April 2021 Minutes


Minutes of Meeting of Bridge of Allan Community Council


Held on Tuesday 20th April 2021.

Due to Covid-19 this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.


Present: Mike Watson (MW) Chair; Leslie Harkness (LH) Secretary; Anna Doeser (AD) Communications Officer;
Siobhan Hencher (SH); Bill Fortune (BF); Janie Meikle Bland (JMB); Vicky McDowell (VMcD); Iain McCusker
(IMcC) Planning Officer; Alasdair Taylor (AT) Treasurer


Apologies: Sandra Davidson (SD); Siobhan Hencher (SH); Andrew Drummond Baxter (ADB); Duncan
McDougall (DMcD) Associate Member; Moira Randall (MR) Associate Member; Lucy McCormick, Minute
Secretary; Andrew Davis (Stirling Council); Alyn Smith MP PC Paul Gilliland; PC Dee Chalmers; Graham Russell
(Chair of Friends of Bridge of Allan); Douglas Neilson (Vice Chair of Friends of Bridge of Allan)


In attendance: Councillor Douglas Dodds; Councillor Graham Houston (GH); Councillor Alastair Majury;.
Councillor Alasdair Tollemache;);Councillor Jeremy McDonald; Alexander Stewart MSP; Gavin Drummond
(GD); Steve Johnston (SC Dog Warden) Robert Franks – resident (RF),


Abbreviations – Community Council (CC), Common Good Fund (CGF), Stirling Council (SC), Annual General
Meeting (AGM)

B 1900 Welcome, Apologies and Conflict of Interest (MW)

MW chaired this meeting. MW opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed all those in attendance via
Zoom; apologies were recorded as noted above.


B 1901 Approval of Minutes, Matters Arising and Action Log (MW)


The minutes of the March 2021 CC meeting were approved: proposed by LH and seconded by AT.


AD gave an update on active travel. After last meeting AD was at a consultation with SC and their
consultants about a route between Dunblane and Bridge of Allan. The project is at a very early stage and
they were doing some pre-consulting with some individuals from BoA and Dunblane who ride and use the
route. The route has been on SC radar for a while now and on their active travel plan. Talked through
various sections of the route between BoA and Dunblane, generally in favour of a shared cycle/ pedestrian
path where the current pavement is and adjusting carriageway/ pavement widths to suit everyone.

Identified some pinch points which are quite narrow near Lecropt. Thought about how to connect from
the path to the station. Brought up crash barrier which is an option to have that removed and make more
space for pedestrians and cyclists. Danger point where cyclists and pedestrians cross near the roundabout
near gate house/ cottage. Then at the Keir roundabout and the road from M&S Dunblane to the Keir
Roundabout, there was a suggestion that pedestrians and cyclists could have one of the road lanes. Early
discussions taking place on feasibility studies and then when SC are ready for further consultation they will

Classification: Limited


be back in touch. Further updates to follow.


MW raised the Cornton level crossing and the issue of traffic management and apparent lack of consultation
between Network Rail and SC roads department. MW raised with elected members and MW confirmed
response was that there will be signs up warning of possible delays but not convinced that is enough or
solves issues of road signage. CC agreed to write to Network Rail and cc SC to express views.


Matters arising:


In relation to Item B 1882 and the 20mph signage, both Councillor MacDonald and Councillor Dodds raised
the issue with SC, and Councillor Dodds forwarded the council’s positive response, namely that the 20-mph
limit sign would be shifted to the junction of Cornton Road with Lyon Crescent; in addition, the possible
obscuring of the sign on the A9, close to the Railway Station, would be investigated and action taken if


In relation to Item B 1893 and the trees at the Well Road substation, a resident has pointed out that, in the
winter months when the roads are icy, the area under the trees is often ice free and can allow cars coming
down the hill to steer into it to avoid going into a skid.


Regarding Item B 1896 and the CGF, Councillor Houston forwarded the required details on the interest on
the fund; for 1919/20 the sum was £3,403 and the estimated interest for 2020/21 is £2,133.


