Aug 2021 Minutes


Minutes of Meeting of Bridge of Allan Community Council

Held on Tuesday 17th August 2021.

Due to Covid-19 this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.

Present: Mike Watson (MW) Chair; Janie Meikle Bland (JMB) Interim Vice Chair; Alasdair Taylor (AT) Treasurer;
Iain McCusker (IMcC) Planning Officer; Anna Doeser (AD) Communications Officer; Bill Fortune (BF) Neil
Harman (NH);


Apologies: Leslie Harkness (LH) Secretary; Andrew Drummond Baxter (ADB); Sandra Davidson (SD); Siobhan
Hencher (SH); Alastair Heron (AH); Duncan McDougall (Associate Member) (DMcD); Moira Randall (Associate
Member) (MR); Lucy McCormick (LM) Minute Secretary; Alexander Stewart MSP; Alyn Smith MP; PC Paul
Gilliland; PC Dee Chalmers; Douglas Neilson (Vice Chair, Friends of Bridge of Alla )

In attendance: Councillor Douglas Dodds; Councillor Graham Houston; Councillor Alastair Majury; Councillor
Alasdair Tollemache; Councillor Jeremy McDonald; Graham Russell (Chair, Friends of Bridge of Allan); Chris
Calder (Bridge of Allan Well House Restoration Project); Gavin Drummond (GD)h


Abbreviations – Bridge of Allan (BOA), Community Council (CC), Common Good Fund (CGF), Stirling Council
(SC), Annual General Meeting (AGM), Wallace Monument Stakeholder Advisory Group (WMSAG)


B 1943 Welcome, Apologies and Conflict of Interest (MW)

MW chaired this meeting. MW opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed all those in attendance via
Zoom. Apologies were recorded as noted above and no conflicts of interested identified.


B 1944 Approval of Minutes, Matters Arising and Action Log (MW)


The minutes of the August 2021 CC meeting were approved. In relation to B 1937 Chair’s Report (MW) on
the June minutes and Airthrey Kerse planning application requires a response from the CC. Duncan is
preparing a response, not Councillor Dodds as noted in the minutes.


In relation to Item B 1938 and the issue of the kerbs for the disabled parking bays, Councillor Tollemache
confirmed that there will be an audit in Bridge of Allan.


In relation to Item B 1942 and the damaged benches at the entrance to the Allan Centre car park, Councillor
Tollemache confirmed that Teas Company has agreed to fund the purchase of two replacement benches.


B 1945 Police Report


Between the 15th June and 15th August 2021 a total of 16 crimes occurred within the Bridge of Allan beat
code (which also covers some of Causewayhead, Blairlogie and University of Stirling). The crimes detailed

Classification: Limited



below are those that are of relevance to the local community.




On 25th June 2021 at Netherton Farm a sign was damaged. If you have any information in relation to this
please contact 101 ref: PS-20210629-1270.


Between 24th and 26th July 2021 at Allanvale Road a vehicle was damaged in which it had scrapes to the
nearside passenger door, if you have any information in relation to this please contact 101 ref: PS-20210728-


DRUG MISUSE - None to report.




On 25th July 2021 at Allanvale Road a female assaulted two person, the female was traced by police and
cautioned and charged in relation to these offences and will be reported to the PF.




On 20th June 2021 at Fountain Road a quantity of alcohol was stolen by an unknown male. If you have any
information in relation to this please contact 101 ref: CF0078940621.


On 17th July 2021 at Darn Walk an On one Gents mountain bike was stolen. If you have any information in
relation to this please contact 101 ref: CF0089510721.


On 20th July 2021 at Fountain Road, a grey Canyan gent’s mountain bike was stolen. If you have any
information in relation to this please contact 101 ref: PS-20210720-2634.




On 28th June 2021 at Airthery Road a male driver was exceeding the speed limit, he stopped by roads
policing officers and will be reported to the PF in relation to this.


On 28th June 2021 at Airthery Road a male driver was exceeding the speed limit and had a defective tyre. He
was stopped by roads policing officers and will be reported to the PF in relation to this.




Between the 15th June and 15th August 2021 (inclusive) there was a total of 170 calls to the Bridge of Allan
area. Please note this also covers parts of the Cornton, Causewayhead, Stirling University and the motorway.


A breakdown of some of these calls is as follows, 7 were concern for person type calls, 5 were public
nuisance calls, 6 were disturbance type calls and 24 were road related traffic calls.


Dunblane/ Bridge of Allan CPT and Stirling CPT conducted a road traffic operation which included Bridge of
Allan, Causewayhead and Blairlogie. A total of 5 COFP were issued in relation to speeding offence, 1 driver
was reported for drug offences and 1 driver’s vehicle was seized and he will be reported for licensing and
insurance offences.

