Dec 2021 Minutes

Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting

02 December 2021

Allan Church Community Hall, Bannockburn


Present: A Marshall, T Cattigan, L Jordan, W McEwan, I Dawson and D McPhail


Apologies: L Masterson, J Leary and Cllr Benison


Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker)


Press: None


Residents: None


  1. Declarations of Interest- None


  2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by Tommy and
    seconded by Lesley


  3. Matters Arising


    1. Hub and the Library still awaiting completion. CC were informed it would be mid-
      November now December.

    2. Furniture/rubbish dumped on top of Christmas lights in CC office. CC to ask SC
      to help replace these. CC to prove these were damaged.

    3. Awaiting update to Telford Bridge – is it just the wall that is being looked at? CC
      stated reports should be completed every year. CC also asked for weight

    4. CC awaiting a reply regarding who is monitoring 20mph speed restrictions in

    5. BCC asked why road around school couldn’t be made 20mph to ensure safety of
      all. It seems this is a main Road and it can’t happen – although this has
      happened in Plean.

    6. BCC offered to buy decoration for lamp posts and asked for SC to put electric
      supply point on the lamp posts. SC confirmed they can’t do this. There was no
      mention to BCC that lamp posts require to be tested. After a visit from a Roads
      Officer, they confirmed the Christmas lights on the two lamp posts at the church
      and the lamp post next to the Empire bar would need to be removed. This was
      due to the lamp posts not being tested by SC nor has the power supply. BCC
      have requested a site visit with the Roads Officer to clarify this.

    7. Christmas lights, excellent turn out. The Rotary club appeared with a
      sleigh. Children loved it as did our community. We had help with putting
      up some of the lights up from the rugby club. As usual our volunteers
      were kept very busy ensuring all worked. Friends, family helped on the
      night with toasted marshmallows-candy floss- coffee-tea-hot chocolate-
      cakes etc. We received raffle prizes from many. Tommy has drafted a
      story for the local paper of the switch on and have asked for volunteers for
      next year, to take on the major role. We need younger people to help and
      take over this event. We had around 400 + attend. £350 was made from

      the raffle. Previous years majority has went to assist local group.
      Decision has to be agreed on this for this year. Tommy to look into this.

    8. After asking politely, we received donation of lights from AKPSCOTLAND
      & Lovell. We now have several lights for lamp posts. I will ask the
      Council if they can assist by putting a connection on the lamp posts to
      save the additional wiring.

    9. Lesley to liaise with Bridge of Allan CC to ask how they got lights/light
      switches on the lampposts in the town from the council.

    10. CC all agreed to support funding application to assist with lighting at the

    11. Items awaiting completion:

      1. Damage works in front of bank, no progress to date.

      2. Await update for lighting at cenotaph, CC can’t put in for funding
        on this until price received.

      3. Await feedback on permission for planter at grass area side of
        Empire bar. CC have funding for two planters.

      4. Tommy awaiting response from cc members regarding colour for

      5. Damage to the wooden stairs still not completed.

      6. Play equipment in Ladywell park not done.

      7. Play area in Stein square damaged over two years ago still not


  4. Reports- External

    1. Police Scotland: No report.

    2. Elected Member: Addressed previous enquiries via email. No update to give.


  5. Reports- Internal

    1. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was passed on to CC members.

    2. Treasurer: No update. Linda to share after the meeting.

    3. Planning: Update shared with CC members.

    4. Bannockburn House: No update.


  6. Community Council Business

    1. None.


  7. AOB

    1. None.


  8. Residents Forum

    1. None.


  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting


    1. Thursday 13th January 2022.