June 2021 Minutes

CCC Minutes June 2021


Callander Community Council

Approved Minutes of the meeting: Monday 14th June 2021
On-line meeting via Zoom

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH-Chair), Roger Watt (RW- Vice-Chair), Richard
Johnson (RJ- Secretary), David Moore (DM- Planning), Marilyn Moore (MM), Brian Luti (BL), Mike Luti
(ML), John Watson (JW), Olga Watkins (OW).

Also in Attendance: Cllr Martin Earl (SC), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (SC), Helen Terry (HT-Town Co-
ordinator), Katarina Cech (Minute Taker), plus several members of the public

Apologies: Police Scotland, Michelle Flynn (SC), Cllr Evelyn Tweed (SC), Moe Guertin (MG)

Abbreviations: All community councillors are referred to in these minutes by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community
Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the
Trosssachs National Park.

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden




A: Introductions and minutes


  1. Welcome-meeting structure

    SH welcomed everyone to the meeting. It was noted that the Zoom chat box can
    be used for any questions. Input from it will also be added to the minutes.

    Recording: SH asked for approval that the meeting be recorded for the purpose
    of Minute taking - all those present agreed.

    Declaration of specific interest:

    MM, on behalf of CE will abstain from any comments and voting on the website
    discussion, because of conflict of interest.


  2. Invited Visitors: Frank Park, Chair of CCDT
    RW asked four questions on behalf of CCC

    • Q1. What is the fundamental plan for 55 Main Street to be used for?

      Is it going to be used as a single let to a family or will it be used as
      multiple-person let?

    • Frank Park briefly explained the history of this application, and he
      said that at the beginning it was not sure whether it would be a
      residential, or a holiday let. He added it will be offered as single let,
      self-catering, with up to six people because it has three bedrooms.

    • Two sources of revenue:1. Sale of products and 2. revenue from
      letting upstairs

    • Q2. How might the VIC operate? A team of volunteers will be looking
      after it.

    • Q3. RW asked Frank Park if he is confident about his previous
      statement stating that the received income would be enough to run
      the VIC on a neutral financial basis? Mr. Park replied that he is




CCC Minutes June 2021




confident about that because they have a good basis to generate
enough revenue to cover any VIC costs.

  • Q4. What is the extent to which this represents another call on
    income which come into Callander generally?

  • There was a concern raised about booking the accommodation
    through VIC, which might disadvantage some other local businesses.
    Mr. Park reassured everyone that most bookings are done through
    the websites, such as booking.com, not through the VIC.

  • RJ noted that CCC has not had monthly reports from CCDT and also
    they should plan meetings together with CCDT and CE. It was noted
    that Brian McKay`s role as a CCC representative on CCDT was not
    filled after his resignation. SH apologised for this. It was noted that
    DM volunteered to send reports from CCDT.

  • It was agreed to have a discussion about the Hydro project in the

  • RW said that CCC and CCDT have different roles and we should
    respect each other.

  • Frank Park explained the history of the VIC. There was then some
    disagreement between Mr. Park and some councillors regarding the
    set up of the VIC board. A member of the public noted that the
    information about the VIC should be more available to the public.

  • RW suggested that more discussion about this is needed in the



DM to
reports from

up joint


3. Minutes of the previous meetings
May Minutes:

OW proposed delaying agreeing the minutes until CCC have discussed OW`s
email and amendments. DM & JW seconded that. BL suggested dealing with
them via email. Draft minutes to be carried forward. BL suggested getting them
adopted before the next meeting.

RJ made a general comment about the difficulty producing the May minutes
because the meeting was disjointed in so many parts. RJ appealed to everyone to
speak clearly and announce the numbers of votes after the voting.


LPP update and funding needs:

RW noted that the LPP has been progressing as planned. The steering group has
met and approved running focus groups. The first focus group, which will be a
trial one, is currently being organised. It will be working with people who
volunteer in Callander. After that, there will be a meeting of the steering group
to discuss how it went.

Consultation to be over by January 2022, final outcome by June 2022. The aim is
to distill the results and then the last step will be negotiation with SC and NP.

HT explained the approach they are taking is that the focus groups should reflect
the demographic structure of Callander. There are areas in Callander in which


May draft
to be carried
forward to
next (July)
meeting for


CCC Minutes June 2021


people do not engage, so it is important to get their opinions. We have to report
to NP as our planning authority, but any infrastructure actions come from SC, so
HT is investigating how to cope with this mismatch. The NP are interested in our
methodology. The results in the final paper must be deliverable.

BMX track: written report submitted, and MM gave a further update. MM had a
meeting with one of the SC people who would be involved in giving us
permission whether or not we can go ahead with it. She looked at where the
track had been identified and asked if a membrane will be put down underneath
the type 1 and the wind dust. As a result, this should reduce the number of
volunteers to keep it maintained. The SC representative is going to find out
whether or not they will be able to clear it for us. MM also asked about
contractor obligations in terms of bike accidents, and will ask about SC
responsibilities re insurance.

