Feb 2021 Minutes

Braehead & Broomridge Community Council
Monday 22 February 2021

Zoom Conference Call


Present: Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary) Aileen Hall (Treasurer), Mandy
Rae, Barbara Anderson, Heather Campbell, Wendy McLean, Philomena McClung, Jess McNeil

Apologies: Wilma Comrie (Stirling Council Representative), Martin Shaw (Vice Chairman),
Police Scotland.

In attendance: Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker), Councillor Flannagan,
Louise Spiers - Heart of Braehead.


  1. Welcome


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  2. Apologies


    As noted above.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


    Page two of the previous minutes Jess wanted to highlight a comment made regarding the bins –
    she had said the lid was damaged and heard one had been split.


    Minutes proposed by Philomena and seconded by Wendy.
    Matters Arising

    No matters arising.


  4. Reports


    Councillors Report


    There are a number of meetings coming up at Stirling Council due to the unfortunate death of
    Councillor Lambie. Setting housing rent strategy and capital investment. If anyone has any
    comments please email Councillor Flannagan. Meetings will be suspended after 18 March due to
    Scottish elections. There will be a final special meeting of the council regarding waste collection.
    At the moment there is no majority in the council. If future voting takes place and there is a tie within
    the council then the provost will have to cast a vote. Council tax setting meeting is March 11th.


    Hugh asked about the VLR as nothing has been heard following the petition that has reached over
    5,000 signatures. Meeting on March 4th at Stirling Council to discuss VLR.

    Chairperson Report


    Hugh confirmed he has written to the police regarding 20mph however no answer has been
    received. He has also written to Chief Executive regarding lack of communication. Email has been received from Isabel McKnight confirming that the council is experiencing delays however will
    follow up. Hugh has received correspondence from the council regarding communication – gives
    details on communications and timescales.


    Secretary Report


    Defibrillators have been accessed three times and as such new pads have been ordered.

    The new neighbourhood watch site has been set up although there has been a slow take up. Gary
    will forward details on this to raise public awareness.


    Asset Register – Gary completed details for this.


    Reports of food scraps being left possibly on purpose on grassy areas near Afton Court. Gary
    confirmed he will contact the council to discuss this.


    Treasures Report


    The treasurer noted the following:


    Bank Balance




    Minute Taker (Jan)

    £ 40.00

    Minute Taker (AGM)

    £ 10.00

    Secretary Expenses (defib supplies)

    £ 86.40

    Secretary Expenses (defib supplies)

    £ 20.48

    Secretary Expenses (zoom sub)

    £ 14.39

    Secretary Expenses (zoom sub)

    £ 14.39

    Total Expenditure

    £ 185.66

    Bank Balance


    Cash in Hand

    £ 15.97




    Police Report



    Crime reports for Braehead and Broomridge area between 27 January 2021 and 18 February 2021:

    • 5 detected cases and 4 undetected cases.

    • Calls received by police for the same dates:

    • 71 calls ranging from road traffic complaints, parking issues, public nuisance etc.


    Hugh commented on the report that it is really a set of statistics rather than a report. Heather feels
    that we get more information and interaction with the local police when they are able to attend
    meetings rather than the report which basically looks like a statistical report. Aileen confirmed that
    the local police will be limited in what can be issued to us as they are led by the policies and
    procedures from Police Scotland. Is it possible that a community councillor could contact the Police
    prior to the community council meeting to get information? Confirmed that this is something Martin
    could do.



    Hugh commented on individuals that were recently going door to door in the area in connection
    with electricity supplier, he reported this to the police.


    Heather asked whether the community council could put up leaflets about the neighbourhood watch
    scheme in the Stirling Observer Newspaper / and noticeboards. Gary confirmed he will look into


    Planning Report


    B & M Application – another application has been lodged. Alterations to the initial application to
    allow for sale of food and non-food goods. Gary asked for comments on this. Aileen felt that we
    should raise an issue regarding this as it goes against the Council’s criteria on securing the town
    centre business and not allowing it to expand into retail park. Jess asked for clarification on what
    B & M are planning on selling bearing in mind their previous application was refused?


    Full agreement to raise an objection and ensure that there is no expansion from the current remit
    regarding out-of-town shopping.


  5. General Business


Heart of Braehead


Introduced Louise Spiers who gave a breakdown of the organisation as they have now been
running for a year. Initially set up due to COVID however they will be carrying on as they
have over 200 people using the service. They are a 21-volunteer operation who support
families through local connections (Barnardo’s, schools, churches). They also collect
surplus food from supermarkets and distribute them to the community. The organisation
has a wide reach in the community and have had brilliant use from the community garden?
Interlinked with other small groups within the area. The group are extremely keen for the
community council to see what they do. Louise also explained the group are putting in
funding applications for arts and crafts, joinery, and possible digital equipment for isolated


Heather asked whether there is an opportunity to use Heart of Braehead services to possibly
hand out flyers and pass information on. May increase followers online whilst signposting
people to other groups.


Viewforth Link Road


Community Council has been approached by Stirling Council to engage with them on the
next steps. There is concern about accepting this approach however, realisation that the
community council may have to engage on this matter. Gary proposing at the next
meeting we allow Stirling Council to speak on this.




Invited to the most recent meeting however declined.

An sound survey is due to take place at the site to look at the noise situation. The community
council agreed to invite Superglass to the April meeting.



20mph zone in Braehead/Broomridge


Hugh confirmed he is still waiting to hear from the Police on the situation but still thinks it
should be pursued. Martin is still to talk to the PTA. Gary suggested using Survey Monkey

to gather information for consultation. Full agreement from community council on using Survey
Monkey and Facebook.




Aileen was asked about the Community Pride Award – the acceptance form can be extended due


Need information back from the dog walkers – not heard anything back from the Housing Sector.
Bus Shelter situation has now been sorted.

Question was asked about salt bins and whether they should be purchased and installed. To be
put on agenda in the future.


Meeting concluded at 20:35hrs


Next meeting to be held on Monday 29 March 2021 via Zoom.