Jan 2021 Minutes


Minutes of Meeting of Bridge of Allan Community Council


Held on Tuesday 19th January 2021

Due to Covid-19 this meeting was held remotely via Zoom


Present: Mike Watson (MW) Chair; Leslie Harkness (LH) Secretary; Alasdair Taylor (AT) Treasurer; Janie
Meikle Bland (JMB); Sandra Davidson (SD); Anna Doeser (AD);); Bill Fortune (BF); Siobhan Hencher (SH);Iain
McCusker (IMcC); Vicky McDowell (VMcD);


Apologies: Andrew Drummond Baxter (ADB); Duncan McDougall (DMcD) (associate member); Moira
Randall (MR) (associate member); Lucy McCormick (Minute Secretary); Alyn Smith MP; Andrew Davis (SC);
PC Paul Gilliland; PC Dee Chalmers; Councillor Alastair Majury;

In attendance: Councillor Douglas Dodds; Councillor Graham Houston; Councillor Alasdair Tollemache;
Councillor Jeremy McDonald; MSP Alexander Stewart; Graham Russell (Chair of Friends of Bridge of Allan);
Douglas Neilson (Vice Chair of Friends of Bridge of Allan)

Abbreviations – Community Council (CC), Common Good Fund (CGF), Stirling Council (SC), Annual General
Meeting (AGM)

B 1845 Welcome, Apologies and Conflict of Interest (MW)

MW chaired this meeting. MW opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed all those in attendance via
Zoom; apologies were recorded as indicated above. No conflicts of interest recorded.


B 1846 Approval of Minutes, Matters Arising and Action Log (LH)


In relation to Item B 1842, and the Park of Keir, Councillor Tollemache sent the CC a copy of a request he
had made to SC that he be assured that the council has not discussed any potential redesign of the facilities
included in the design presented in the original planning application and that the council is not proposing
any dilution in the design of the development. SC has replied to confirm that the approved application is for
what is termed ‘ Planning Permission in Principle’, that the design has yet to be submitted to the council,
and that the conditions already set by the Scottish Government can only be varied after the applicant has
made an application to vary the conditions.


In addition, in terms of any further extension for the Park of Keir development, SC has informed Councillor
Tollemache that it has received no information from the Scottish Government since the previous extension
was granted.


Arising from Item B 1843 and the resident’s request for signage to be installed for the protection of
hedgehogs, as promised, Councillor Majury has looked into this and, in the absence of further information,
has suggested that the CC contact Martin Earl of SC.


The minutes were approved of the November 2020 CC meeting. Proposed by BF and seconded by LH

Classification: Limited


B 1847 Gritting issues

Ongoing gritting issues discussed especially in light of the bad weather forecast. SC not able to participate
in CC meeting as it’s a Zoom meeting, SC can only can use Microsoft teams (SC policy). Elected members
are continuing to raise concerns with SC. Councillor Douglas Dodds confirmed there is an ongoing review
of the SC gritting policy. Councillor Graham Houston suggested if the CC would like to review the Priority
groups 1, 2 & 3 that get treatment and whether it is still suitable for today. Any comments should be
provided to the Elected Members.


B 1848 Police Report (MW)

Between 17th November 2020 and 17th January 2021 a total 18 crimes occurred within the Bridge of Allan
beat code (which includes some areas of Cornton, Causewayhead and Stirling University). The crimes
detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.




On the 14th of December 2020, police were called to a Breach of Coronavirus Regulations at the University
of Stirling. Following enquiry male was later traced and fined accordingly.


On the 16th of December 2020, an individual breached Coronavirus Regulations within university
accommodation. A male has since been traced and issued with a Fine.




Nothing to report.




On the 29th of November 2020 at the halls of residence within the University of Stirling police were called to
a report of a minor assault. A male has since been traced and issued with a Recorded Police Warning.


On the 11th of January 2021 a minor assault occurred near to Lyon Crescent, Bridge of Allan. This has been
crimed as Assault and a positive line of enquiry is being pursued at the time of update.




