April 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting
26 April 2022
Bannockburn Community Centre
Present: A Marshall, T Cattigan, L Jordan, I Dawson and D McPhail
Apologies: L Masterson, J Leary and W McEwan
Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker) and Stuart McLuckie (Conservative & Unionist Candidate)
Press: None
Residents: None
1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by Tommy and seconded by Ian.

3. Matters Arising

a. Library now opened. External of library will be cleaned/painted under maintenance. BCC are currently awaiting an update.
b. The hub was supposed to open on the 1st April but as it wasn’t. BCC has asked why it didn’t open. SC confirmed BT have to connect IT equipment before they can open. BCC had asked why the original entrance to the bank wasn’t used as there would be no need for a ramp.
c. Tommy to ask SC what the hub can be used for then send round CC members.
d. BCC asked for an update on the flooding at Telford Bridge – the original SC officer that met the CC on site has since left the Council, it is currently being looked into by other. Tommy has forwarded the response to everyone.
e. The contractor has been to the damaged works in front of the bank which was reported in 2020. The snagging has still not been completed as several of the bolts and brickwork are still missing. BCC have asked the council about this but hasn’t received a response.
f. BCC still waiting on a response from SC regarding lighting at the Cenotaph.
g. BCC to look into a grant to help with water supply at the Cenotaph as SC have confirmed they won’t provide this.
h. BCC have agreed to apply for funding for edging at the Cenotaph. Tommy has requested estimate for work from a local contractor for application.
i. Footpath at Cenotaph is complete. Big thanks to Land Services and P.J Griffin.
j. Planters at the history garden has been delayed as the volunteer is helping out at Callander with the refugees. SC has given permission for two planters and the garage will fund another two.
k. New picnic benches have been fitted at the top park. BCC has shared with the community. This received great support and big thanks to BCC. BCC has met with a SC officer to arrange tree planting in the park. BCC have asked if SC can add in bins near the benches.
l. SC confirmed they have the boards that were stolen from Stein Square in 2019. The steel frame is to be inspected as it is deemed not safe in areas. BCC asked why the boards weren’t replaced in 2019 before COVID and are awaiting a response.
m. BCC have requested a meeting with the lights officer at SC regarding Christmas lighting on lampposts. Quote based on Kippen CC was £3000. BCC currently working out where to put these for Christmas 2022.
n. Solar panels have been fitted on bungalows after 6/7 years. BCC asked why this took so long but no response. A community member has advised 2 of these houses are empty. SC confirmed if the CC require this information they will need to put an FOI request in.
o. SC have arranged to pick up fly tipping for a second time from the same area.

p. Residents are asking when the insulation that was part fitted 5/6 years ago is being finished. They received paper work to confirm it has all been finished but it hasn’t. The house next is privately owned and won’t let the council in. SC have confirmed this has been looked at.
q. BCC wondered if there could be a path leading up to the Bannockburn sign so people can go out and read the story once it has been finished.

4. Reports- External a. Police Scotland: i. BCC secretary has shared the report with the CC.

b. Elected Member: i. No report.


5. Reports- Internal a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was passed on to CC members.
b. Treasurer: This will be shared via email after the meeting.
c. Planning: i. Erection of 118 dwelling houses with associated access, open space, SUDS and infrastructure works at land north east of Pirnhall and South West of Bannockburn.
ii. Land profiling, formation of new access junctions and installations of roads and drainage infrastructure at land north east of Pirnhall and South West of Bannockburn.
iii. Installation of new access stair, platform and associated railings and installation of 2 submersible pumps at Bannockburn Sewage Works.

d. Bannockburn House: No update.

6. Community Council Business a. None.

7. AOB a. None.

8. Residents Forum a. None.

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting

a. Thursday 2nd June 2022.