December 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council

Minute of Meeting
01 December 2022
Bannockburn Community Centre

Present: A Marshall, T Cattigan, J Reid, L Masterson and I Dawson
Apologies: J Leary, W McEwan, L Jordan, D McPhail, B Miller, Michelle Flynn (CDO) and Cllr Hambly

Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker)

Press: None

Residents: None

1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by A Marshall and seconded by T Cattigan

3. Matters Arising
a) 1 co-option application was received over 2 months ago which has now been checked by SC as per the co-option requirements and approved. Co-option requirements came a day after first closing date as such BCC were advised to arrange an extended second date. As of the December 2022 CC meeting only one applicant had been passed by SC, as such TC proposed applications for BCC membership which was seconded by AM. CC agreed this was excellent news for CC. After CC provided another closing date, CC received 2 applications before the deadline date. These have been sent to SC to check eligibility. All going well if we receive update from SC, we will be able to discuss at next CC meeting. b) The Christmas light switch on was a great success, thanks to all. Hundreds attended the switch on which included; santa, santa sleigh and an elf. BB ladies volunteered to help. £400 was raised and as agreed by the CC the funds will go to help the Guides. Tommy to share the success of the event on the Bannockburn News Facebook account. c) Members of the rugby team helped with the Christmas lights. It was agreed to ask the community for more volunteers for the future. Jim to ask Bannockburn Amateurs to help. d) Christmas lights were also placed in Ward 6 at the Ladywell Church. This is the 2nd year the CC has done this. It was noted the EM’s have not acknowledged the good work done by the community. e) A local electrician has offered to rewire the full lights system to make it easier for future years. The 2 outdoor sockets at the hub have no power. CC contacted ccenquiries who said the sockets don’t belong to the council. f) To date, there are no lamp posts at Newlands Road. This was adopted by SC and resurfaced 7 years ago. A resident made contact with SC and SC responded confirming there was no funding to put lamp posts in and asked the resident to contact their community council and the contractor. CC made contact with spenergy, who confirmed they just removed the cable and couldn’t do this. Lovell also couldn’t
help. CC emailed EM who made contact with Roads. Cllr Brisley requested a map of the location and CC have forwarded this back but no response since. g) Wiring of lamp posts went from £2540 to £3000 in which no vat was included in the original quote. This order has been cancelled. To date, BCC has bought fittings at a cost of over £1200 and also offered to contribute £1500 to the original quote. h) Lovell has asked if CC can arrange permission for them to work two weekends (first 2 weekends in Dec) on site all day Saturday and Sunday. 7/10 residents have no issue with this as long as they adhere to times agreed. i) Lovell have also bought two Christmas lights for additional lamp posts. These lights have been fitted at the library due to the cost of the lamp posts. j) The dangerous wooden stairs at Ladywell park has been reported to CCenquiries. Tommy met with the officer and numerous stairs need replaced. Warning signs have went up closing the wooden stairs. This repair is to be programmed in. The stairs are used by football teams from changing rooms. k) The CC agreed the January 2023 CC meeting will be the second Thursday of the month (12th January 2023). l) The CC are currently waiting on permission for the additional planter to go at the beginning of Bannockburn (a tow truck). Ccenquiry responded with a list of questions regarding safety etc and highlighted that the CC will have to get insurance to cover this. m) Cathy Cowan who attended the last meeting on behalf of NHS/Bannockburn Health Clinic hasn’t yet sent the report requested by the CC at the last meeting. n) The CC are still awaiting permission on the extension of history garden from SC. o) Toilets at the cemetery were vandalised 6-8 weeks ago. SC has repaired these and the toilets are now open. Part of the ceiling has a plywood panel covering the original damage and white goods have been replaced. It doesn’t look great so CC has asked SC if they are finished all the work required to fully complete this.

4. Reports- External
a. Police Scotland:
i. No report received.
b. Elected Member:
i. No report received.
c. Community Development Officer:
i. The Hera’s fencing around the Telford bridge “welcome” structure in Bannockburn was finally been removed on Saturday 19th November by Forthstone.
ii. You previously indicated that you were interested in further information about the Community Council checklist. I advised that a pilot was taking place via MS teams. However, you indicated that you would rather have a colleague attend a future meeting to walk you through the CC checklist Marnie Forster is the colleague who is working on the CC Checklist and can be contacted by emailing
iii. For examples of interpretation panels you can try; or Art is an Option.
iv. Stirling Council is facing its biggest ever financial challenge with a £17million funding gap on the horizon for next year’s budget-setting process. Conversation opens on 23rd November and closes on 16th December 2022.
v. There is some funding available for Warm hubs which will be sent to CC’s by Stephen Bly highlighting what’s available.
vi. There will be 2 further opportunities this financial year for community grants. Next round of funding has a closing date of 5th January 2023. The final round of funding in 2023 has a closing date of 7th February 2023.

5. Reports- Internal
a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was forwarded and discussed with CC members (as above in matters arising).
b. Treasurer:
i. The treasurer confirmed the insurance for the Christmas lights switch on was £11.20.
ii. There is nothing major to report.
iii. The CC has received grant money of £1040 for the wring of lamp posts however this has been put on hold due to the increase in costs. CC are looking into other suppliers to gather other quotes.
iv. Last month’s expenses were a total of £61.20.
c. Planning: No update.
d. Bannockburn House: No update.

6. Community Council Business
a. None

7. AOB
a. None

8. Residents Forum
a. None

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting
a. Thursday January 12 2023.