Classification: Limited


Pop up policeman was deployed in Keir Street and Inverallan Road following complaints of speeding.
Activity for forthcoming month:

  1. Carry out static speed checks in the Bridge of Allan area.

  2. Carry out patrols of local primary schools at start and finishing times.

  3. Arrange a community surgery pending restrictions and use of local services.


B 1946 Park of Keir


MW expressed disappointment in latest position on Park of Keir in relation to the section 75 Agreement.
Agreed CC to raise concerns to Scottish Government and Scottish Minister and SC and SC officials concerned.
Recommended separate objections to be made from the Community.


AD to write out to all CC members and agree a date for further meeting on this subject with a view to draft a


B 1947 Community Led Tourism and Destination Marketing (JMB)


Further meetings held on this to explore community response to the notion of having a Community Led
Tourism and Destination Marketing approach for the village. This was born out of the meetings to shape the
Wallace Monument Stakeholder Advisory Group and how can we gain economic benefit from the work that is
going on. Across the two meetings there have been approximately 40 representatives in attendance from
across the community to hear the general thoughts on the community deriving a plan for the village. The
meetings have been productive and a number of significant points raised. There was an ask for people who
were interested in shaping the programme to step forward and a number of people have signed up to attend
the next meeting to agree next steps and best way of working. Meeting to be held on 17 September and it
will be a breakfast meeting at the Meadowpark (so far approximately 22 attendees). Further update to be
provided at the October CC meeting.


B 1948 Christmas Lights (AD &AT)


Approximately half the lights have been damaged. Quote has been provided to re-wire lights – £9547.20 inc
VAT. There is a cost of £2381.40 to take up and down and then there is the £1779 overspend from last year.


Discussion held on how to progress and agreed to approach community via a go funding page and ask for more


B 1949 Tennis Courts (BF)


Sport Scotland advised that a joint application would be more favourable, and plans were being made to
progress this with the Bridge of Allan Sports Club; however they have since decided to seek funding separately
for the club. Moving forwards, Chris McKenna and Bill are approaching various stakeholders from within the
community (including Fairview school, local fitness instructor, parish church, Forth Valley Disability Sport and
the Episcopal Church) to get their input on submitting an application to get the courts reinstated in some
fashion by next year. BF will provide updates as this progresses.

Classification: Limited


B 1950 Play Park Initiative and Bridge of Allan Trail (SH)

Moved to next meeting as SH not present.


B 1951 Chair’s Report (MW)


MW has spoken to the owner of the Queen’s Hotel who advised that he is confident that it will be open within
3-4 weeks; one side will be Woodwinters and the other is being developed into a small-plate restaurant with
a partner from Glasgow.


An “Anti Virus” movement have been using the memorial park for gatherings; whilst appreciating that there
are differing views and beliefs on the topic, it is inappropriate and concerning for them to be using the CC’s
noticeboards for promotion. GD advised that he had removed several posters and will send the photographs
to JMB who offered to contact the individual who shared notification of the gathering on social media to
request that they refrain from advertising using the community boards.


A resident highlighted that the War Memorial requires cleaning; Councillor Dodds has raised this with SC’s
Assets team manager and their inspection team are planning to visit to make an assessment. MW advised
that there are funds in the War Memorial fund and queried whether this needs to be included in the CC’s
accounts. GD indicated that the fund is under the control of members of CC but in the name of the War
Memorial Fund; the monies are leftover from when the memorial was rebuilt; AT will ensure this is included
as a note in the Accounts.


MW met with one of the caretakers of the Allan Centre who advised that the required ventilation works have
been completed and there may be an option to return to in-person meetings in the near future. AD indicated
that SC have email to request that meetings remain online until they revisit the constitutional changes in


B 1952 Secretary’s Report (LH)


Gavin Drummond forwarded confirmation from SC that, with reference to the Royal Hotel planning
application, the Section 75 had yet to be signed.


A resident emailed that, having watched two residents struggling to repair a 12 years old watering machine,
he suggested that the CGF be used to purchase a pickup truck.


A resident who writes regularly has resubmitted his suggestion that the tennis courts be sold and the income
from the sale be used to relocate the courts, for example behind the primary school or to the left of the car
park at Haws Park.


A resident wrote to express concern about the ponding from an underground leak from a fractured water
pipe) which had developed in the Provost’s Park.


The CC has received copies of two emails sent by a resident to the ward elected members to ask them to ask
SC to provide seagull-proof bins in the Blairforkie picnic area and to replace the damaged picnic tables in the
same area.


The CC has received a further complaint alleging antisocial behaviour on the part of some customers using
the car park seating area of the Westerton.

Councillors’ Communications

Classification: Limited


Councillor Houston wrote to confirm that, as part of its Strategic Transport Project Review, Transport
Scotland has the upgrading of the Keir Roundabout included on its long list of projects under consideration
and that, in the next phase of consultation, SC will continue to argue for the inclusion of improvements to
the Keir Roundabout.


Councillor Houston, Councillor Majury and Councillor Dodds all responded to concerns expressed by a CC
member about the SC policy of not uplifting excess cardboard waste left at the side of the waste bin.