In relation to Item B 1882 a resident’s concerns that the any excess plastic used on the red road patches
indicating 20 mph might be washed into the drains, Councillor Dodds forwarded a response from SC stating
that an inspection has confirmed that the surface has been laid correctly and stressing that there has never
been an issue with drainage system contamination, particularly given that any detritus would collect in the
gully pots which are cleaned regularly.


Regarding Item B 1896 and the Common Good Fund application, SC informed us that the next meeting of
the Civic Panel will not take place until June 17th because of the elections.


In relation to Item B 1886 and the traffic management implications of the new railway barrier, SC has
written to Councillor Tollemache to confirm that their position is that the impacts on traffic will be
monitored. Subsequently SC wrote to Councillor Dodds to report that signs will be installed on the road
network to inform motorists of the timings changes at the railway crossing and to deter motorists from using
Cornton Road; the signs may be adapted if monitoring reveals a need for this.


B 1902 Dog Fouling (Steve Johnston)


Update from the dog warden (Steve Johnston) on the issue of dog fouling. This time of year is always
worse with coming out of the winter months when it is a darker. Should see a reduction between now and
October in line with trends. Signs have been provided, and Steve has been to BoA recently doing patrols
and being a visible deterrent. Steve is keen to get in touch with CCs, attend meetings and generate ideas
on how it can be deterred. Safer community teams have been in contact to target areas where there are
known problems e.g. chicken run in BoA and Mine Woods. Plan is to do targeted patrols to catch and
speak to people more as lockdown restrictions ease. JMB shared some posters that the children at the
nursery have pulled together.


B 1903 Police Report

Classification: Limited


Between the 16th March and 20th April 2021 a total of 10 crimes occurred within the Bridge of Allan beat
code, the crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.




On the 5th of April, hay bales located within a field at Pendreich Road, Bridge of Allan were set on fire. This
has been crimed as Reckless Fireraising and following enquiry is now detected.


On the 14th of April police attended a youth call to the area of Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan. A male youth
after being abusive towards police was arrested in relation to his conduct and charged with Section 38(1)
Criminal Justice & Licensing Scotland Act 2010, Police Assault and Resist arrest offences.




On 19th of March within a property Queens Court, Bridge of Allan a male was traced in possession of Herbal
Cannabis. The male is being reported to the Fiscal for possession of a controlled drug.


On the 18th of April at Avenue Park, Bridge of Allan a male was found in possession of Herbal Cannabis and
was issued with a Recorded Police Warning.




On the 16th of March 2021 at Lyon Crescent, Bridge of Allan a male was subject of a minor assault. Following
enquiry the male responsible for the assault has been traced and issued with a warning.




On the 26th of March plant equipment was stolen from the grounds of a business at Steuart Road, Bridge of
Allan. This has been crimed as Theft and police are pursuing a positive line of enquiry at the time of
submission, PS-20210326-2871 refers.


Sometime between the 26th and 28th of March plant equipment was stolen from a yard at Carsaig Court,
Bridge of Allan. This is crimed as Theft and no suspects have been identified, PS-20210328-1554 refers.


On the 14th of April a bank card complete with pin number was stolen from an insecure vehicle parked
within Fountain Road, Bridge of Allan. Monies have since been removed from the bank account in question.
This has been crimed as Theft from Motor Vehicle and Theft OLP and is under investigation, PS-20210418-
1338 refers.


Sometime between the 11th and 14th April a secured bicycle was stolen from a bike rack at Alexander Court,
University of Stirling. This has been crimed as Theft and is under investigation at the time of submission, PS-
20210414-3635 refers.




None reported.

Classification: Limited




Between the 16th of March and 20th April 2021 (inclusive) there was a total of 122 calls to the Bridge of Allan
area. Please note this also covers parts of the Cornton, Causewayhead and Stirling University.


A breakdown of some of these calls is as follows, 6 were concern for person type calls, 15 were public
nuisance calls, 6 calls were drugs/substance related, 1 call was domestic related 4 were disturbance type call
and 12 were road related traffic calls.


Since the last meeting the pop up policeman has been deployed in Forglen Road and Henderson Street,
Bridge of Allan. CPT will continue to utilise this when the opportunity arises as a means of tackling vehicular


In addition Handheld Radar speeding checks have been carried out in Cornton Road, Bridge of Allan and one
motorist warned regarding vehicular speed.


