June 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting
02 June 2022
Bannockburn Community Centre
Present: A Marshall, L Jordan, I Dawson, D McPhail, L Masterson and J Leary
Apologies: T Cattigan and W McEwan
Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker), Sharon McGrouther (SC), Michelle Flynn (SC) and Councillor Brian Hambly
Press: None
Residents: None
1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by I Dawson and seconded by L Jordan

3. Matters Arising

a. Hub was planned to originally open November 2021 however it wasn’t completed until January 2022. Councillor Brisley then confirmed it would open 1st April however this didn’t happen and no reason was given after BCC had asked. Michelle confirmed this will open on the 7th June 2022 and handed out leaflets to CC members with days and opening hours.
b. Charging points in the car park for electric cars was completed in January 2022, the latest update received was SC are waiting on them being commissioned. Cllr Hambly will find out when charging points will be in use and if a time limit can be attached to the parking spaces.
c. BCC have met with SC roads officers and are working on lighting at the cenotaph.
d. SC confirmed they can’t put in a water supply at the cenotaph. BCC are meeting with SC officer and another community council to look into alternative suggestions.
e. The first planter (train at top of Station Road) has been fitted in the history garden. This was made by a volunteer and his dad. We have another volunteer looking after this, i.e watering the plants. There has been an excellent response from the community on the start of this history garden.
f. New picnic benches have all been fitted at the top park. BCC are working with LS to plan rubbish bins going in. The community have asked if toilets could be fitted? BCC have asked EM.
g. The boards stolen in 2019 at Stein Square was inspected in March 2022 as steel frame is now not safe in areas. SC have the boards but these have not been refitted and no update has been provided since it was last inspected in March 2022.
h. BCC have met with lights officer to identify lamp posts and arrange estimates for the Christmas lights on lamp posts.
i. There seems to be an ongoing fly tipping issue. Council have arranged to pick up the black bags at bins behind the shops. Bins at the Ladywell Park are being used for household rubbish.
j. Resident asking when their insulation is being finished on gable of her house. This hasn’t been done, as SC can’t get access to her gable. There is no access from the private house and all the funding has been used. Tenant asked about fascia, this is not being done as there is a shared cost to renew. However property across the road which is 50% private and SC resident has their side done.
k. Waiting on a response from EM regarding their opinion on grass cutting and the mess left.
l. Boxing club have now folded and moved out of the community centre.

m. Ladies of the Rock to reduce stock and remove all the clothing from the community centre as the clothing is now a fire hazard.
n. The going local office is being rented by a charity and is not for sale. BCC asked if it were to be sold would the funds be spent in Bannockburn? SC confirmed the money would go into a central SC fund. Michelle to find out which charity is leasing the building.
o. Still waiting on snagging outside the shops to be completed where the tractor damaged the wall.
p. Telford Bridge is being monitored after 6-7 years.
q. Awaiting a response from SC regarding why the hub didn’t use the access as the bank then there would be no need for a ramp.
r. SC are looking into the fascia at the rear of stair falling off. This was reported months ago.
s. The new bungalows have fascia coming. This has been reported but as of yet no response.

4. Reports- External a. Police Scotland: i. No report received.

b. Elected Member: i. Cllr Hambly introduced himself to the community council.
ii. Cllr Hambly will re represent any FOI requests the community council has.

c. Community Development Officer: i. Michelle introduced herself to the BCC members and provided some background information on her working background in both the private and public sector. Michelle also provided an update on the sorts of work she is assisting with in Bannockburn.
ii. Michelle is assisting with Ladies of the Rock to help consolidate their stock to allow access for other groups.
iii. The Bannockburn Toddlers group will commence on 19th August 2022.
iv. There is a proposed Lego Club in the planning stages for Monday evenings.
v. There is a wellbeing event taking place in Bannockburn primary school on Monday 13th June at 15:30 - 17:30.
vi. Play in the park events are happening throughout the Stirling Council area and one is due to take place at Ladywell Park on Friday 15th July 2022 from 11:00 – 14:00.
vii. Michelle confirmed there is access to planning updates on the portal available for the planning officer.
viii. BCC asked about the pricing off the hub, Michelle will find out and send the price for all halls in the area and the hub.
ix. Michelle to find out about the fence around the welcome to Bannockburn sign and when this area of grass will be cut.
x. Michelle will contact Terry Barlow and others to see what support is required by the Bannockburn Trust Group to bring it to a conclusion.


5. Reports- Internal a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was passed on to CC members.
b. Treasurer: Linda shared updates with the group.
c. Planning: BCC queried where the allotments are to be at Pirnhall, this was submitted by private company.
d. Bannockburn House: No update.

6. Community Council Business a. None


7. AOB a. Lesley raised the lack of dog poo bins in and around Milne park. Lesley confirmed there used to be 3 but now there is only 1. Michelle advised she will find out why these were taken away/moved.
b. Stirling wide events - Moving Minds - A collection of stories, poetry and photographs created in collaboration with MECOPP and Gypsy/Travellers living in Scotland will take place from 1st-8th June 2022 at Raploch Community Campus (within opening hours).
c. The Digital Inclusion Team are here to help with all matters digital. They can visit you in your own home or a local venue and provide free 1-2-1 support tailored to your needs. The support includes: help completing your Universal Credit application; maintain your journal; cv writing; job searching; applying for jobs online; and accessing further education. They can also look at how being online can save you money by using price comparisons sites, online shopping and earning cashback. To book an appointment either in your own home or at a local venue convenient for yourself, or for more information about the advice and support provided, please call our Digital Inclusion Team on 07464988612 or email digitalinclusion@stirling.gov.uk
d. Funding opportunities available include: Fuel help for former miners; the coal mining charity CISWO has launched a scheme to support former miners, their partners or widows who maybe struggling with energy cost a one off grant of £200 by calling 01506 635 550 or by visiting their website https://www.ciswo.org.uk and Corra Foundation’s Henry Duncan Grants; this years' funding will support organisations working alongside children and young people (aged 6-26 years) experiencing inequality. Deadline for applications are 12 noon on Tuesday 5 July 2022.

8. Residents Forum a. None.

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting

a. Thursday 7th July 2022.