February 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting
03 February 2022
Bannockburn Community Centre
Present: A Marshall, T Cattigan, L Jordan, I Dawson, D McPhail, L Masterson, J Leary, Cllr Brisley and Stephanie Martin (Police)
Apologies: W McEwan
Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker)
Press: None
Residents: None
1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by Tommy and seconded by Lesley.

3. Matters Arising

a. External library works will be finished under maintenance as it wasn’t included in the contract.
b. Works order out for lock on CC office, to ensure no other lights are damaged.
c. No update on Telford Bridge flooding. SC officer is on holiday.
d. 20mph locally “is managed by traffic management.”
e. SC resurveyed the damaged works in front of the bank. A snagging list will be passed to the contractor. SC revisited on the 19th January 2022.
f. Awaiting update regarding lighting at the cenotaph.
g. BCC await permission for planters, requested September 2021. History garden area agreed with T Cain Head of housing. CC arranged funds for history garden, a volunteer waiting to make planters. Officer has found folder on this at SC and will look into it. CC working with cc enquiries.
h. Picnic benches, manufactured and paid and delivered to LS. CC meeting officer to agree location.
i. Still waiting on boards being delivered to Stein Square.
j. Tommy met with the SC technician regarding street lighting and received procedures regarding the Christmas lights on the lamp posts. SC don’t fund these lights.
k. Bannockburn boxing club have agreed to share the community centre whilst they plan to build their own building.
l. Cllr Brisley to enquire about the housing department.
m. Tommy to meet officers regarding street lighting. CC agreed to apply for funding from CP to help in the garden at the cenotaph and street lighting if this is possible.
n. CC to look into Tesco community fund.

4. Reports- External a. Police Scotland: i. Stephanie asked the CC what they would like included in future police reports.
ii. Lesley suggested a journal style report – stats etc, what are the issues, what they aim to target and a feel for what is happening in the community. Journal to have more of a positive spin.
iii. Poster to be designed on how to report crimes.
iv. 19 crimes reported since Jan 22 majority anti-social behaviour, theft and domestic. 9 detected and 10 not detected.
v. Stephanie confirmed they are addressing the parking on the main street.
vi. The Police visited Bannockburn PS on18th Jan to chat with P4-P7 on cyber-bullying and internet safety.
vii. They plan to rotate between villages and do mobile and static speed checks. Standing outside schools so there is a visible police presence.
viii. CC suggested cardboard cut-out police officer to defer speeding.
ix. CC raised the vandalism in the playpark in Stein Square. Police to do door to door checks.
x. Police monitor 20 mph when they can – it is a Stirling wide issue.
xi. Multi agency partnership opening nights to offer advice to the community. Posters will be distributed to let the public know when.
xii. CCTV could be put at Stein Square if the public reports the criminal activity.
xiii. Community policing email address: bannockburncpt@scotland.pnn.police.uk / stephanie.martin@scotland.pnn.police.uk


b. Elected Member: i. The main priority in the Council at the moment is setting the rent level and council tax level for next financial year. Consultation took place with the Tenants’ Assembly and by way of a tenants’ survey, and they agreed, after being given a presentation by officers that an increase of 1 to 1.5% would be acceptable. The view from the budget consultation was that an increase of no more than 2% would be acceptable. It is again a very challenging time for local authorities. For probably the first time, there was a unanimous view from COSLA (that has representatives from all Scottish Local Authorities) that the grant settlement from the Scottish Government would mean either very sharp rises in council tax or drastic cuts in service. It is not any easy task to try to form a budget under these circumstances. The date for setting the rent is 17th February, and the date for setting the Budget is 3rd March 2022.

ii. City of Culture Bid – Just this week the second presentation was submitted to try to get on the short list for consideration. Hopefully we will be fortunate to reach the final stage of consideration.

iii. The service try to avoid installing new water supplies due to the cost of installation, running costs of water bills and legionella testing though I understand Stephen Robertson has requested Frazer Kirkwood explore whether there is still an adjacent supply in existence following the demolition of the old changing pavilion. Frazer has since confirmed that

this supply is redundant and unable to be used. Other volunteer groups tend to utilise small petrol powered bowsers and a grant for a bowser could be explored with Jean Cowie for the Community Pride fund. In terms of 2022 I can confirm annual bedding is being ordered can be planted in partnership with the volunteers and that land services will water this initially until established.

