July 2021 Minutes

CCC July 2021 Minutes


Callander Community Council

Approved Minutes of the meeting: Monday 19th. July 2021
On-line meeting via Zoom

Community councillors present: Susan Holden (SH) – Chair, John Watson (JW) , Olga Watkins (OW),
David Moore (DM), Marilyn Moore (MM), Moe Guertin (MG).

Also in attendance: Ward councillors Martin Earl (ME), Jeremy McDonald (JM), Town Co-ordinator
Helen Terry (HT), plus several members of the public.

Apologies: None given

Abbreviations: All in attendance will be referred to by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community
Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the
Trossachs National Park; FLS= Forestry and Land Scotland; FOI = Freedom of Information; CC =
Callander Community.

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden






1. Introductions

SH welcomed all to the meeting and asked that the ‘Chat’ be used for any
questions. She stated that the meeting would focus on some of the items carried
forward from previous meetings.


SH stated that the recording of the meeting was to be used for purposes of the
minute-taking only.

Declarations of interest:

There were no declarations of interest.




1. Organisation

SH reported that since the last meeting on June 14th, there had been 4
resignations of community councillors - Brian Luti (BL), Mike Luti (ML), Roger
Watt (RW) and Richard Johnson (RJ). Their resignation letters will be appended
to the minutes. BL and ML have requested that their letters of resignation should
be read out and minuted at the next public meeting and this was done at the





CCC July 2021 Minutes



The paid minute-taker had also resigned after completing the initial version of
the 14.06 meeting minutes.


Since these resignations, SH stated that the remaining CC have worked with SC,
according to the Scheme of Establishment, to ensure that the CC followed the
rules and documentation appropriately and to reassure SC that the remaining
councillors were able to continue the work of the community council. There will
be a meeting in August to co-opt two new members and the format and voting
structure were explained.


ME stated that he was an ex-officio member of the CC, by virtue of being a ward
councillor and that in his personal opinion, perhaps it would be better to dissolve
CCC and hold fresh elections. He acknowledged that the remaining community
councillors were to be allowed to continue as community councillors and to seek
to co-opt new members to increase numbers. There was some discussion on this
by all community councillors and the consensus of opinion was that there was a
job to be done, they all worked well together and wanted to ‘get on with things’,
rather than stop the important work of the CCC whilst new elections were


Some of the community councillors were also of the opinion that the councillors
who had resigned had hoped to force the dissolution of CCC by resigning and
that this was not democratic.


JM asked the following questions:


  • What is the reaction to why the members had resigned?

  • What is the co-option process?

  • Would there be any conflict of interest with any of the co-optees who
    had applied to join CCC?


    SH replied that:


  • 5 members plus minute-taker had resigned for their own reasons and
    some had done so very publicly on social media and in the press. The
    remaining CC were shocked by some of the statements they had made
    and many of the accusations were incorrect. SH had not responded to
    these statements publicly as she stated that it would be counter-
    productive. She stated that if these members chose to leave, that was
    their decision.


  • 6 people had been approved by SC to apply to become co-opted
    members of CCC. They will each give a 5 minute presentation at a special
    co-option meeting on 9th. August 2021. At present, there are two
    vacancies for the CC. Following the presentations, the 6 full CCC
    members will each have two votes for the 2 vacancies. There needs to be
    a 2/3 majority ( 4 votes) for any candidate to be successful. Unsuccessful
    candidates will be encouraged to apply for Associate Membership of the




CCC July 2021 Minutes



  • “Conflict of interest” was discussed fully at the February 2021 Special
    Meeting and it was agreed by most people that it was the norm
    throughout Scotland to have CC/CCDT members on both committees. If
    an individual thinks that they may have a “ conflict of interest”, that
    individual should declare it.


2. Minutes of previous meetings

Monthly meeting 10th. May 2021 – the minutes were approved, proposed by
OW and seconded by DM

Monthly meeting 14th. June 2021 – the minutes were approved, proposed by JW
and seconded by MG

Special emergency meeting 27th. June 2021 – at this meeting, the resignations of
Brian Luti (L), Mike Luti (ML), Roger Watt (RW) and Richard Johnson (JR) were
discussed and accepted. JW was voted in as interim vice-chair, MM as interim
treasurer and OW as interim secretary. The minutes of this meeting were
approved, proposed by DM and seconded by OW.