Motorhomes- written report submitted by OW. Date re the joint SC/NP meeting:
Cllr ME has not heard anything. Kenny Auld (NP), David Hopper (SC)- have a plan
for a wider forum meeting, not specific to Callander. Clarification needs to be
sought because we need a specific motorhomes provision for Callander and the
subgroup has to be included. We need to welcome motorhomes, but also to
manage them. It was noted that Callander needs a specific plan. We need to
keep in mind that this is going to be very expensive and we have to have a plan
ready to pay for it. OW noted that there will be grants to look at in a long term.
DM noted that there is a planning application for Callander Woods Caravan Park-
to change 33 travelling motorhome caravan pitches to become 33 static caravan

Website proposal and planning: Developing website: RJ noted that the proposal
CCC had voted on and agreed to at the last meeting was to develop a new
website as per report. Therefore RJ continued developing a skeleton website.

There was a discussion about the voting at the last meeting re developing the
new website. There seemed to be a misunderstanding about the proposal and
voting. Those who proposed and seconded the proposal agreed with RJ but other
councillors disagreed. MG is on holiday and it was agreed that he should be
involved as he is the current website manager.

Coat of Arms use proposal: the proposal was that we make more use of the Coat
of Arms. Cllr Jeremy McDonald mentioned that RJ could speak to Economic
Development SC about how that might be applied in other places to promote
Callander. Some councillors supported RJ`s proposal but no decision was made.

HT to discuss
with SC and


MM to update
at next



chase meeting
date with


Discuss with


Carry forward.




Written report submitted and SH gave a further update. Various meetings
attended concentrated on roads, parking, new signs for Meadows Car Park, new
toilets signs, painting of the entrance and exit in the Meadows Car Park will be
improved. Also still ongoing discussions with residents of Invertrossachs South
Loch Venachar how to resist camp fires and trees cut down, etc .

Re Bracklinn Bridge- Cllr Martin Earl`s understanding is that there were some
fundamental issues with the design, but we have to wait for a report from NP to



CCC Minutes June 2021


confirm the details. BL expressed his concerns that someone has failed in their
responsibility to maintain the bridge and as a consequence there is a possibility
that we are going to lose it and a lot of money is going to be wasted.

No report


  • any communication that CCC wants to make (copies of Agenda, Minutes
    and to make contact with any SC officers) into SC- have to be directed
    through the new community section at

  • Police report has been missing for the last couple of months. They were
    sending it to the old email address, RJ has apologised to them and this
    month`s report was sent to the new email address

  • GlenArtney Deer Management Group asked if there are any deer
    management issues in the Callander area. RJ asked ML to deal with that.

  • RJ contacted Evelyn Tweed after the elections- to confirm that she will be
    continuing as a Stirling Councillor and our new MSP.

  • A letter about the condition of the Cycle foot path at Keltie Bridge was
    received. There is a problem with the path, with depth and drainage
    issues. Cllr ME has been in touch with Kenny Auld (NP) and with
    Cambusmore Estates and there is a plan to put some drainage ditches
    there and slightly raise the level, which should resolve the problem.

  • RJ had received EW`s resignation letter. BL stated that a letter of thanks
    should be sent to EW for all her hard work. CCC thanked her for all her
    hard work over the past years.

  • A letter of resignation from DS is needed for SC. JW will contact him to
    write a letter of resignation for the record.



EW had resigned as CC councillor and Treasurer. SH will email everyone asking
for their nominations re new Treasurer.


Written report submitted.
Website Manager: no report
Statutory Bodies:


Report received

BL asked if we could write a note to the Police asking them to deal with
motorbikes being parked on North Ancaster Square. Councillors agreed. RJ also
asked if CCC could look back at the proposal from last year about making use of
street furniture to position it to block parking on North Ancaster Square.

SH/ Cllr Earl
follow up with


ML to report.


JW will
contact David
Shearer to
write a letter
of resignation.


CC Follow up



CCC Minutes June 2021


Stirling Council


Cllr Jeremy McDonald gave a brief update on the Covid plan- there will be
consultation with the local community; finance and economy-talking about
making Stirling City Centre dementia friendly and how we can get further money
for Callander and other communities. It is good to see progress on St Kessogs.

Cllr Jeremy McDonald thanked EW and DS for all the hard work they have done
for CCC.


National Park


Board meeting had happened that day- the whole ministerial change which
would impact NP. The biggest item is sustainable transport.


NP was identified as one of the five strategic NPs in Scotland. There is a lot of
seasonal ranger deployment at the moment. Meetings take place every Monday
between SC, NP and Police. There is a national shortage of seasonal rangers.


The new core-path plan was officially adopted, with over 800 km of core-paths
identified within the NP area. Cllr ME will send the report to the Secretary.


