Oct 2021 Minutes

Braehead & Broomridge Community Council
25 October Meeting 2021 (held at Crawford Hall)


Present: Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary). Aileen Hall (Treasurer),
Barbara Anderson, Martin Shaw (Vice Chair), Mandy Rae, Councillor Flannagan, PC
Diamond (Police Scotland), PC Hynds (Police Scotland), Andrew Nelson (Superglass)

In attendance: local residents Jimmy McGrory, Veronica Koricut, Kelly Wilson

Apologies: Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker), Jess McNeil, Philomena McClung, Wendy


  1. Welcome - The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  2. Apologies - As noted above.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


    No amendments to minutes of previous meeting. Minutes proposed Gary, seconded Hugh


  4. Reports



    Chairperson Report - Nothing to report


    Secretary Report - Nothing to report


    Treasurer Report The treasurer noted the following:






    Bank Balance

    as at 4 October




    Stirling Council admin grant




    Stirling Council minute grant












    Minute taker September meeting



    Public meeting hall hire



    Secretary expenses (zoom sub)



    Stirling Council insurance (notice boards)






    Bank Balance




    Cash in Hand










    Committed expenditure / Reserve


    Minute Secretary


    Meeting hall hire




    Covid 19 grant unused - expect to return


    Bench x 2 purchase and install


    Available funds



  5. Other Reports


Councillors Report


Bins – Cllr Flanagan reported he’s been receiving 5 complaints a day recently regarding the
new 4 weekly bin system -which is contrary to Stirling Council’s claim that they’ve only
received 26 complaints across the whole of Stirling Council. He also mentioned there’s
issues with some areas brown bins not being collected. One local resident present also
stated problems with overflowing bins and having to make trips to Polmaise tip. Cllr
Flanagan encourages local residents to make an online complaint via the comments form
or telephone the council if they have a problem with the new bin system or if they are waiting
for new additional bins or alternatively to contact him and he will take up their case.


Anti-Social Behaviour – Lot of problems with anti-social behaviour around Mayfield Court
and St.Ninians toll which had been spilling over into Braehead & Broomridge. Cllr Flanagan
successfully put forward a motion at Stirling Council to get an antisocial behaviour group set
up comprising Police, Stirling Council and other bodies to try and address these issues.

Hugh suggested that where possible members of the community or community groups
should be engaged where appropriate.


Social Care – Cllr Flanagan highlighted problems with local social care providers struggling
to take on new clients due to a shortage of staff.


Police Report

PC Diamond and PC Hynds introduced themselves to the Community Council.

PC Diamond presented the Police report and stated that he would prefer to present the
information in a different way which would be more meaningful. Aileen asked whether the
crime level reported is average compared to other areas. Gary stated that the crimes appear
to be more serious than previously. PC Diamond stated that the majority of serious crimes
are connected to Springkerse House Hostel not in the community and that there was an
under reporting of drug use/dealing in the area compared to others which may be due to
lack of information from the community. Gary highlighted shop theft crimes were likely to be
higher due to Springkerse retail park (including Morrisons). Hugh suggested it would be
more appropriate to report on crimes taking place within the community rather than in the
industrial park area of the Community Council boundary. PC Diamond will look to change
the reporting so that its more meaningful in future. He also requested information on crime
from local residents which can be reported to the police via email


Hugh also asked whether there will be sufficient local police cover during COP 26. PC
Diamond confirmed there will be sufficient cover, albeit some Stirling Police will be covering the COP 26 and community police will be covering wider Stirling police issues he assured
the CC that community police will do their upmost to be visible locally.


Planning Report


Gary confirmed a submission to planning portal regarding Barnardo’s planning application
at Braehead House. A new planning application at Springkerse retail park has been lodged
to change the range of goods that can be sold, Gary will review.


General Business


  1. Grit Bins


    Gary highlighted suggestions from the community via Facebook on where to site grit bins
    as well as local resident Elaine Mathews. Gary will review the suggestions and contact
    Stirling Council to get the bins provided. A local resident also highlighted that the grit bin in
    Ross Court is located in the wrong place. Gary stated he would ask Stirling Council to re-
    locate the grit bin when he discusses the new bins with Council officer.


  2. Superglass


    Andrew Nelson, Environmental Manager at Superglass updated the meeting on progress
    with issues raised at the public meeting in September. Andrew reported there was a short
    process fire at the plant in October and was dealt with quickly, There were no complaints
    from residents. The noise levels have gone down to levels they were at in 2014 as reported
    in their noise survey which has been submitted to SEPA. Superglass will also fit another
    attenuator (silencer) to reduce noise further.


    Gary was in contact with SEPA, they are still investigating the issues of noise and will
    undertake their own noise survey at the site and also at locations where residents have
    complained – this will take place in November (weather permitting)


    Andrew stated that Superglass would like to be a good neighbour and will continue to
    address issues residents have complained about. In future Superglass would like to become
    more involved in the community and in future would like to invest in a community initiative.


    Andrew also stated that they will be in touch with local residents that would like a site visit
    to the plant and will continue to keep the CC informed of developments at the plant as well
    as take part in a community liaison group as suggested by Hugh.


  3. Dog walking area


    Martin updated that he is still trying to get Stirling Council to deliver surplus material for
    volunteers to create a path in the area adjacent to community garden. Marin will continue to
    try and get this arranged and will seek support of Criminal Justice Community Payback team
    to assist with this.


  4. City Centre South


No feedback from Stirling Council on committee that was supposed to be set up. Gary
encouraged CC members to take part in the survey.





Benches – Wendy has secured funding for a bench in Afton Court play park and for the dog
walking area. Jimmy McGrory will purchase a bench in memory of his late wife and site this
at the front of Crawford Hall. Wendy will be in contact with Stirling Council for installation of
the benches.


Next meeting – After discussion it was decided to have the next CC meeting at Crawford
Hall but keep abreast of the COVID situation and revert back to Zoom if necessary. Gary
will suspend the zoom account until further notice.


Meeting closed at 20:20hrs


Next Meeting to be held on 29 November 2021.