B 1904 Election of Co-opted Members (MW)


All CC members were sent a link to open, in relation to the 2 candidates. Need two thirds majority to be
co-opted onto the council. Result outcome – Neil Harman and Alastair Heron two new co-opted members.


B 1905 Wallace Monument Stakeholders Group (JMB)


There has been one meeting of the Wallace Monument National Stakeholder Advisory Group since the last
CC meeting. The meeting was very well represented. Good part of meeting was spent updating the group
on plans for the Wallace Monument and why they are working with the Stakeholder Advisory Group and
how we can make the most of that connection. Some good ideas generated including developing a
heritage trail – mark out trails that link BoA with the monument including via the University. Also, a lot of
discussion on the pull of BoA being the food and drink offer and how other businesses can benefit from that
pull. Also, an opportunity to market BoA being a place for young children to be educated and live following
the Fairview plans for boarding accommodation.


Since last meeting on 17th March, with Easter holidays and a change in post at SC, progress has slowed a
little however a further update to be provided when available including website updates and heritage trails.
Another meeting scheduled this Thursday.


B 1906 Tennis Courts (BF)


BF and MW had a meeting with Chris McKenna and Donna Mills from SC. Essentially SC will not adopt the
tennis courts in whatever state they are in, but they will agree when the time is right a commitment to the
level of maintenance. Chris McKenna was trying to arrange a meeting with the tennis club, a date however
is still TBC. Have now until the end of May to get in touch with the relevant schools and the 2 dates when
applications to Sports Scotland is to be submitted is April and September so working to the September date.


B 1907 Play Park Initiative (SH)


SH not present so carried forward to next meeting.

Classification: Limited


B 1908 Chair’s Report (MW)


Memorial Park: MW attended a meeting with Friends of Bridge of Allan last night and they confirmed there
will be no floral planting in the park this summer by SC or by Friends of Bridge of Allan for a number of
reasons including budget and Covid. They will be looking to the future and developing a more sustainable
planting for the future.


Grass cutting and SC’s pollinator strategy: concern raised that the area identified with this strategy does not
fit with what people would want and concern about encroachment into recreational space. Contact made
with local members and Councillor Graham Houston provided a further update. It is SC’s intention to
taking a more ecological approach to grass land management throughout the area e.g. promoting a single
cute in late Summer/ Autumn and adopting a cut and collect method of grass maintenance. The area
selected for the pilot is the area situated between John Murray Drive and Ferniebank Brae. CC will propose
alternative areas for the pilot and invite ‘On the Verge’ representation to the next CC meeting.


B 1909 Secretary’s Report


Residents’ Communications


Two residents from Chalton Road have written to the CC to underline the unsatisfactory condition of the
road surface which has not been resurfaced during the past 40 years. They note that any temporary repairs
rarely last any more than two months or so and they have requested the CC’s support for an online petition.
In a similar vein, a resident emailed to say that a large hole had developed in the pavement in Keir Street at
the entrance to Keir Court. Councillor Dodds has raised both issues with SC.


A resident informed the CC that access to a right of way from the Carse into Six Acre Wood and leading up to
the old cemetery has been recently closed off and also that a new fence now restricts the passage of a
protected species. Councillor Tollemache has taken up the issue with SC and access has now been restored.


A resident has informed the CC of a workman’s road sign in the river close to the bridge. Councillor Dodds
referred this to SC and action was taken.


A concerned resident contacted the CC to report the dangerous condition of the fence at the path alongside
the Mine Woods quarry and alarmingly reported that a child had fallen through and rolled all the way to the
quarry floor; he had commendably made some temporary repairs to the fence. The CC has forwarded the
resident’s communication to the local elected members and both Councillor Tollemache and Councillor
Dodds raised the matter with SC and a repair was carried out.


A resident wrote to ask if, in the context of biodiversity initiatives, the CC knew if SC had revised or adapted
its grass cutting procedures. She was pleased to hear about SC’s Pollinator Strategy with a pilot area
identified between John Murray Drive and Ferniebank Brae, something SC had just communicated to the CC.
However, one local resident from that area has contacted the CC to voice his dismay that the grass will no
longer be cut in this area, an area which is used as a valued recreational space by local families and children.


