May 2021 Minutes

Braehead & Broomridge Community Council
Monday 31 May 2021

Zoom Conference Call


Present: Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary) Aileen Hall
(Treasurer), Mandy Rae, Barbara Anderson, Wendy McLean, Heather
Campbell, Philomena McClung, Jess McNeil, 2 x residents.

Apologies: Wilma Comrie (Stirling Council Representative), Martin Shaw (Vice
Chairman), Councillor Flannagan, Police Scotland.

In attendance: Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker),

David Hopper and Angela Heaney – Stirling Council


  1. Welcome


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  2. Apologies


    As noted above.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


    No amends to minutes of previous meeting.
    Minutes proposed by Gary and seconded by Aileen.


    Matters Arising


    No matters arising.


  4. Reports


    Chairperson Report


    Hugh confirmed that he had been in touch with the council on a personal matter regarding
    food caddy bin bags. Unfortunately, due to failed responses Hugh feels that there are issues
    with council communication and wants the community council to raise this officially.


    Secretary Report


    • Noise complaints have been raised again regarding Superglass.




    • There are some batteries issues with the defibrillators and these are being fixed.


    • Giant hogweed has been reported near the primary school by a local resident, they
      are willing to discuss this at June’s meeting


    • East Argyll Centre – unfortunately, no one has come forward to take over the running
      over the centre, so assets have been dissolved and monies split between local


    • Stirling Council – crossing issues to be addressed at Pike Road


    • Residents of Millhall Road near the rail bridge contacted the community council to
      raise the fact that the road is a private road and shouldn’t be used unless for access.


Treasures Report


The treasurer noted the following:


Bank Balance




Minute Taker (April)

£ 40.00

Secretary Expenses (zoom sub)

£ 14.39

Secretary Expenses (zoom sub)

£ 14.39

Secretary Expenses (admin materials)

£ 17.95

Community Engagement Survey

£ 54.00

Total Expenditure

£ 140.73

Bank Balance


Cash in Hand

£ 15.97




Committed Expenditure/Reserve



Minute Secretary

£ 40.00



Covid19 Grant unused – expect to return

£ 150.00

Community Price Award – seats


Available Funds



5. Other Reports


Councillors Report







Police Report




Planning Report


Nothing to report at this time.


  1. General Business


    Climate Emergency Discussion


    David and Angela from Stirling Council discussed climate emergency and Stirling Councils
    plan for 2021 – 2045. The document discusses how to cut carbon in the area. It focuses
    on 5 principal objectives energy use, transport, resource efficiency, nature and biodiversity
    and climate adaption – plan and prepare for the impacts of climate change. It discusses
    what individuals can do as well as the investment from Stirling Council in relation to electrical
    buses, cars etc. There will be community opportunities, tree planting programmes. The aim
    is to be “net zero”. Scotland has committed to be a net carbon economy by 2045 – the
    council also needs to be net zero by then. Individuals will be able to feedback on the plan
    as well as feedback from groups.


  2. Grit Bins


    Resident from Wallace Park looking for assistance from community council in connection
    with grit bins. Current position from Stirling Council is that bins are only placed on a gradient
    road none placed on the flat. Wallace Park residents in the Winter have been clearing their
    roads and paths. They are quite happy to continue to do this but are looking for grit bins to
    help them to do this. Gary asked whether it is possible for the community council to
    purchase the bins and fill them? Aileen confirmed that the community council finances
    would allow us to purchase bins and fill them. Hugh wondered whether the council would
    supply us with the grit at cost price. Heather asked whether the council would allow the bins
    in the street or whether they would be removed? Hugh asked for agreement from the
    community council to investigate costs then seek approval from the council to have them
    put around various areas in Wallace Park. All in favour, Aileen and Gary will investigate
    along with Wallace Park resident.


  3. 20mph Consultation


    Reviewed highlights from the document. Over 125 responses received majority in favour of
    reduction limit. The results have been copied into transport and safe communities at the
    council unfortunately no response received at present. Gary has confirmed he would like to
    share the results with the community on FB. Aileen suggested going to 20mph zone
    targeting the route to and from school. (Springfield Road, Broom Road, Linden Avenue).
    Heather agreed with Aileen regarding the school route and also feels Pike Road needs
    something as well.



    Hugh feels we should be sharing the results with the council and discuss Pike Road with
    them. Possibility to look at similar restrictions to Drip Road, Raploch. Report to be issued
    to Chief Executive @ Stirling Council along with Inspector Kidd @ Police Scotland
    confirming our results and asking for support.


  4. Updates




Situation discussed at last council meeting. No response yet.
Dog Walking Area

No further information at present.




Noise issues have been reported – no response yet. There has been an invite for
community councillors to visit them however Gary feels that Superglass should view their
site from resident’s viewpoint. Hugh suggests we ask them to come to a meeting. Contact
to be made with Sepa about their recent response and ask to meet as well. Hugh confirmed
he is happy to email them. Gary will get in touch with Superglass. All agreed.




Waiting on further information from Martin so benches can be put in together.


Braehead Football Pitch


Work to start 7 June will be out of action for 3 months due to repair. Fence will go round
whilst drainage slats put in. Netting may be dealt with at the same time.




Primary School Head Teacher has highlighted dog fouling on school playing field. The
situation can be highlighted on the community council FB page however school would
benefit from using their communication methods (FB, notices from Education Department).
Community Council could write to Stirling Council on this however it is felt that the school
should write to the Edinburgh Department on this. Suggestion from Gary that a campaign
could be set up with the dog warden.


Hugh has received communication regarding a new post within the council Community
Councils Co-ordinator – Gary thinks the idea regarding this post is to co-ordinate/collate all
correspondence from community councils.


Meeting closed at 20.35hrs

Next Meeting to be held via Zoom will be 28 June @ 19:00hrs