Dec AGM 2021 Minutes


Callander Community Council

Approved minutes of the meeting: Monday 20th December 2021
(continuation of meeting held on 13th December 2021)

On-line meeting via Zoom

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH) – Chair, John Watson (JW) , Olga Watkins (OW), David
Moore (DM), Marilyn Moore (MM), Moe Guertin (MG), Bev Field(BF), David King (DK), Timothy Crone (TC)-
associate member.

Also in attendance: Ward Councillors Martin Earl (ME), Jeremy McDonald (JM), Town Co-ordinator Helen
Terry (HT), plus several members of the public.

Apologies: received from Michelle Flynn (MF) and Regine Watson (RW)

Abbreviations: All in attendance will be referred to by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community Development
Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; FLS=
Forestry and Land Scotland; FOI = Freedom of Information; CC = Callander Community.


Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden






A 1. Introduction

SH welcomed everyone to the meeting, and thanked JW for stepping in as Chair last
week. It was agreed that tonight’s meeting should be called a “Continuation



A 2.Recording

All agreed that the meeting was to be recorded for minute-taking purposes only.


A 3. Declaration of Interest

SH advised that information contained within the Police report had referred to a
break-in in her own house.




B 1. Organisation


B 2. Outstanding Matters


B 3. Minutes of Previous Meetings

Minutes of previous meeting (8/11/21): - had been approved and signed, and can go



B 4. Matters Arising

The Benches– DK – the ‘Happy to Chat’ plaques are both in place as requested. An
article will be in the Rural Stirling tenants’ newsletter and the BLV.

The LPP timescale: -

HT – the focus groups will now finish. The High School survey is closed. The leaflet
will go out on 27/12/21 to every household in the CCC area. HT apologised that some
households outwith the CCC area will have received the leaflet due to the post codes
used. The survey went live on 15/12/21 – HT can provide paper copies, or it can be


DK to put in
article in BLV


BF will help
HT with data if

CCC December 2021 Minutes




done online. The Place Standard survey will run until the end of February. HT
highlighted that the NP wants as many achievable outcomes as possible in the LPP.

Coillhallan Wood Group: -

  • The group has met twice already (set up by Lesley Hawkin (LH) and Sue King
    (SK) involved)

  • Lots of good ideas with what to do. Hopefully some quick fixes e.g. clearing
    non-native species

  • The Forestry Commission are about to update their Woodlands Management
    Plan for Coillhallan Woods and West Torry. Six people from the CWG are
    going to act as community liaison people for that

  • Hopefully LH and/or SK would be happy to come and speak at Jan or Feb
    meetings to give more of an update

SK reported that the projects had all taken a massive hammering (due to Storm
Arwen), and there was currently a major rethink taking place. We needed to, while
the landscape project was still running, try and do a handover from them, and pick up
their expertise on running voluntary groups, and use their tools etc., so that it was not
a wasted resource to us. The group hoped to run some volunteer groups at the
beginning of the year.

BF will continue to sit on the main group and act as a link to the CCC.

B 5. Voting on Two Associate Members

Alasdair Wyllie – focus: Bracklinn Bridge. SH asked for a proposer and seconder for
Alasdair Wyllie to act as a link and public communications person for Bracklinn Bridge.
MG – proposer, and DM – seconder. All were in favour.

Gordon Addison – focus: transport. SH asked for a proposer and seconder for Gordon
Addison. DK – proposed, and JW seconded. All were in favour.

SH to introduce GA to Kenny Auld of the NP. SH also suggested GA was put in contact
with David Shearer, and that it would be useful if GA could cover the brief of being in
touch with Scottish Water and Stirling Council. SH will clarify that by the next meeting.





Proposed Care Home Development

Dealt with in previous meeting of 13th December 2021.


Flooding Information Update

Dealt with in previous meeting of 13th December 2021.


Current concern: Callander South, Primary School and footbridge updates

There was discussion in relation to the possible development of Mollands Farm site.

DK – a wheel-chair user had advised they could not access the footbridge at the
Primary School easily. SH – MG to also mention the cones in Ancaster Square at the
next catch-up with Steve.


SH will discuss
at monthly
meeting with
Steve Easton
(roads)and let
ME know



CCC December 2021 Minutes




BF – Expressed concerns about metal pegs remaining in ground following removal of
bench in the square, and person having tripped on these . MG will let BF know if it is
back or not and will put a cone on top of the pegs if the bench is not there.