Matters Arising:

May 10th. meeting: Included in subsequent discussion points.
June 14th. meeting: included in subsequent discussion points.
June 27th meeting: included in subsequent discussion points.






There were no invited guests





1. Community Council Office Bearers



Written report submitted.



No report submitted.



OW has agreed to write minutes for the meeting, helped by SH.


OW/SH to
write the
minutes of the





CCC July 2021 Minutes




MM stated that Elaine Watterson (EW) had handed over all documentation
following her resignation as treasurer. There was still a problem with changing
over signatories with the bank – this is being pursued.



DM reported no new planning applications since last meeting. There were
several approvals of previous applications. The planning report was accepted.




MG reported that the existing website was still in use, email communication had
been restored and the ZOOM account, which was not paid in July following the
resignations, had now been restored.


  1. Statutory Bodies:



    A written report was received. There were no comments


    Stirling Council (ME)

    No written report received.
    ME mentioned the following:

    • The community were to expect letters within a week or so, with details
      of changes to bin collections. There may also be changes to the days of
      the collections. DM queried the progress on change of collections from

    • Motorhome provision in Callander is being looked at – others will be
      reporting on this at the meeting.

    • Alcohol byelaw – still waiting to hear when it will be implemented

    • Roadworks in Callander – Scottish Water repairs need to be coordinated
      with other roadworks.

    • Speed bumps in Bridgend – no further forward . Any action will need the
      agreement of the Primary School Parents Council.


      JM added:

    • He was aware of new flooding plan proposals having been put forward to
      SC for discussion.

    • There would soon be a joint SC/NP meeting on the Callander Masterplan

      MM requested sight of the eventual report and queried possible effect on the

      HT welcomed a potential meeting.


      National Park (Martin Earl)


    • Bracklinn Bridge is to be replaced as soon as is practical

    • General water levels on Loch Venachar are reported by Scottish Water.


signatories to
be accepted
by the bank –


ME and SH to
raise speed
bumps again
with SC.


JM to report.



CCC July 2021 Minutes



3. Other Callander organisations:


Town Coordinator

HT discussed the LPP. The first focus group has already been held. The second
meeting, in September, will focus on those who have moved to Callander within
the last five years and Primary School parents.


HT reported that the High School would be keen on having pupil Associate


HT/SH to
follow up in
with High



1. Airtricity


BL has been in contact with Airtricity about handing over responsibility to CCC.
Awaiting further information from Airtricity.

2. Motorhomes

progress at
next meeting.

OW submitted a written report on two meetings that she attended. The first
meeting was with representatives of SC and NP and was productive.

ME stressed the importance of keeping up momentum through a Callander-
focussed group involving both SC and LLTNP.



follow up and

A member of the public asked about overnight parking on residential streets.

ME to follow

this up

3. Camp Place Play Park and BMX track


MM reported that Viridor Credit Application had been re-submitted, has been
validated and will be put forward to be judged. Has also submitted application
to NP Green Recovery Fund – waiting to hear the result of this.

MM update at
next meeting.

BMX track. A design proposal from Mark Nicols and DM will be put forward to SC
together with insurance details covering volunteers.


4. St. Kessogs


No representative now on this- will be discussed at next meeting

Discuss at
next meeting.

5. Environment


No representative now on this- will be discussed at next meeting.

Discuss at

next meeting.

6. Flooding


No representative now on this- will be discussed at next meeting.

SH mentioned importance of keeping in close contact with the Bridgend, South
Church Street, Grant Court flooding group who are in contact with SC. JM also

Discuss at
next meeting.



CCC July 2021 Minutes


mentioned RJ’s (individual) report being sent to SC and that CCC could still use
him as an expert on flooding, even though he was not a community councillor.


7. Roads, parking, pavements

No representative now on this- will be discussed at next meeting.

Discuss at
next meeting.



  1. Associate members: discussed as part of the Focus Group developments

  2. Minutes

SH suggested having a separate Action Point chart to act as a checklist at
the beginning of each meeting.


Date of next meeting

SH explained there would be two separate meetings on 09.08:

  • 7.00pm Co-option meeting

  • 8.00 pm Scheduled meeting
    SH thanked those who had attended.

The meeting closed at 21.20h