On the 18th of November 2020 an elderly male from the Bridge of Allan area was contacted by telephone
and spoken to by a male gained his trust and who deceived him into believing him that there had been
some suspicious activity relating to his bank account. The victim was thereby instructed to attend at his
bank and withdraw money.


This incident was later reported to police and crimed as Attempted Fraud. Following enquiry an individual
was arrested for multiple Fraud type offences in various localities and was remanded.




A total of 7 road traffic related crimes have occurred since the last community meeting.


Motorists have been charged, reported or issued with Fines in relation to Careless Driving, No Insurance,

Classification: Limited


Driving without a Licence and Fail to Stop/Report a Road Accident.




CPT officers have carried out hand held radar speeding checks in Cornton Road and Henderson Street,
Bridge of Allan and a total of 6 motorists warned regarding vehicular speed.


In addition, Pop-up-Bob, a lifelike cut out of a police officer holding a hand held radar speed monitoring
device, had been deployed in Kier Street, Henderson Street and Sherriff Road to encourage motorists to
slow down in built up areas.


This has generally been well received by the community and is another tool being used to impact positively
on vehicular speed.


Between the 17th of November 2020 and 17th January 2021 there has been a total of 165 calls to the Bridge
of Allan area. Please note this also covers parts of the Cornton, Causewayhead and Stirling University. A
breakdown of some of these calls is as follows, 15 were concern for person type calls, 23 were public
nuisance calls, 1 call was drug related, 2 were disturbance type call, 29 were road related traffic calls and 11
were assist member of the public type calls.


Activities for forthcoming month:

  1. Attend and patrol areas in which crimes of dishonesty have been reported.

  2. Monitor and patrol areas where youth related antisocial behaviour has been identified.

B 1849 Speeding Issues Update (DD)

DD chased officers again regarding implementing the preventative measures especially while the roads are


B 1850 Tennis Courts (BF)

BF has followed up on additional quotes but lack of success due to people working from home etc. Quote
has been received from Sportex Group which is similar to the SC quote. Next steps MW and BF to firm up
the contractual details in relation to the SC quote and more work to be done on the funding routes.

B 1851 Wallace Monument (JMB)

JMB provided an update on the National Wallace Monument Stakeholder Advisory Group (NWM SAG)
which has been established to shape the workings & role of the monument now it has been transferred
back to Stirling council.

JMB sent a note out to Merchants via facebook page but little feedback therefore made follow up shout
outs to a number of targeted business to gather thoughts on how to develop strategy with SC. Positive
response so far and JMB continues to pull people key stakeholders. First NWM SAG monthly meeting this
Thursday and further update will be provided at next meeting.

B 1852 Park of Keir (MW)


MW had circulated the 3 letters received from Dunblane CC. The CC confirmed they support what
Dunblane CC are saying. Alasdair Tollemache confirmed he received a letter which is in the public domain
and from the Minister, indicating that given the circumstances with the pandemic there is an agreement to

Classification: Limited


incremental extensions to the time limit to allow the parties to conclude the process. The applicants have
indicated that negotiations have reached an advanced stage.


B 1853 Common Good Fund (AT)


Another application (Scout application) for the Common Good Fund - £3,200 for a trailer. CC to now
scoring the application using the scoring sheet. Need to clarify how many members in scout community


B 1854 Bridge of Allan Community Support (Alasdair Tollemache)


Fantastic support since end March/ April in every street in BoA for food collection etc. Because people
are not being asked to shield now there is not the same requirement however the networks are still in
place if needed. The Larder has been in place for 7/8 months, going forward will be 1 day a week which is
a Friday. Cornton Larder is due to start one day per week as well. Community Support has been
incredible valuable throughout the pandemic and a thank you to all the volunteers involved. Thanks also
to local supermarkets and business for their support – unsung heroes.


B 1855 CC AGM (MW)


The date of the AGM is confirmed as 16th February at 7.00pm.


B 1856 Planning Report


  • Application for restoration of the old well-house has been withdrawn.


