Jan 2021 Minutes

CCC Minutes January 2021


Callander Community Council

Minutes of the meeting: Monday 11th January 2021
On-line meeting via Zoom

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH-Chair), David Shearer (DS- Vice-Chair), David
Moore (DM- Planning), Marilyn Moore (MM), Roger Watt (RW), Elaine Watterson (EW), Brian Luti
(BL), Mike Luti (ML), John Watson (JW), Richard Johnson (RJ), Moe Guertin (MG), Olga Watkins (OW).

Also in Attendance: Cllr Martin Earl (SC), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (SC), Helen Terry (HT-Town Co-
ordinator), Anne Docherty (AD), plus several members of the public

Apologies: Katarina Cech (Minute Taker), Lynne McKinley (Stirling Council senior community
development officer)

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden




A: Introductions and minutes



SH welcomed everyone to the meeting.


It was noted that Lynne McKinley (Stirling Council) could not attend the
meeting therefore SH proposed to postpone the Agenda item: “Matters
of Concern” to another date when Lynne McKinley could attend.


It was noted that the meeting was being recorded via Zoom. There was a
debate between councillors regarding the purpose of recordings from
meetings. It was noted that the recording of this meeting was purely for
the minute taking purpose until CCC gets clarification on recordings from


Declaration of interest: none



Due to the lack of time available to review the December CCC minutes,
councillors agreed to hold over the discussion and adoption of the
minutes until the next meeting. DM proposed it and DS seconded it.


SH to re-arrange
Matters of Concern


Secretary to distribute
December minutes

B: Visitors


Anne Docherty updated the position with public toilets following queries
from public. It was noted that public toilets are closed throughout the
Stirling Council area in accordance with government COVID guidelines
which were put in place on Boxing Day. AD clarified that she has been a
key holder of the Station Road toilets since 2010 and she opens the
toilets from 8am daily. Cllr Martin Earl noted that in the Stirling Council
area it is strange that public toilets are shut but recycling centres remain

open at this time. Councillors thanked AD for her commitment.




CCC Minutes January 2021




C: Reports


Office Bearers` reports

Written report submitted



Nothing to report



No report



No report



Planning application from Scottish Water was received to put water
bottle filling station in Ancaster Square. It was noted that the principle of
this application is welcomed but the level of information provided is
currently inadequate to enable anyone to make any rational decision. RJ
noted that the original McMichael drinking fountain which is placed to
the rear of St.Kessogs should be returned to its original location. DM said
he was happy to look at it.


Citizen of the year + Outstanding Citizen awards (RW)

CCC received 2 nominations for the citizen of the year:

  1. 1st nomination was made by Sue King. Nominees: students from
    McLaren High School who were involved in the FETCH team
    during the first lockdown.

  2. 2nd nomination was made by Douglas Allan. Nomination was for
    his neighbours, who were delivering meals all through the

Voting: 12 votes in favour of the FETCH nomination. The vote was


It was noted that all nominees should get a letter of congratulations
saying that they were nominated for Citizen of the Year. RW proposed
that the FETCH team could come back to us at a later meeting of CCC
with a proposal of how they could be recognised. RW also suggested a
public “Thank You” to all who helped the community of Callander to
keep going during the pandemic. RJ noted that in the past a certificate
had been presented to the Citizen of the Year and a letter sent to all
nominees. RJ also suggested a plaque erected in a prominent place in
recognition of everyone who had helped during the pandemic.


There was one nomination for Outstanding Citizen: Callum Menzies. This
was unanimously agreed. RJ suggested a Quaich be presented to Calum
with a suitable inscription.


RJ to circulate
suggestions for



CCC Minutes January 2021




Statutory Bodies:


Written report submitted


Stirling Council

Cllr Martin Earl noted that a lot of people had expressed their concerns
regarding the state of footpaths and how dangerous they were because
of the cold weather. The way the Stirling Council policy is structured says
that unless there is a prolonged period of severe cold weather forecast,
the chances of getting the footpaths gritted are very slim. Noted that he
would welcome any comments and thoughts from community
councillors (if they received any from residents) regarding the state of
footpaths during cold weather. If grit containers are full, people can help
themselves when they need it. It was also noted that the pavements are
generally in a very bad condition.


Cllr Martin Earl also asked community councillors to contact him if they
receive any notes from residents about the new brown and grey bins.
There has been some problems but he will sort this issue out as soon as
possible. MG noted that he had delivered a number of new bins to
households who had not received the new bins. Cllr Earl asked MG to
send him a note of what had happened.


Cllr Martin Earl also noted that he had sent a link to CCC with NHS Forth
Valley website regarding the vaccination programme and asked for it to
be circulated as wide as possible. There was also a link about a scam
message to do with the vaccination programme.


National Park

There will be National Park stakeholder forum for the Trossachs area on
Wednesday 13th January. This will include an update on what the officers
have been doing in preparation for the next visitor season and also an
opportunity for the communities to ask questions and raise any other


CCC Office bearers:

SH noted that Brian McKay had resigned on 20th December 2020 as
Treasurer and a member of CCC and Alex Mitchell had resigned on 7th
January 2021 as Secretary and a member of CCC. It was noted that both
people wanted their resignations to be read out at the meeting in full, if
needed or requested they could be appended to minutes, but they
should not be posted on either FB page or the website. SH read out both
resignation letters (Appendix 1 and Appendix 2).