Future Nature report- this is a road map restoring some of the biodiversity loss
and the natural environment across the Park. Cllr ME will email it to the
Secretary who will pass it on to CC councillors.



RJ has been in touch with Susan Brooks (NP) about the Local Development Plan:

the consultation was meant to start in 2020 but because of Covid and new
regulations, the plan has been delayed, but the consultations with community

councils will be starting very soon.


RJ asked Cllr ME if there are any reports about camping management zones. It
was included in the three year review document which was sent out to Scottish
Ministers in early 2020- RJ noted that it has been very successful document.

Cllr Earl will


Other Callander organisations:


CE- written report submitted.


Town Coordinator- written report was submitted and HT gave a quick update.
The BLV article had stated that the LPP website will offer a public forum
comment section. This is not correct, there will be a public comment section but
towards the end of the consultation. HT suggested including air quality, traffic,
foot path and cycle track monitoring and emailed Shaun Marley but has not had
any reply.




Airtricity (BL)

No report

CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCA grant application will be completed for the
fencing from Awards of All. SC gave their permission to go ahead with it.

The Viridor Credits application requires three identical quotes. As one current
supplier only provides equipment, a new supplier has been identified and a site

meeting was held. The new supplier has now provided costs and a design. The





CCC Minutes June 2021


other two quotes need to be amended so all three align. This grant application
has been held over until July, their next deadline date.

A Community Pride application has been successful and CCC have been awarded

£1500 for wet pour surfacing for the toddler/inclusive area. Money was already
paid to CCC.

The DDA path was put down. It was taken to where the fence for the inclusive
play area will be. This was done by the same contactor who will be doing the play

Cleaning of the retained equipment at Camp Place has happened and painting
will follow. Cleaning and painting of the Meadows play park equipment will

The junior area will hopefully be starting in summer and finished hopefully at the
end of the year if the rest of the money is assured. If not, that will be to follow.

St. Kessogs

It was noted that the information trail is not very good. Date of the next meeting
is planned for Friday 18th June 2021. Cllr JM noted that a report about St.Kessogs
had been received which talks about four different configurations to the
building. There needs to be consultation on the best way it could be done.

Environment (ML)

No report but there was a concern raised that there is lack of support from SC re
bike route between Doune and Callander. This issue was directed to Cllr JM.

Flooding (RJ)

RJ came up with a rough plan regarding flooding in the main river which he
described to CCC. He explained two reasons why the River Teith floods: 1.
because there is a lot of water in the river and 2. because of the constrictions in
the river channel. It cannot get through the gap between the mounds of ground
just upstream of the Red Bridge. The water cannot get away fast enough so
backs up and floods the Meadows and spills into the carpark and round into the
back of Bridgend. The water which does get through the bridge is just too much
for the channel downstream of the bridge, so floods out in a few places and
affects a few properties.

The current plan is to move the constriction slightly upstream and use it to
control the amount of water flowing under the bridge. The constriction will be
two bunds, grass covered earth banks, which extend from the high ground at
Invertrossachs Road over to the high ground in the Meadows next to the putting
green. The bunds would not meet, there will be a gap between them. The gap
will be designed so that it limits the flow of water to the rate which just does not
flood downstream properties. It was noted that the construction of earth bunds
should withstand the weight of water, the water stores upstream of Callander
and is let through in the controlled manner, so it does not flood the Meadows
car park, Bridgend and any houses downstream of the Red Bridge. To make it
even better, flood banks could be designed.

RJ will be needing help with promoting the plan. Cllr JM asked about the costs
involved and how the idea could be explored further. Scottish Government and


Update to be




RJ to circulate
draft to CCC
following the




CCC Minutes June 2021


SC need to be consulted. The round cost suggested by SC for the wall which
protects the Meadows area is about £4 million. Constructing bunds and flood
embankments etc will be approximately £1 million.

RJ to report
on meetings
with SC.

There was a question about visualisation of this project: RJ had done a
PowerPoint presentation just giving the outline, to be circulated after the
meeting. We need somebody who will do the visualisation of bunds, etc. RJ
asked for help to produce those visualisations.


Consultations with landowners and SC- ML offered to go and speak with them on
behalf of CCC to see what their views might be. It was noted that there should
be a meeting with CCC and the public to discuss the project as soon as possible.


Regular roads and traffic reporting


BL offered to take over the parking strategy role. He will also try to organize

Action RJ/ML.

regular roads reporting.



Action BL.



Associate members- ideas, focus area, action

This issue will be dealt with at the next meeting.


Carry forward.

F. Any Other Business
Citizen of the Year Award

This issue will be dealt with at the next meeting.

Climate change Project

This issue will be dealt with at the next meeting.

Community Engagement Strategy

This issue will be dealt with at the next meeting.

SH will send some suggestions to all councilors. All in agreement.


Carry forward.


Carry forward.


Carry forward.

Date of next meeting

12th July 2021