  • The application for the Royal Hotel site on Henderson Street has been granted by the Planning and
    Regulation Panel. It was noted that the site is now for sale.


  • Blairforkie Drive – written reply made from CC. Query regarding online consultation and
    challenge about how to reach all concerned groups. This development is part of the Green Belt
    and therefore as a principle the CC will object. A public Zoom meeting with D.M Hall and
    Allanwater Homes is scheduled for Tuesday 2nd February.


B 1857 Chair’s Report


Darnwalk crossing: in the final stages of putting together an agreement so hopefully will be moved forward
this summer.


B 1858 Secretary’s Report (LH)

Councillor Houston sent the CC a copy of his communication to SC in relation to the planned drainage
works in Henderson Street which started in mid- December requesting that the council consider the impact
on traders following the Tier 4 lockdown, while Councillor Dodds sent us a copy of his communication
requesting details of the specific locations where the work would be undertaken.


Councillor Houston and Councillor Tollemache each forwarded a copy of Network Rail’s timetable for the
creation of a full double barrier crossing in Cornton Road and, in his communication, Councillor Houston
confirmed that this would lead to a significant increase in traffic in Henderson Street as was noted at the
time, when the CC decided not to support the proposal for a road over the railway. The two councillors also

Classification: Limited


forwarded from SGM an explanatory update on the gas outage in December affecting 140 properties in the
Blairforkie area. Councillor Houston has provided the CC with a link to the current SC Community
Response Bulletin which contains details of those organisations offering support to those requiring it during


Councillor McDonald has written to remind the CC that it is able to pursue Section 75 funding for specific
Bridge of Allan projects which comply with the rules relating to the relevant priorities.


Councillor Dodds forwarded a copy of the detailed response of SC planners to concerns raised by a resident
about the redevelopment of Cornton Vale Prison. The councillor also provided the CC with an update of the
operation of the Larder in relation to continuing to run the service on Fridays in Bridge of Allan while
locating in Cornton Parish Church on Tuesdays SC provided the CC with details of its online survey on the
draft Community Engagement Strategy. DM Hall wrote to the CC with an outline of the proposed schedule
of public consultation relating to the planning application for a housing development in Blairforkie Drive.

Our own associate member, Duncan McDougall, wrote, in relation to the Airthrey Kerse application, to
inform the CC that, by the close of the period for new objections, nothing had been received from the
applicants; he also indicated that SC requested an extension to January 8th to allow an independent
consultant to examine the issue of the housing land supply.


One of our community police officers, PC Paul Gilliland, wrote to the CC to explain that local community
policing teams have been using a Pop-up Police Officer in main roads such as Henderson Street to deter
speeding motorists. PC Gilliland noted that some residents in Causewayhead and Dunblane had made
complaints about the use of this strategy on the grounds that it distracted motorists, while one Dunblane
resident had questioned the legality of the strategy in the absence of planning permission for its use.

Bridget Clark contacted the Cc to indicate that she has secured funding for another update of the Dunblane
Area Green Travel Maps and that, since Bridge of Allan walks are included in the maps, she has requested
that the CC publicise the relevant online survey for residents to give their views on the maps. She has also
now sent a commendably positive review of the Glen Road works undertaken in 2020.

A local resident has written to suggest that both the CC and the Round Table, possibly using the CGF,
should purchase bags of salt to distribute to residents who require these and should also consider
establishing grit bins around the village. He has also suggested that each business owner be encouraged to
keep the pavement in front of their premises safe and clean.


B 1859 Treasurer’s Report

Classification: Limited




B 1860 Residents’ Voice

Concern raise regarding concave lids on new bins.

B 1861 AOCB

SB provided an update from Jennifer Rutherford regarding the playpark. She spoke to Donna Mills from
SC. Everything is morning forward, however a 5k short fall has been identified but won’t stop work from
starting which will hopefully be at the end of the month. During the work, the park won’t close
completely. SB to come back on cost shortage.

B 1862 Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting will be 16th February 2021.