A resident has voiced his concern that the new railway crossing is essentially unfair to road users,
particularly given his belief that there are sound reasons for road users missing the amber lights.

Classification: Limited


Councillors’ Communications


Councillor Dodds forwarded information about SC’s proposals, after extensive public consultation, for using

£513,000 of funding secured from the Sustrans Spaces for People fund to develop projects to promote safer
active travel in Bridge of Allan. These include having a 50-mph speed limit from the A9 Carse Road to the
Keir Roundabout; extending the cycle lane along the A9 from the station to Carse Road; installing additional
protection at the station; enhancing cycle parking along Henderson Street; and introducing a 20mph limit.
The Councillor also reported that the Ivy Hotel has now been fully boarded up.

In relation to Park of Keir, Councillor Tollemache sent confirmation from SC that, while the developer has
requested a further extension, this is essentially to review the final documentation, and that the matter is
close to being concluded. The CC subsequently received a copy of a response to this update sent to SC by the
Chair of Dunblane CC; in his response, apart from his concern that yet a further extension is to be granted,
he underlines the fact that a final agreement may not reflect the “affordable and accessible” aspects
originally intended. He has forwarded a further response from SC confirming that solicitors for both SC and
the applicant are progressing the final paperwork. In his response, the Chair of Dunblane CC has asked that
the signed Section75 agreement be made available for public scrutiny when it is available.

Councillor Tollemache has raised with SC the need for signage in Mine Woods to remind mountain bikers
that that the path is a shared area.


Stirling Council Communications


SC informed the CC that the two new Green bus shelters on Henderson Street, north of Inverallan Road
would be installed on week beginning March 29th. The CC has now received from SC copies of the two bus
information posters.


General Communications


The Winter edition of the Scottish Community Councils Newsletter was received. The CC received a copy of
the Save Blairforkie Greenspace Newsletter.


B 1910 Treasurer’s Report (AT)


Since the previous meeting, the only payments made have been for minutes and web hosting services; the
insurance asset list has been submitted although no response received, AT will follow up.


By the end of the Admin Grant period, there is expected to be an overspend of approx. £175 due to the
additional cost of running meetings via Zoom; Councillor Jeremy Rice McDonald indicated that the remote
sessions may well continue post-COVID and this is a valid point to raise with SC. AT will contact the
Community Engagement team to raise the question as the CC agreed that covering this from other funds on
an ongoing basis is inappropriate.


B 1911 Residents voice


RF raised concerns about the complexity of the new speed restrictions and queried why the whole central
area hasn’t just been made a 20-mph zone. MW indicated that this is already the case with the change
occurring part way down Henderson street; following discussion it was determined that the repeater signs
could be contributing to some confusion however these are necessary in order to enforce the limit.

Classification: Limited


GD observed that mail seems to be only delivered every other day; this has been observed in various different
areas across BOA and various inconsistencies seem to be associated with individual postal workers days off.
Action taken to clarify with the post office what the delivery regime is.


B 1912 Planning Report (IM)


Councillor’s Dodds and McDonald left the meeting.


IM indicated that there has been one application sent to the CC for review this month relating to sub-dividing
a single dwelling on Henderson Street. AP voiced a number of concerns over the application namely that it
is of an awkward design that is incongruous with the surroundings; it violates existing building lines and
generates a requirement for an additional driveway which has the potential to create hazards for cyclists
descending from Kier. The community council is sympathetic to the impact on individual neighbours and
noted that the application does not contain any preliminary view from the planning officer or details of what
the finishing will be, however no comments have been received from the wider community which would make
it difficult to justify any objection from the council. It was agreed that further time would be allowed to gain
community input and then revisit the decision whether to submit an objection or submit comments for


B 1913 AOCB


JMB indicated that Councillor Dodds had offered to personally cover the costs of leaflets etc. for the dog
fouling campaign (~£8), however it was agreed that this should be met by the CC.


B 1914 Date of next meeting


Tuesday 18th May 2021