Jan 2021 Minutes

Braehead & Broomridge Community Council
Monday 25 January 2021

Zoom Conference Call


Present: Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary) Aileen Hall
(Treasurer), Mandy Rae, Barbara Anderson, Heather Campbell, Wendy
McLean, Philomena McClung, Martin Shaw (Vice Chairman), Jess

Apologies: Wilma Comrie (Stirling Council Representative), Police Scotland.
In attendance: Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker), Councillor Flannagan.


  1. Welcome


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  2. Apologies


    As noted above.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


    Minutes proposed by Aileen and seconded by Philomena.


    Matters Arising


    No police report received at present.


  4. Reports


    Chairperson Report


    Nothing at present to report.


    Secretary Report


    Stirling Council – VLR: council contacted the CC and asked for engagement regarding
    changesto Linden Avenue Roundabout. CC still waiting on full response on Participation
    Request. Hugh is considering contacting the Chief Executive to discuss lack of
    engagement. Martin agreed with Hugh.


    Superglass – noise levels are still high. Gary confirmed he will discuss this with SEPA.
    Treasures Report


    The treasurer noted the following:


    Bank Balance


    Community Pride Award – seats




    Minute Taker (Nov)

    £ 40.00

    Secretary expenses (Zoom)

    £ 12.00

    Total Expenditure

    £ 52.00

    Bank Balance


    Cash in Hand

    £ 15.97




    Committed Expenditure/Reserve



    Minute Taker

    £ 40.00



    COVID19 grant unused – to be returned

    £ 150.00

    Community Pride Award – seats


    Available Funds



    Community Pride Award – Wendy will be able to


    get a bench in the playpark, however

    confirmation required to put one in the dog walking area. Need to discuss the ground
    situation with Gregor Wightman – Council Housing Dept - Tenants approval required.


    Councillors Report


    Reminder that Stirling Council Discretionary Fund has available funds for small businesses

    - grants for £2,000.


    Councillor Flannagan has asked for information to be sent to him regarding what answers
    the community council is waiting for following correspondence previously sent to Stirling


    VLR – another petition has been started. Stirling Council have a specific site for petitions
    “Engage Stirling”. All petitions must be lodged on here. Unfortunately, not enough
    communication has been received on this matter.


    Council budget meeting due to take place 25 February 2021.


    Some residents have raised issues regarding Afton Court Playpark – it is getting quite boggy
    in place. Stirling Council have confirmed that a footpath will be built from the side of the
    park into the centre.


    Wendy raised the issue of the brass plaque – not able to apply the plaque. The bench has
    to be supplied before the plaque goes on. Councillor Flannagan confirmed he will chase
    this up.


    School pupils online learning – looking for feedback if the community council has any
    regarding the current situation. Various members confirmed that they have had some
    feedback from various families. Aileen has spoken with three families who confirmed it was
    working really well and better than the first lockdown. More general feedback seems to suggest this time it is much improved. High School seems to be very structured whereas
    primary school more emphasis on parents helping.


    Access to digital equipment (Chromebooks) – pupils who have been identified as needing
    equipment have been given one.


    Springkerse House – reports of some antisocial behaviour. There are some issues
    presently with finances and the operations.


    Jess wanted to highlight that there is some damage already appearing with the new bins.
    Some are experiencing damage to their lids and they are coming off.


    Planning Report


    Developer has engaged CC for Crookbridge development – not yet open on Planning Portal
    for comment


  5. General Business




Gary confirmed he is trying to find out about 20MPH situation. Hugh will chase up police on


Neighbourhood Watch.


We have been signed up to receive the alerts. Currently being reviewed, Gary will confirm
when it is all ready to go.




Football pitch at Crawford Hall – ongoing situation regarding the lease this is still
outstanding. Council has put clause in the lease that states if Braehead Community Project
take over the pitch the grass surrounding the pitch will not get cut by the Council. BCP
rejected this clause stating the area is used by the local community for recreation. If this
cannot be resolved the next stage would be to contact Public Sector Ombudsman.


Blue Badge Parking – issues were raised by Hugh regarding the size of disabled spaces
near to the train station. Hugh had been in touch with the council requesting the spaces be
measured (width and length). After 6months of no response chased this up and was
informed Vehicle and Roads Department area. Unfortunately, no timescale given. Again,
requested response and again told the matter referred to another officer and no timescale
given for response. Lack of communication again from Stirling Council.


Jess raised an issue regarding damage to the bus shelter at Springfield Road – confirmed
that this will be picked up by Stirling Council/First Bus.


Meeting concluded at 20:15hrs


Next meeting to be held on Monday 22 February via Zoom.