Councillor Dodds forwarded a response from SC confirming that cardboard should not be left for collection
outwith the bins.


Councillor McDonald sent confirmation. In relation to Park of Keir, that SC has received the signed Section 75
agreement from the developer. Councillor Majury forwarded a letter from the Chair of Dunblane Community
Council requesting that the contents of the Section 75 agreement be made available for public scrutiny.

Councillor Tollemache also confirmed that he has asked for the terms of the agreement to be released into
the public domain.


Councillor Dodds has forwarded an email from a resident concerned about a further recent outbreak of
unauthorized advertising posters in the village. He also informed us that the has reported to SC that the
Paterson Clock is in need of a further repair. The Councillor also sent the CC copies of his emails to SC raising
the issues of ensuring that wastebins on footpaths do not impede pedestrians and of the wooden bench and
the two metal benches at the Cornton Road bus stop requiring attention. He has also forwarded an SC link to
a council webpage on the dangers of Giant Hogweed.


Councillor Tollemache forwarded a communication from the resident who had expressed concerns about
the new railway crossing barrier in which he notes that there appears to be little in the way of operational
difference when compared with the previous half barrier. The Councillor has also informed the CC that he
has raised with SC the issue of the fallen tree in Mine Wood; the SC arborist will establish if there is any
imminent danger. Councillor Tollemache has also raised with SC the water lying in Bridge of Allan primary
school, the faded road markings outside the school, and the out-of-date sign at Haws Park.


Stirling Council Communications


The CC received confirmation that the construction work on the Darn Walk/Kippenrait Glen project would be
delayed until late August/September due to availability of materials.


SC’s Community Council Enquiry Coordinator wrote to remind all community councils that, if a resident
raises a planning issue, the resident should be referred to SC’s online Planning Toolbox to make any enquiry
or comment on their own behalf.


In response to enquiries from residents, SC confirmed that the slide in the Fountain Road play park had been
closed and fenced off due to vandalism of the decking and that a repair was imminent. It was also confirmed
that outstanding works on the picnic tables would be carried out and that new sand play equipment would
be installed.


All community councils received an invitation to take part in an online consultation on the proposed
September change relating to the collection of the grey and blue waste bins.


The CC received confirmation that the pools of water forming on the ramp in the Provost’s Park were related

Classification: Limited


to a redundant stop cock and damage to a main, and that repairs were being effected.


General Communications


RAGE provided an update on the Park of Keir situation and attached a copy of the letter sent by RAGE to all


The Save Blairforkie Greenspace group sent them an update of issues relating to the Objection stage of the
application process.


The acting chair of the Bridge of Allan games sent an update of how the park has been used productively
during the pandemic.


The most recent Scottish Community Councils Newsletter has been received.
The Well House restoration project forwarded a set of quotations for the work.
B 1953 Treasurer’s Report (AT)

B 1954 Resident’s Voice

Classification: Limited

MW opened the meeting to residents; no items were raised.


B 1956 Common Good Fund (AT)


Agenda item brought forward to allow elected members to participate and then leave prior to discussion of


AT requested information from SC to determine what money is in the CGF; the calculations indicate that there
is approx. £10,000 that could be spent without eroding the capital.


The Scouts application was supported by the CC but ultimately not considered by the Civic Panel because the
trailer had already been purchased and therefore quotes couldn’t be obtained.


The latest application for the Well House is in principle supported by the CC, however as the request is for
approx. £20,000 it may be appropriate to contribute a portion rather than the full amount. A representative
of the Well House group (Chris Calder) confirmed that this figure is the estimated amount for the works overall,
not the amount applied for and a pledge for £7500 has been received from Clackmannanshire & Stirling
Environment Trust which will purchase the timbers for the roof. The stonemason is due to start work on 6th
Sept and his costs are around £2500, £6000 has been quoted for the slate work and estimates are still to be
provided for the electrical works from Scottish Power. Approx. £6000 was previously raised via gofundme
and this has been spent on various costs associated with planning, structural engineers and architects etc plus
tree surgeons as the building was enveloped.


MW had not received the application prior to the meeting and it was agreed that further review will be
required due to the building potentially being owned by a private individual and not by the Restoration project
not-for-profit organisation.


B 1955 Planning Report (IMc)


The elected members left the meeting and IMc provided details of an application for two houses on Glen Road
where the previous single dwelling has been demolished and asked the CC whether this is considered potential
over-development of the site. Nine objections have already been lodged therefore it will go to the Planning
Panel. JMB raised a query about what constitutes over-development since several houses in this area have
been significantly extended potentially doubling their footprint to the same size as these two individual


The Care home proposal has been shared with the community and the CC has responded following the
consultation meeting. IMc confirmed the developers will be submitting a full planning application
imminently and that the feedback on behalf of the CC following the presentation was that the plans are
improved but still too large and modern looking for the conservation area. Also, the materials to be used for
the newer building do not match the slate roof of the existing building which they plan to build around


B 1957 AOCB


Date of next meeting: 21st September 2021