iv. Walkway into the front Cenotaph, of the foot path is uneven, the slab area up the footpath has large spacing, it requires resurfaced and kerbs fitted. Stephen Robertson shall engage with suppliers to obtain a cost for this with a view to enhancing the path in 2022/23.

v. Officer of the Council is looking into having a light fitted at the cenotaph. Two options 1 - on street lamp post 2 - cable from changing room. The lighting technician advised he is able to permit a flood light to be mounted on the nearby street lighting column set to switch on and off with the street lights. However if up lighting within the cenotaph is desired the supply from the pavilion would be the necessary option. Tracey has informed an officer is exploring this option.

vi. Concrete paving to assist Volunteers at bedding areas. I have discussed with Stephen Robertson and the bedding areas are having soil/compost added to top up and replenish levels and these will have tidier grass edges formed. The service would not generally concrete pave around the edge of annual beds and instead use knelling boards during planting operations to assist.

vii. The technician met Tommy Cattigan of the community council earlier in January and advised the connections taken prior to Christmas from a pub & church onto street lighting columns were inappropriate and unpermitted. A figure of £3800 was provided as a guide based on costs of a previous structural testing/electrical installation on Christmas lights. The technician provided draft guidance, which once finalised, is intended issued to all community councils.

viii. Bannockburn Hub is looking at opening on 1st April at start of new financial year. We have appointed now a Hub Co-ordinator role and are now training her up on building operation and introducing her to all partners. She will shortly be out to meet key community groups also. The final infrastructure element to be completed is the IT systems set-up which IT are working with BT on now and that will still take a few weeks to complete I’m told. The space will be promoted to all in Bannockburn and surround and encourage people to come in and discuss individual and community enterprises and community projects. The coordinator will bring in partners to support ideas and opportunities. STEP, our Advice Services Team, Employability Team and a range of partners will be based part of the week in the Hub and will promote what they do. This will ensure these services are available locally and don’t require locals to go into Stirling to access them. As well as the services designed to support enterprise activity and support for individuals we will be working with many different cultural partners to get a range of events and activities in

the hub that will be beneficial and positive for the community. Additionally we will be working with Bannockburn high to do an enterprise programme to get kids thinking about entrepreneurship and will work jointly with the maker space in the library to show them the possibilities. The hub will be open to all and will provide meeting room space for businesses and third sector groups with one small meeting room (up to 3 people) and one large meeting room (up to 10 people) as well as events space for up to 25 people. There will also be 8 bookable work spaces with available IT equipment. I will ask an officer to attend with next meeting with you once we have a finalised plan and opening date. The Enterprise Hub construction project is complete other than works that Scottish Water need to undertake to bring in a new water supply to the building. Our contractor will return to facilitate these works when we get a notification of Scottish Water’s proposed attendance. We are hopeful that this will be in early March but cannot yet confirm. This work does not impact on the operational use of the building in the short term. The new water supply will ensure when the building is at full capacity in the future, that the water supply/flow rate is sufficient. There is no canopy over the entrance doorway. We had to introduce the railings and ramps due to the slight change in level in the approach to front of the Hub – originally the plan had been to lift the slaps and regrade without ramps being necessary, however following receipt of the topographical survey, the designers and contractor found this could not be achieved and ramps were required to meet current building standards. The new entrance doors provide flexibility to split the unit into 2, if needed in the future, which was set out in the Brief that came from the Member /Officer Working Group. The roof deck, which I think is referred to in the query about the painting, had a very limited scope of works undertaken through this project due to budget constraints – minor cleaning/ repairs only were carried out.

ix. Bannockburn Library - the recent capital allocation of funding for the Library was specifically for the addition of a Maker Space and internal refurbishment. Unfortunately there was insufficient budget to extend the scope of works to address external fabric repairs and improvements. The budget allocated was fully spent on the internal works. All operational properties on the General Fund have regular condition surveys and this informs repairs and maintenance requirements and allows works to be prioritised across all of the community/non Education assets. The condition survey for Bannockburn Library will be updated to reflect the recent improvement works as soon as resource is available to do so. Any urgent works will be assessed and programmed in subject to available revenue budget for property maintenance and repairs.

x. Road service to work with the community to find a solution to the street Christmas lighting early this year and would like it resolved by summer.

5. Reports- Internal a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was passed on to CC members.
b. Treasurer: Update shared with CC members.


c. Planning: Update shared with CC members.
d. Bannockburn House: No update.

6. Community Council Business a. None.

7. AOB a. None.

8. Residents Forum a. None.

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting

a. Thursday 3rd March 2022.