November 2023 Minutes

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Bannockburn Community Council

Minute of Meeting
02 November 2023
Bannockburn Community Centre

Present: T Cattigan, I Dawson, W McEwan, J Reid and L Masterson

Apologies: R McLachlan and L Watret

Attendance: J Blair

Press: None

Residents: None

1. Declarations of Interest- None

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes- Minutes proposed by W McEwan and seconded by T Cattigan

3. Matters Arising
a. CEO from Bannockburn Health Clinic has retired. After CC had emailed, they have confirmed someone will be able to attend the next meeting and asked if the CC can provide a list of questions prior to the meeting.
b. After a CC enquiry, SC agreed new equipment will be purchased and fitted at the Play Park at Sauchie court/Cringate Gardens. Wood around play area will be repaired and wood cutting replaced. CC have requested a completion date from SC. However after a local resident submitted a complaint, the council have responded not upholding the complaint but have noted there might be money to provide the repairs. They also highlighted it wasn’t SC issue to maintain the playpark however local resident has the proof from when it was signed over from the residents to the Council
c. CC have written to Persimmon about the removal of the trees. The CC are still awaiting a reply.
d. Residents/community have requested a fence around the pond at Snabhead View to ensure safety. Residents cannot get an answer. CC member has asked if they contacted EM. The contractor confirmed there was no fence on any original drawings. Awaiting response from the water board as they are now responsible. CC to ask who will be responsible if a child does get hurt.
e. Play equipment at Ladywell Park that was broken will now be ordered and fitted this financial year.
f. An officer has been on site at Hedges Loan but the CC have not received any follow up response. 2 large brown bins outside removed and rubbish has been dumped. The council have confirmed the large fence which is fallen down is the tenant’s responsibility. CC to chase up this response from EM.
g. Council owned garages in Hedges Loan haven’t been painted in over 15 years. CC have asked why this is. The parking area is also overgrown and is not being maintained.
h. The footpath at the Heritage Trail is flooded and overgrown which prevents safety for walkers. HRA own this but it is not their responsibility.
i. CC members met with Roads Officer to see if they could bitmac footpath area prepared by others to ensure safety of all at Newlands Road. CC shouldn’t have had the contractor on-site to carry out any work without council permission. Contractor has provided a price. CC have agreed to complete a community pride application and this will be submitted asap. CC have also asked SC to provide £1600 to complete this. j. CC have provided brushes/turps/sandpaper/paint to paint the planters.
k. CC have prices for benches & installation (including slabs). It has been agreed which bench type is best to order. CC have agreed to submit an application to the Community Pride Fund to pay for part of this. SC will charge the CC to lay the slabs.
l. Street lights sockets to be changed to match new pole spurs in preparation for the Christmas lights. Discussion are being held on the rewire of the light sockets. The rugby club has confirmed they can provide volunteers for installation. CC to contact SC for permission to put the lights up, this has to be done every year.
m. CC has asked the hub to use outside sockets for the Christmas lights. The hub co-ordinator noted that lights will need to be set on a programme. It was also asked for access to the end unit/toilets but SC noted the CC will need to hire the unit if they want access.
n. Street names suggestion for new houses being built between the Pirnhall Inn and Craigford House to be submitted to CC secretary.
o. CC met with Cllr McPherson and an officer from housing regarding the request from Murray Cook (archaeologist) of the community transfer of Wilson Mills to open a Bannockburn Centre. SC will now look into this and will provide an update.

4. Reports- External
a. Police Scotland:
i. Report was circulated electronically before the meeting.
ii. The report confirms the priorities in the Bannockburn are continue to be anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, speeding and parking issues.
iii. The total number of crimes reported for October was 16. 9 of these cases have gone undetected.
iv. If there are any questions, CC should email Stephanie. CC to ask if undetected cases mean they haven’t been solved or haven’t been looked at. CC also wondered if the Police can provide comparisons between Bannockburn and the likes of Cowie/Plean.
b. Elected Member:
i. No report received.
ii. The CC shared their disappointment that a report was not forwarded on prior to the meeting in the absence of the Councillor.
c. Community Development Officer:
i. No report received.

5. Reports- Internal
a. Secretary: Copy of all updates received was forwarded and discussed with CC members (as above in matters arising).
b. Treasurer: The treasurer highlighted all balances were ok and there was nothing major to report.
c. Planning: The planning officer was not present at the meeting.
d. Bannockburn House: Bannockburn House will hold a Christmas fayre on the 2nd and 3rd December 2023 from 11-3. The new car park is currently been built, but will not be ready in time for the Christmas fayre.

6. Community Council Business
a. None

7. AOB
a. J Reid has contacted SC regarding the increase in dog littering in the area. SC confirmed they will patrol this area over the next few weeks. CC agreed if there was more bins this issue would be reduced.
b. SC confirmed there is no one to monitor the traffic issue/speeding as the person who previously done this, no longer works with the Council.
c. Grit bins have started to be filled. CC members to monitor this to ensure all has been completed.
d. The CC agreed to write to the 3 Elected Members and ask for their rota of when they are supposed to attend CC meetings. CC are extremely disappointment that no Councillor has attended the last 2 meetings.
e. CC also noted their disappointed that the Community Development Officer has not attended previous meetings nor provided a report.

8. Residents Forum
a. None

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting
a. Thursday 7th December 2023 from 7pm at the Bannockburn Community Centre