SH to email
roads about it



D 1. Community Council Office Bearers

Written report submitted.

No report.

Verbal report - OW – A new minute-taker has been found and is taking minutes for
the meeting. Letter received from grateful traveller about hospitality received by her
in Callander during Storm Arwen – she was wanting to donate small monetary gift to
charity/ local project of our choosing. OW will ask permission to put her email in the
Ben Ledi View. It was suggested to ask Riverside Inn and Chinese Village restaurant
where they would like the gift to be donated to.


Written report submitted.


DM – a correction to the report, in relation to a planning application for South Church
Street. A full set of drawings has now been put in, which have been approved by the
National Park. The reference is 20210374-HAE.


No report.

Evelyn Tweed

Written report submitted.


OW will put
article in BLV.
OW will
Riverside Inn
and the

D 2.Statutory Bodies:

The Planning Sub-group, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

Written report submitted.


Written report submitted.

Stirling Council

Written report submitted.


Written report submitted. ME - end of season catch-up took place on 10/12/21. ME
could not attend but has had feedback on it. Matt Buckland has drafted a visitor
management plan for the South Loch Venachar area. An audit on parking is currently
being done in the SLV area, and appropriate measures to be taken depending on
outcome of audit.




CCC December 2021 Minutes






D 3.Other Callander organisations
Town Coordinator

No written report submitted. Verbal report given on LPP – see above.


St Kessog’s


Written report submitted by TC and there was general discussion on this.

TC reported that the SKWP has discussed the need for more formal public
consultation, and had requested that Stirling Council hosts the meeting, presents the
Operational Plan and Business Plan, and involves the architects to discuss the design.

MM asked if there would there be a requirement for the community to raise funds to
keep the building going. Sue King (SK) - ( a member of SKWG) – highlighted that there
will be three income streams to support the Council’s share of the costs: - 1.

Community use - hall hire and running events, 2. Income from the Business Hub, 3.
Friends of St Kessogs subscription. SK highlighted there will be a large start-up deficit,
and grants will have to be sought for this.

TC agreed to send on the Outline Business Plan when available.


All CC to send
comments to
TC before the
next meeting
of the SKWG



F 1. Airtricity

No update.


F 2. Motorhomes

No update.


F 3. Camp Place Play Park and BMX track

No update.


F 4. St. Kessogs

A meeting which was due to be held before Christmas will now take place in the New



F 5. Environment

No update.


F 6. Flooding

ML gave a presentation last week, and sent the Proposed Engagement Plan

immediately after that. SH suggested having on agenda for January’s meeting, so that
comments can be obtained and sent on to ML. Similarly, Ian McCourt’s letter from
the Bridgend/South Church Street Group has advised that they will also send ML their


F 7. Roads, parking, pavements

No update.




F 1. Citizen of the Year Nomination

Nominations for “Citizen of the Year” to be sought from the community (and be voted
on by members of the CCC). Announcement to be made at the beginning of January,
and voting to take place at the February meeting.



CCC December 2021 Minutes




F 2. Weather Impact/Future Planning


A discussion took place on bringing together the various organisations involved to
look at how they communicate with each other.

Several suggestions included:

  • CCC members to put down their initial thoughts on this subject (and some
    other CCs are doing that).

  • The possible benefits of combining Callander Climate Change Action Plan with
    Resilience Plan to make one bigger plan.

  • Having a meeting to get all the different groups together and pick up ideas
    from the different groups as to what they would be willing to do.

  • Looking at what the community can do (and what is practical to do, and what
    level of support should the community expect from the other agencies),

  • Looking at what can be done before events happen in order to mitigate the
    impact of events.

MG will collate and coordinate ideas from people (if they send ideas directly to him)
before the next meeting, and have this as a beginning of a plan.

BT plans to get rid of all analogue telephone lines and the need to oppose the
switching off of the analogue system in remote areas was discussed.

SSEN compensation payments have started to come through for Storm Arwen power


F 3. Public Meeting with relevant bodies (in relation to Stirling Council Area Forum
proposal survey)

This has been sent to everyone. It was agreed that this be returned individually
(rather than as a group).


F 4. Date of Next Meeting

10th January at 7.30 pm online



Actions Summary