June 2021 Minutes

Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting

03 June 2021
Zoom Meeting

Present: A Marshall, L Jordan, L Masterson, T Cattigan, Cllr Bennison and W McEwan


Apologies: J Leary, D McPhail, I Dawson, S McGrouther and Cllr Brisley


Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker)


Press: None


Residents: None


  1. Declarations of Interest- None


  2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Previous minutes approved. Proposed by
    Lesley and seconded by Linda.


  3. Matters Arising

    1. Planning has passed the new houses at Roys Yard. TC still waiting on the
      contamination report. Asbestos got removed last week. TC awaiting a response
      from council re toxic waste dust lying on surrounding cars.

    2. 31k funding from the contractor for play park to go to LS. MB to get in touch with
      Colin MacKay re starting back up the Ladywell Park steering group to discuss
      funding allocation for local parks. Money not used has previously been
      redirected to other parks.

    3. TC awaiting a response from planning officer re 85 new houses at
      Pirnhall/Glasgow Road regarding if the traffic lights will be fitted prior to work
      starting, to manage additional traffic, will footpaths be finished and if there will be
      a play park within this area?

    4. Work already started on Quakerfield shops. MB confirmed the hub will be used
      as a community space. Hub will be 2 units with the 3rd unit being used as a shop
      space. There will not be a cash machine.

    5. All planters planted out and hanging baskets at church railing and cenotaph.

    6. BCC to fund 1 metal picnic bench for Ladywell park next to the play area. If
      bench is regularly used, BCC will seek funding for further benches.

    7. BCC to consider insuring the stone ‘Welcome to Bannockburn’ sign.

    8. Dangerous steps at Randolph Crescent will be repaired by Stirling Council.


  4. Reports- External

    1. Police Scotland: No detailed descriptions. TC to ask Community Officer Sarah
      Stevenson to put more details in the Police report.

    2. Elected Member:

      1. MB had a meeting with officers re Telford bridge. Contractors couldn’t
        guarantee the structure would sustain the work and risk was too great. No
        evidence it will solve the crack but could damage the structure. Officers are

        going to consult with BCC on this issue and let them know what work will be

      2. MB confirmed there is a community engagement strategy being introduced.
        Community council conversation was approved at last council meeting in
        April. There is now a digital platform ‘Engage Stirling’ which has
        questionnaires or survey’s from the council.

      3. MB confirmed she has joined the Alba Party.

      4. MB confirmed there is a new Tory Councillor for Ward 2.


  5. Reports- Internal

    1. Secretary: All CC enquires shared with all members.

    2. Treasurer: Nothing to report.

    3. Planning: No update.

    4. Bannockburn House: No update.


  6. Community Council Business

    1. None.


  7. AOB

    1. None.


  8. Residents Forum

    1. None.


  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting


    1. Thursday 1st July 2021.