SH said that new office bearers could be elected at this meeting or at a
future meeting. 11 members were in favour of voting for a new
Treasurer in this meeting and 1 member abstained. 7 members were in
favour of voting for a new Secretary at this meeting, 4 members were
against and 1 member abstained. Therefore, SH said that the elections

should proceed.


MG to send Cllr Earl a
note about bins



CCC Minutes January 2021





Post of Secretary:

Nomination: RJ - proposed by BL, seconded by ML. 7 votes were in
favour, 4 votes were against and 1 member abstained from voting. RJ
was therefore appointed as the CCC Secretary.


Post of Treasurer:

Nomination: EW - proposed by RJ, seconded by BL. 11 votes were in
favour, 1 member abstained from voting. EW was therefore appointed as
CCC Treasurer.


Minutes secretary

Councillors agreed unanimously that a payment for taking December
minutes should be send to KC by Brian McKay. SH authorised the
payment officially.


Facebook and Website

SH proposed MG to be responsible for managing the FB page and the
website. DM seconded it.


Payments to the FETCH scheme

HT has been in discussion with Ken Milligan about restarting the FETCH
scheme due to the current lockdown. This cannot be actioned at the
moment because CCC currently does not have anyone who can
administer the banking system. HT asked that this be resolved as soon as





BL outlined the current financial commitments (in round figures):

£10,000 to go toward CYP special changing facility

£4,500 to go towards Camp Place Play park

£50,000 ring-fenced for the special community project.

£15,000 left for future applications.


Camp Place Play park

MM submitted a written report and gave a further verbal update. A
survey for younger children play equipment and also for inclusive play as
been distributed. The survey was sent to Callander Primary School,
McLaren HS and Callander Nursery as well as copies posted on Our
Callander FB page, In Callander FB and Plus Forth Valley. The survey
closes on 22nd January 2021. Responses from it will go to SUEZ
application. Two additional grant applications have been submitted: one
for £40 000 and second one for £50 000. If successful in obtaining both
grants then the redesigned play park will be fully funded, apart from a
top-up of about £1000 needed to complete the repainting and cleaning

of both playparks: Camp Place (existing equipment which is going to be
retained) and Meadows Play Park.




CCC Minutes January 2021





St. Kessogs

EW submitted a written report. There has not been a working group
meeting since the last CCC meeting.



SH had attended a Bridgend, Grant Court and South Church Street flood
group meeting as a resident. Maria Lucey (Stirling Council flood officer)
had visited 10 properties in Bridgend which can potentially be affected
by flooding and discussed options for flood prevention.




Local Place Plan (LPP) - (HT)

HT and RW have worked on the research plan which will take LPP to the
end of 1st stage. There are series of processes and online tools which are
prescribed to use in this. The approach to broaden the net of who
contributes will be taken. Data from the last Callander Action Plan shows
that there are whole areas of Callander which didn`t take part. The plan
is to make a series of small focus groups (no more than 5 people) that
will be specifically targeted at groups of people, for example, people who
moved to Callander in the last 5 years, specific age groups, High School
pupils, parents of Primary School pupils and specific postcodes which
were not represented last time.

The next stage will be to get school children involved in prescriptive
exercises from Planning Advice Scotland (they will do an audit about the
quality and the quantity of the shops in the Main Street). It was noted
that Callander has the lowest convenience retail percentage in Scotland.
The idea is to start developing themes on 2-3 participative research
projects, then these themes will be put to the whole community.

Everyone will receive the paper copy of the final public consultation.
There will be also an online survey to fill in. During the1st stage only
people of Callander will be involved, not the statutory bodies. This stage
will probably take till the end of summer.

There will be only one person as a representative from each
organisation: CCC, CCDT, Callander PS, McLaren HS, Medical Practice,
McLaren Leisure Centre, CYP and CE. Those people will be checking
what`s been done and reporting back to HT.


RW noted that in HT`s report there was mentioned funding for a grant
impact of visitors (tourism) on towns who suffered- there was a
suggestion that either CCC will apply for this grant or if there is any other
organisation interested in doing that CCC will cooperate with them. He
requested CCC decide whether to agree the principle that an Airtricity
award might be made towards this process.

There was a discussion between councillors about potential funding
sources: application for a grant, Airtricity money, money from an old
bank account and Common Good Fund.


RW &HT to prepare
an estimate for EW on
what kind of funding
they are looking for.



CCC Minutes January 2021




Communication (RW)

RW submitted a written report. The document was accepted by all


Community Building (RW)

RW submitted a written document in three parts:

  1. What the community is:

    1. Community Population- age-groups, life-circumstances, location
      and social background

    2. Community Coming Together-community socialising, community
      places, community events

    3. Community Daily Life-Health and Well-being, education,
      commuting & transport, business

    4. Community Leisure- sports/exercise, arts, culture, heritage and
      natural environment

  2. Can we empower our community together more often?

  3. Can we bring our community together more often?


RW asked councillors to go through this document and get back to him
with comments.


Councillors to respond
to the document

F. Any Other Business


Extra meeting

SH proposed an extra meeting to look at those Matters of Concerns
stated in January`s Agenda. Vote: In favour:10, abstaining: 1, against:1.
SH to email all councillors and SC with some potential dates for this extra


Date of next meeting

8th February 2021


SH to contact
councillors and Stirling
Council about dates
for the meeting



CCC Minutes January 2021


Appendix 1:


document 1




CCC Minutes January 2021


Document 2



CCC Minutes January 2021


Appendix 2


Document 3