March 2021 Minutes


Bannockburn Community Council

March 2021.



  1. A Marshall -L Jordon-L Masterson-- T Cattigan

    Apologies J Leary-D McPhail- R Dawson. Sharon. Bruce Crawford.
    Cllr Maureen Bennison.

    Dean Lockhart. MSP.


  2. Recording of Declarations of Interest- NONE


  3. Adoption of previous meeting. Lesley , . Linda.


  4. Matters Arising


  5. Reports- External (for example)


    1. Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer- Copy sent out.


    2. Dean Lockhart MSP. TOXIC WASTE, looking for answers.

      Test bore 300 times over level, what is the full size/area of this content?
      Clarification on test bores on made up ground.

      Areas being piled NO tests carried out for toxic waste.
      Is toxic waste being moved off site?

      Where is toxic waste being moved to?
      Is it being spread on site or removed?

      If not all removed then employees will be working on this taking it home.
      Council are not carrying out TEST BORES to confirm toxic waste, because
      Stirling Council will have to pay for this.


    3. Elected Member

      Discussed Toxic land at new build.

      Proposal to move BUS STOP onto main road next to SCHOOL..
      Temporary to see if it works.

      40 MPH being discussed.

      Spaces for people, consultation. (send copy to T.)


  6. Reports- Internal (for example) Willie – Lesley


    1. Chair – Main issue Health and Safety of Community.

    2. Secretary all ccenquiries shared all with CC

    3. Treasurer all OK. ( One additional payment for curtain pole for 80 year old.)


  7. Community Council Business,

  1. Royal bank Update, planning application in. Starts in in March 2021 as does

  2. Car park not resurfaced as originally discussed as at previous CC meetings. IT
    has been patched.?

( CC requested a meeting with officer 14th october and asked for a copy of SC Trip
hazard policy. As There were other areas. It seems SC have No trip hazard .


  1. ### CC enquiry in.:- NO change since last month
    This car park is for cars only.

    The No parking Signs for Cars – No parking signs for Lorries.
    For some reason these have been removed. NO UPDATE
    SC HRA can “not stop any vehicle parking in this area.”

    HRA are in discussion with Roads to allow traffic management in to keep disabled
    bays clear for blue have holders.

    ### Ccenquiries. Suggestion from CC put up height restriction barriers for cars
    only. Response, NOTHING DONE REGARDING TRO. No height restrictor.

    No change since last month.


  2. ######### Roy’s new build, ON HOLD AWAITING UPDATE. 41 new houses.
    ( Full Contaminated report from DEVELOPER. BUT :--

No additional test bores at toxic waste area 300 time over level required.
No additional test bores at areas being piled.

No additional test bores on made up land.

HOW CAN YOU Manage a contaminated report without doing tests.( All drainage
pipework upgraded to deal with toxic wastes, as such no record of TW.)

None of this mentioned at the planning Meeting. WHY. )


( I also got In touch with MSP Member B Crawford. Various surveys have to be
carried out Coal Authority looking into this. CC will be informed.)


EXCELLENT NEWS Dean listened to worries of CC, he will contact SEPA - Stirling
Council and Builder.

With all of the points above in red and do all he can to help ensure CC the
community are updated.



Canopy at Quakerfield shops. To be surveyed for repairs.


# F CC enquiry when is White lining in front of Quakerfeild Shops reported
September 2018. Not done to date. NO RESPONSE


# G 20 MPH LIGHTS not working next to chapel.
# H dog bin at spittal bridge no response.


# I ### CC enquiry, SALT bin required for Peterswell Brae,


# J ### BannockBurn Health Centre, update.


BHC now has 8000 patients, 1000 fro a Stirling PRACTICE.

Call centre is in Allow for all practices. 6 on call centre


# K J slate donated for Cenotaph, to display this will require stone fixture will see
about estimate. Still TO DO.


  1. Residents Forum – NONE. 10.

  2. Next meeting April.