January 2022 Minutes

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Braehead & Broomridge Community Council January 2022: Zoom Conference Call 7pm



Hugh McClung (Chair), Gary McGrow (Secretary), Martin Shaw, Philomena McClung, Jess McNeil, Wendy McLean, Mandy Rae, Barbara Anderson, Aileen Hall, Councillor Flannagan


Police Scotland

In attendance:

Margaret Sweeney (Minute Taker), Andrew Nelson Superglass, 2 x residents (Veronica Koricut, James Tripney).

1. Welcome


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Apologies


As noted above.

3. Minutes of previous meeting / matters arising


No amends to minutes of previous meeting. Minutes proposed Aileen, seconded Philomena.

Matters Arising


4. Reports


Chairperson Report

No report. Secretary Report

Received a report of fly tipping for Broom Road – referred to online complaint form. There has also been a complaint about fly tipping in Colquhoun Street again referred to enquiry line. All complaints regarding fly tipping are investigated.


Resident complaint regarding noise from Superglass.

City of Culture Bid – Gary will circulate some meeting dates regarding the bid.

Sustaining Choices – expression of interest regarding funding – this application could be used for funding for Yellow Hill? Hugh agrees this should be looked at.

Treasurer Report

The treasurer noted the following:

Bank Balance






Minute Secretary

£ 40.00

Secretary Expenses (zoom sub)

£ 14.39

Total Expenditure

£ 54.39

Bank Balance


Cash in Hand

£ 15.97



Committed Expenditure/Reserve


Minute Secretary

£ 370.00



Covid19 Grant unused – expect to return

£ 150.00

Bench x 2 purchase & install


Available Funds


5. Other Reports


Councillors Report


Budget meeting taking place on 17 February 2022 regarding revenue and capital and the next council meeting takes place 3 March 2022. Conservatives have confirmed that they will not support the current bin collections and are looking to revert by to the original two weekly bin collection. No information yet regarding council tax rise.

Issue surrounding dangerous driving on Pike Road – this has been raised with Stirling Council and Police Scotland.

Theft issue within Braehead – individual concerned with this has been spoken to. Fly tipping issues please raise these with Councillor Flannagan.

It’s been noticed that the minutes are being read by residents via the notice boards.

It has been noticed that residents are writing their frustration on social media need to highlight to everyone that feedback needs to be sent directly to the Council via official channels.


School Health and Wellbeing Survey – some concerns about confidentially of the survey. St Modans High School will be consulting parents on it prior it to be issued to students.

Enforcement teams will be ensuring that council tenants back gardens are cleared as there has been some concerns regarding black bags being left. Philomena commented that black bags are being left due to bins being full.

Gary asked about speeding – 20mph was promised by the end of the financial year. Councillor Flannagan confirmed he will chase this up.

Residents from Caltrop Place have been in touch regarding the trees at the back of the area. The residents are concerned due to insurance increase due to the height of the trees and they’re concerned about safety. Councillor Flannagan is discussing this with the council and waiting on a response. Aileen queried whether it is Balquidder Wood – if the concerns about the trees are in that section, then it’s an ancient wood.

Planning Report

The planning application for Barnardo’s House on Shirra’s Brae Road has been given the go ahead with conditions. Asda development has also been given approval – the community council did put an objection in.

Police Report

Crime Report for Braehead and Broomridge between December 2021 and January 2022: 29 detected cases and 15 undetected. (Detected cases include assault, robbery, breach of the peace).

Martin queried the police report as he is aware of an incident that doesn’t seem to show up on the report, he wondered what else may be being missed. Looking to query the issue with the police.

6. General Business



Superglass representative: Andrew Nelson, confirmed receipt of complaint from resident regarding noise. This was investigated and the source identified and stopped. This has now addressed the issue. Ongoing work with SEPA regarding identifying dominate noise in the area. Measurements were taken from site and the local community. Investigations were undertaken by Superglass and believe that they are identifying exactly where it was coming from. They have undertaken some remedial work and have been in communication with SEPA on this to clarify whether this has made a difference in the area.

Grit Bins

The list of the additional grit bins was given to Land Services who then confirmed that all these locations were on the flat. This will be chased up again with them.


Dog Walkers

Martin confirmed that as there is no manager in place no answers can be given regarding preparation of the area. Wendy is arranging for the bench to be put in place and will discuss with land services regarding the path to be sorted. Martin will send the details to Councillor Flannagan and hopefully he can assist in getting the materials for the path surface.

Colquhoun Street

Issues raised relating to the storage vault along with problems with bin raiding. Bin raiding has happened previously however stopped for around 6 months now started up. Bins are being emptied and scattered around and it seems to be happening during the night. Hugh suggested this should be a police matter. Gary asked whether the issues with the storage vaults are noise complaints? They are so he will report this to the planning officer. Diary of events to be kept.

Youth Initiative

Martin discussed an initiative he’s keen to implement along with a local fitness organisation. He is looking for funding of £250 which would be used for all adults running the initiative to be PVG checked. Wendy suggested looking at other areas of grant application for funding. Hugh and Gary confirmed this is a good idea however Hugh has asked for Martin to put together a full and detailed proposal together and then forward this to the community council for review.


February community council meeting will be via zoom. Meeting closed at 20:15hrs

Next Meeting to be held on 28 February 2022