April 2023 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council

Minute of Meeting
06 April 2023
Bannockburn Community Centre

Present: T Cattigan, I Dawson, D McPhail, L Masterson, W McEwan and R McLachlan

Apologies: J Leary, J Reid and L Jordan

Attendance: J Blair and Councillor Brisley

Press: None

Residents: None

1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by T Cattigan and
seconded by D McPhail

3. Matters Arising
a. CEO NHS has apologised for missing the April meeting. A new date is to be
arranged with BCC.
b. Forms requested for application to CC. You can get these from the one stop
shop in Stirling, Bannockburn library and online. Completed forms need to be
submitted to Old Viewforth. BCC to confirm if Tommy can collate all the forms
and hand them in collectively.
c. CC Enquiries have informed CC that Newlands Rd isn’t adopted by SC, BCC
have asked again as the road is definitely adopted.
d. The dangerous fascia has still not been removed a Quakerfield shops. This was
first reported in February 2022. An officer visited but no work issued. BCC have
asked again after the other areas of fascia fell off. Another maintenance officer
visited in January 2023 but no response as of yet. EM said this was in hand in
January 2023 however this still hasn’t been removed.
e. BCC are still awaiting on permission to install the tow truck planter. After 4
months contact with cc enquiries and 4 months contact with another SC officer
this has not been resolved. SC have apologies for the lack of resource. BCC to
forward the original email send to SC to Cllr Brisley to chase this up.
f. SC have confirmed an officer is looking into the dangerous steps leading down to
the Ladywell Park from the Telford Bridge side.
g. BCC met with a SC officer to discuss the 6 lamp posts – work is being done.
h. Roads have removed the Bannockburn sign as the poles holding this were
deemed unsafe for road users. SC have decided to use the Bannockburn sign at
the Telford monument as the entrance to Bannockburn, however you can’t read
this from the road. CC volunteer offered to fit sign at two other locations. SC
refused this offer but confirmed the sign removed in storage could be fitted if
funds were available in financial year.
i. BCC asked if there could be a light fitted at the top of monument at the start of
Bannockburn however SC confirmed this isn’t possible as it could affect the traffic
but there is a possibility to put one at the bottom and the light can be shone onto
the monument. SC has advised this would cost £859, Tommy spoken to a local
contractor and asked if he can do this so the cost would be reduced and it would
only be the materials needed. BCC also asked if there could be a border around
the monument, SC advised this would need permission.
j. Council confirmed money has been put aside to repair the Telford Bridge but not
sure when the works can be completed. The work is on hold as the bridge officer
did not agree with the original work request but is still being monitored regularly.
Cllr Brisley to check if the CC can get access to the document where all the
monitored findings are logged.
k. BCC members shared their frustration about the amount of barriers it takes for
action to be taken and issues to be resolved.

4. Reports- External
a. Police Scotland:
i. No report received.
b. Elected Member:
i. The Council budget was approved by Council. The approved budget will lead
to reductions in the level of service provide and around 450 fewer employees
through natural wastage and voluntary severance. There will be no compulsory
redundancies. The route from Cowie to Bannockburn will go ahead as the
money has been allocated from the City Region Deal budget.
ii. There was a special meeting last Thursday to discuss the response from the
FM on their decision to fund Systema (Big Noise) for the sum of £2.5million.
The special meeting was to consider suspending standing orders so that we
could reconsider our decision in light of this information. This was agreed and
their budget was cut and the cuts to some other budgets were reinstated.
iii. The new Local Development Plan is starting to be prepared. There is a
requirement now for Local Place Plans to be developed by CC for their areas,
these cannot be completed by SC and must involve consultation with the local
community. The officer drafting the local development plan must take into
consideration the local place plan completed by the community.
iv. Nominations for Community Council Elections should be completed by 4pm on
Monday 17th April 2023. Where a ballot is required, the final results will be
announced on the 29th June 2023.
v. Cllr Brisley confirmed void houses are waiting on electric meters being put in.
c. Community Development Officer:
i. No report received.

5. Reports- Internal
a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was forwarded and discussed with CC
members (as above in matters arising).
b. Treasurer: The treasurer highlighted all balances were ok and there was nothing
major to report. CC has bought lights to go on Lamp posts.
c. Planning: No update.

6. Community Council Business
a. None

7. AOB
a. BCC asked when the one stop shop opening hours will be returning to normal. Cllr
Brisley to chase this up.
b. Cllr Brisley to look at the dog bin at Bannockburn road as it is overflowed.

8. Residents Forum
a. None

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting
a. TBC