide,
and some local authorities (5 in total) have confirmed that they will not pass the survey onto
the schools for completion.


Full council meeting due to take place to request removal of Chair of Planning Panel. There
are five more official meetings left until the elections take place in 2022. Paper being brought
forward for hybrid working.


Planning Report


New owner of Springkerse. Change to Crookbridge planning application – Asda application.
Concern raised about congestion. Gary feels that the Asda application is not the correct
location. Would suggest Corbiewood would be a better location. Aileen supports Gary in



the objection. Gary confirmed he will put together an objection to the application and will
circulate it round the community council.


Police Report


Crime Report for Braehead and Broomridge between 21/10/21 – 29/11/21: 15 detected
cases and 14 undetected. (Detected cases include assault, robbery, Comms 127 Act,
Thefts (organised crime team), careless driving amongst others).


Wendy commented that she would like more information on Organised Crime Team (is this
shoplifting). Undetected – are these due to a shortage of police due to COP26? Hugh
confirmed as per previous meeting that there wouldn’t be a shortage from COP26 as there
would be others covering the area. Not sure we can query undetected cases – would be
more beneficial if report highlighted this information. Aileen asked whether the undetected
cases have been resolved and also would prefer a rolling report month by month rather than
overall. (Hugh confirmed he would raise this with the Inspector at their next meeting).


6. General Business




David Ashforth attended the meeting to give an update. Confirmed there had been a very
small fire however no smoke. There have been no environmental incidents. Arranging
meetings for residents to tour premises. Gary confirmed that there have been no contacts
currently from residents. SEPA survey – no response to noise. Following request from
SEPA worked on areas that need cleaning up.


Grit Bins


Circulated list for grit bins – Gary sent it to council for review and if all ok they will be installed.
Dog Walkers

No information from Martin on this topic. Formal email to be issued to Martin for an update
on the currently situation re: dog walking.






Meeting closed at 19:45hrs


Next Meeting to be held on 31 January 2022, location to be confirmed.