Sept 2021 Minutes

Braehead & Broomridge Community Council

September Meeting 2021: Zoom Conference Call (held 4 October 2021)



Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary) Philomena McClung, Jess McNeil,
Wendy McLean, 1 x resident


Wilma Comrie (Stirling Council Representative), Barbara Anderson, Aileen Hall, Martin
Shaw, Mandy Rae, Councillor Flannagan, Police Scotland


In attendance:

Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker),


  1. Welcome


    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  2. Apologies


    As noted above.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


    No amends to minutes of previous meeting.
    Minutesproposed Gary, seconded Wendy.


    Matters Arising


    Planters in Wallace Park – contacted original resident who raised issue regarding organising
    the planters. The individual concerned didn’t want to organise but will see if anyone from
    the area is interested and come forward.


  4. Reports


    Chairperson Report


    Public Meeting recently held (20 September) with Sepa and Superglass – objective to
    discuss issues of concern from public – re: emissions noise, black smoke, white wool, and
    other dust matters. Residents put specific questions to representatives of the two
    organisations. Superglass have submitted report to SEPA re: noise. Sepa state that the
    dust particles are pollen. Residents still concerned about white dust – Superglass confirm
    these are from the other building. Sepa still to complete report on Superglass. Superglass have confirmed that they will take specific individuals on a tour while other individuals will
    liaise with Superglass. Thanks to Gary for organising the meeting at Crawford Hall. Gary
    is still waiting for further information from SEPA (permit and noise survey) confirm he will
    probably put in a FOI.


    Secretary Report


    Planters – discussed previously. Budget Consultation Strategy Information has been


    Treasurer Report


    The treasurer noted the following:


    Bank Balance £4,805.64


    Total £4,805.64


    Minute Taker (August) £ 40.00

    Minute Taker – AGM £ 10.00

    Secretary Expenses (zoom sub) £ 14.39

    Secretary Expenses (zoom sub) £ 14.39


    Total Expenditure £ 78.78


    Bank Balance £4,726.86

    Cash in Hand £ 15.97


    Total £4,742.83


    Committed Expenditure/Reserve £2,690.00

    Minute Secretary – September Meeting

    £ 40.00



    Covid19 Grant unused – expect to return

    £ 150.00

    Community Price Award – seats


    Available Funds



    For decision: purchase and placement of two benches – funding secured for £1500
    revised costing require additional expenditure of £600. All agreed


  5. Other Reports


    Councillors Report





    Police Report




    Planning Report


    Braehead – Shirras Brae – Barnardo’s building – planning application for flats to be erected
    on car park further details can be found on the planning portal. Gary will respond to the


  6. General Business




See earlier. No further issues.


City Centre South


Nothing received yet. Interactive map on Engage site – please consider reviewing it and
look at completing it.


Football Pitch.


Still under repair. Grass not taking seed. Waiting to discuss next season since works not
completed. High rise fence/netting has gone to planning and it will be high than normal


Grit Bins


Winter Gritting Policy – Stirling Council will provide additional bins however volunteers
required to fill them up. Where are they going to be placed? Use Facebook for suggested
locations as well as requests for volunteers to move grit from location to grit bins.




Resident has complained to Jess about speeding in the area and 20mph zones. Apparently,
the resident had confirmed that ambulances had been called in the summer due to incident
with children. The community council clarified that 20mph signs are to be installed at the
next finance year. Gary suggested that people log onto the interactive City Centre South
Map on the council website and put information on it regarding the 20mph.


Meeting closed at 19:40hrs


Next Meeting to be held on 27 November 2021.