January 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting
13 January 2022
Allan Church Community Hall, Bannockburn
Present: A Marshall, T Cattigan, L Jordan, W McEwan, I Dawson, L Masterson, J Leary and
Cllr Bennison
Apologies: D McPhail
Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker)
Press: None
Residents: None
1. Declarations of Interest- None
2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by Willie and seconded
by Tommy.
3. Matters Arising
a. Hub/Library to open on 15th January 2022.
b. Furniture/rubbish dumped on top of Christmas lights in CC office. Nobody knows
where the furniture came from, but skip appeared and it’s away to the
dump. Have asked for lock to be replaced on door to ensure no more lights are
c. Telford Bridge is being monitored. Cllr Bennison will confirm to CC how this is
being monitored. Officer on visit with CC photographed water damage. Road on
bridge flooded several times. Officer confirmed the bridge will be repaired. Cllr
Bennison to investigate if there is any temporary measures to ensure no flooding
happens in the meantime.
d. 20 mph speed restrictions. 20mph on “A9” in Plean, is a test area. No response
as to who is monitoring this on local streets. Cllr Bennison confirmed it should be
the police who enforce these speed limits.
e. Damage works in front of bank, no response to when this is being fixed. It was
reported several times in 2021- to date no response. CC to chase this up.
f. 2 options for the lighting at the cenotaph. BCC confirmed either option is
suitable. Officer at Council waiting update for lighting at cenotaph. CC can’t put
in for funding on this until price received.
g. Awaiting on permission for planter at grass area side of Empire bar. Funder has
requested installation date. This was agreed for a history garden with
Bannockburn Trust.
h. Picnic benches in park, colour of benches have been sent and a proposed
delivery date of first week in February. LS will fit these on behalf of the CC.
i. Awaiting feedback from LS regarding play equipment in Ladywell park not been
done. Cllr Bennison to chase this up. Play area in Stein square damaged over
two years ago and still not fixed.
j. Christmas lights have been removed. Roads Team Leader requested the
removal of lights on Street lamps. CC explained it’s the second year of lights with
40-60mph winds and had no problems - also removed any chance of power
surge. CC have written to SC to request street lights are tested to accommodate
lights and arrange for power points on 6 lamp posts. Cllr Bennison to ask SC the
procedure for putting lights up on lamp posts.
k. Bannockburn Boxing club have no place to train after Corbiewood closed
down. This service has been run by volunteers for the last 40 years and has 30
members/boxers. In discussion just now but it is hoped the club can have
temporary accommodation. Then its own premises all going well in the future.
l. CC have sent in dates for CC meetings this year. Have asked when we can
access meeting room at Community Centre. This is now empty as Library are
out of office?
m. Cllr Bennison to chase up horse signs at Sauchenford in Plean.
4. Reports- External
a. Police Scotland: No report.
b. Elected Member:
i. Greenacre Court – bins cleared as 1 off. Officers to check if there is
enough bins for the flats.
ii. There has been an agreement that the leader of SC will contact first bus
to express their dismay re lack of bus service and what is going to be
done. Officers met with first bus and they have stated the issues are due
to staff absence, recruitment and retention of drivers. First bus agreed to
speak with other operators to see if they can assist. They also agreed to
extend contact centre opening hours and refresh timetables on 24th
January 2022.
iii. Ad hoc scrutiny panel for antisocial behaviour for SC tenants. Full report
going to council on 3rd march 2022. Scrutiny panel will make
recommendations to full council. The panel will look at the sensitive
letting policy. There is a hope of partnership working with police and
enforcement officers. A survey will be released on engaged Stirling on
views on how SC deal with antisocial behaviour. The council urge all to
complete the survey.
iv. There is to be a protest at Kings Park on Saturday 15th January 2022 –
organised by those against the covid vaccine. Organisers haven’t
contacted police or council for permission. Police will facilitate a peaceful
protest but will act if this turns into a march.
5. Reports- Internal
a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was passed on to CC members.
b. Treasurer: Update shared with CC members.
c. Planning: Update shared with CC members before the meeting.
d. Bannockburn House: No update.
6. Community Council Business
a. None.
7. AOB
a. None.
8. Residents Forum
a. None.
9. Date, time and venue of next meeting
a. Thursday 3rd February 2022.