April 2021 Minutes


Bannockburn Community Council

April 2021.



  1. A Marshall -L Jordon-L Masterson-- T Cattigan W McEwan
    Apologies J Leary-D McPhail- R Dawson. Sharon.

    Cllr Macpherson


  2. Recording of Declarations of Interest- NONE


  3. Adoption of previous meeting Willie . Lesley


  4. Matters Arising


  5. Reports- External (for example)


    1. Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer- Copy sent out.

    2. Elected Member

  6. Reports- Internal.

    1. Chair – Question on notice board belonging to BannockBurn Trust.

    2. Secretary all ccenquiries shared all with CC. UPDATE on TELFORD BRIDGE From
      BRIDGE OFFICER shared to all and put on Facebook for all to see.

    3. Treasurer all OK.


  7. Community Council Business,


    1. Royal bank Update, planning application in. Starts in in March 2021 as does

    2. Car park not resurfaced as originally discussed as at previous CC meetings. IT
      has been patched.

    ( Ccenquiries. Suggestion from CC put up height restriction barriers for cars only.
    UPDATE HRA no funds. Not cost effective.

    Cllr Thomson recommended TRO. Council HRA decided not cost effective. Would
    set a precedent . NOT TO HAPPEN.) WALL IN FRONT OF BANK, in progress not
    the BUILDER CC were informed of.


    D ######### Roy’s new build, ON HOLD AWAITING UPDATE. 41 new houses
    ( Full Contaminated report from DEVELOPER. 25TH FEBRUARY BUT :--

    No additional test bores at toxic waste area 300 time over level required.
    No additional test bores at areas being piled.

    No additional test bores on made .

    ( All drainage pipework upgraded to deal with toxic wastes, as such no record of

    CC contacted builder regarding toxic waste. Copy of report issued to all.


    Play area, CC requested funds for play equipment to go at large play park behind
    new houses. Funds have went to Land Service CC require update. Have requested
    EM – LS discuss.



    Canopy at Quakerfield shops ( OCTOBER 2020) To be surveyed for repairs. NO

    # F CC enquiry when is White lining in front of Quakerfeild Shops
    Reported SEPTEMBER 2018. Not done to date. NO RESPONSE
    # G dog bin at spittal bridge NO response.
    # I ### CC enquiry, SALT bin required for Peterswell Brae,



    # J ### BannockBurn Health Centre, update. Community still having problem
    BHC now has 8000 patients, 1000 fro a Stirling PRACTICE.

    Call centre is in Allow for all practices. 6 on call centre

    # K J slate donated for Cenotaph, to display this ARANGED with LS for this
    work to go ahead. 👍

    # L Repair to large wooden shed floor at Ladywell Park. LS rearranging this.👍
    # M No summer bedding, ARRANGED seeds planted with LS.👍


    # ladies of the Rock need help. Have to move out of Community Centre.


  8. Residents Forum – NONE. 10.

  9. Next meeting May.