November 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council

Minute of Meeting
03 November 2022
Bannockburn Community Centre

Present: A Marshall, T Cattigan, L Jordan, W McEwan, D McPhail and B Miller
Apologies: L Masterson, J Leary Jim Reid, I Dawson and J Blair

Attendance: Michelle Flynn (Community Development Officer), Stephanie Martin (Police), Graham Woodhouse (Police), Cllr Brisley and Cathie Cowan (NHS)

Press: None

Residents: None

1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by L Jordan and seconded by D McPhail

3. Matters Arising
a) Numerous points were raised by various members at CC meeting re BHC. Cathie Cowan from NHS, will look into these and a report will be given to BCC.
b) Christmas lights have to be checked and if required replaced by community council. Permission has been requested of SC but date still tbc. All going well the proposed switch on will be 27th of November 2022. There will be Santa, helper & sleigh arranged. Phil has arranged permission from church for lights. CC has requested permission from Council for shops. Rugby club are fitting lights at shops/empire bar, Lamp posts and trees. There have been discussions with others to help out at Library, hairdressers etc. BCC are awaiting an update on application for part funding to wire street lighting from Stirling Council as such these will be put on hold.
c) The MUGA at Stein Square will hopefully be completed this financial year.
d) Volunteers have made another planter for Bannockburn – this is a tow truck. BCC have asked SC for permission on behalf of volunteers.
e) CC are awaiting an update re the damaged toilets in the cemetery. These are out of use.
f) Michelle is looking at manufacturers cost to assist with extending the area in the history garden. Currently looking at prices of boards/signs, to assist CC.
g) CC were approached by a trainer of one of the local ‘girls football teams’ for help to see if nets at goals can be made available at Bannockburn High School. CC Secretary met head janitor who is happy to assist trainer of girls.

4. Reports- External
a. Police Scotland:
i. Stephanie and Graham discussed local issues that had occurred over the last month.
ii. They confirmed the process, that if anyone has an issue they should pass it on to Tommy who will then forward it on to the Police.
b. Elected Member:
i. Cllr Brisley shared her report with the CC members.
ii. Questions were asked on houses being bought by SC to increase housing stock. These are not classed as voids and timescales for let are taking months.
c. Community Development Officer:
i. Michelle discussed various issues.

5. Reports- Internal
a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was forwarded and discussed with CC members.
b. Treasurer: Treasurer is absent from the meeting.
c. Planning: No update.
d. Bannockburn House: No update.

6. Community Council Business
a. None

7. AOB
a. There is an Issue with the stairs at Ladywell Park. CC will ask ccenquieries.

8. Residents Forum
a. Application for new members to BCC was advertised with closing date last month. Application received after closing date. As such BCC has advertised for a second time with the closing date as 27th November 2022. All application are passed to the Council to check.

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting
a. Thursday 1 December 2022.