September 2022 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council
Minute of Meeting
01 September 2022
Bannockburn Community Centre
Present: A Marshall, I Dawson, L Masterson, T Cattigan, Jim Reid and Leuan Rees
Apologies: J Leary, L Jordan, W McEwan and D McPhail
Attendance: Joanne Blair (Minute Taker), Michelle Flynn (Community Development Officer),
Stephanie Martin (Police) and Graham Woodhouse (Police)
Press: None
Residents: None
1. Declarations of Interest- None
2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by T Cattigan and
seconded by L Masterson
3. Matters Arising
a) Original estimate for wiring of Christmas lights was £3.5k for 6 points, this has been
changed to £2.4k for 4 points. BCC have submitted an application for £1500 from
the Community Pride Fund to assist with this. BCC have to date purchased 3 fittings
for street lighting and had 1 donated, BCC are looking to buy another 2 but instead of
buying 2, the funds will have to be used to help wire the 4 lamp posts for the lights
we have. Without the rewire the street lighting on lamp posts will not go up.
b) Arrangements have been made to remove the external fitting on the lamp post at the
local church as they’re moving premises.
c) 75% of all Christmas lights to date have been funded by BCC. These will all need
inspected. Any not working will need replaced.
d) Christmas lights will be fitted again in ward 6 by BCC at Church in Hillpark.
e) BCC are waiting on contact details to enquire about getting the monument cleaned.
f) BCC have contacted LS to request getting the rails and gates painted.
g) BCC are awaiting on information on the heritage local history panels from councils.
CC spoke with manufacture-installer of these, estimate £1200 to £1300 each.
Michelle suggested Glen Ochil Prison to supply frames as they are a fraction of the
h) BCC have requested an additional part of the grass area for local history garden and
if the railings can be painted.
i) CC member asked if railing can be extended around garden area, SC confirmed this
was not possible.
j) New sign on planter ‘Bannockburn in Bloom’ thanks to Hugh’s family.
k) Land services have removed a tree that had fallen into the well at Ladywell Park. In
previous years Brownies helped CC plant out this area, with winter bedding
after being used in cenotaph. This stopped when SC removed the funding for the
winter bedding. CC will try and get down with some plants at the well.
l) At the request of BCC LS are looking to move a bin to the picnic area in the park.
m) Question asked of EM’s after parents asked if toilets could be fitted in Top park. CC
asked if these could not be connected to changing rooms in Top Park. This already
has Water-Drainage-Electricity. Cllr Brisley looking into this, it will have to be next
years budget.
n) BCC will check outstanding repairs that were being done. LS have started
completing the list of repairs at Ladywell park.
o) SC are planning to fund the replacement of the MUGA at Stein Square this year. It is
fenced at present. This has been on the go since September 2019.
p) A meeting was arranged for the last week in August to discuss the wording at the
back of the Telford Bridge Monument. This was agreed and work will be completed
by the end of September. Michelle confirmed the trust still has money. The CC
agreed the BCC will not take on the insurance of the monument until they see
q) No update on the repairs at Telford Bridge after waiting numerous years. SC have
confirmed funding is available to carry out these repairs.
r) The footpath is now cleared at Station Road and is safe to walk on. The Street light
can now be seen on the stairway, thanks to SC officers.
4. Reports- External
a. Police Scotland:
i. Police Scotland shared the report prior to the meeting.
ii. There have been 7 detected cases.
iii. 2 drug search warrants have been executed.
iv. 4 people have been charged with drug offences.
v. Factored Ladywell Park into patrols after lots of community complaints.
b. Elected Member: No report received.
c. Community Development Officer:
i. Michelle confirmed she attended the meeting with Bannockburn Trust and
the wording was agreed. They now have until he end of September 2022
for this to be completed.
5. Reports- Internal
a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was forwarded and discussed with CC
b. Treasurer: Linda shared updates with CC members.
i. Books to be checked by independent examiner, signed off and verified.
Michelle confirmed no extra funding is available to do this accounts.
ii. Admin grant was awarded to the CC.
iii. The £90 insurance deduction is to cover notice boards, hanging baskets &
c. Planning: No update.
d. Bannockburn House: No update.
6. Community Council Business
a. None
7. AOB
a. CC raised their concern over a story in the Stirling Observer regarding possible
housing development in Dumbarton Road. 6/7 years ago SC attended the CC
meeting and showed a presentation on the Local Development Plan. Bcc asked why
not put houses at Dumbarton Road and were told this was not possible because it
would ruin the look of the castle. The houses then were agreed to go in the
Bannockburn area. Michelle highlighted as a CC you can suggest areas for housing.
The CC identified 5 different sites but the council were determined to locate these in
Bannockburn. Michelle said planning has changed and new legislation has come out
that puts the community ideas first.
b. BCC also highlighted there are no facilities to accommodate all the new houses.
c. There is no play park factored into the Pirnhall houses. The Council are not doing
anything to provide amenities for local families. When asked where the money goes,
SC confirmed the money goes into a pot for the SC area.
d. CC highlighted the weeds are still at the hub. Michelle took pictures to send to LS to
get these cleared.
e. Michelle confirmed there is still no internet at the hub.
f. Michelle to ask Stephen Bly to send the form for new members to Tommy.
g. Leuen suggested providing a report in the future for Bannockburn House. The CC
agreed they would like this.
h. The AGM will be rearranged for next month’s meeting.
8. Residents Forum
a. None.
9. Date, time and venue of next meeting
a. Thursday 6th October 2022.