March 2021 Minutes

CCC Minutes March 2021


Callander Community Council

Minutes of the meeting: Monday 8th March 2021
On-line meeting via Zoom

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH-Chair), David Shearer (DS- Vice-Chair), Richard
Johnson (RJ- Secretary), Elaine Watterson (EW- Treasurer), David Moore (DM- Planning), Marilyn
Moore (MM), Roger Watt (RW), Brian Luti (BL), Mike Luti (ML), John Watson (JW), Moe Guertin
(MG), Olga Watkins (OW).

Also in Attendance: Cllr Martin Earl (SC), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (SC), Cllr Evelyn Tweed (SC), Helen
Terry (HT-Town Co-ordinator), Katarina Cech (Minute Taker), plus several members of the public

Apologies: Police Scotland, Michelle Flynn (SC)

Abbreviations: All community councillors are referred to in these minutes by their initials.
CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community

Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; ICO = Information Commissioner’s Office ; LPP = Local Place

Plan; CYP = Callander Youth Project; NP = Loch Lomond and the Trosssachs National Park.

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden




A: Introductions and minutes


1.Welcome-meeting structure

SH welcomed everyone to the meeting. It was noted that the Zoom chat box can
be used for any questions and input from it will also be minuted.

Procedures: RJ noted that people should speak clearly and if the vote is taken,
the person who organised a vote states numbers in favour, against and

Recording: SH asked for approval that the meeting be recorded for the purpose
of Minute taking - all those present agreed.

Declaration of interest: DS noted that he had an interest in anything concerning
the Leisure Centre. DM is a current Trustee of McLaren Leisure Centre and has an
interest in the item on the Airtricity Grant. MM noted that she is a spouse of one
of the directors of McLaren Leisure Centre and therefore she will abstain from
voting. OW declared an interest as she is married to one of the Trustees of
McLaren Leisure. BL noted that he took legal advice on this many years ago and
those who are married or friends of board members (trustees) of another
organisation do not have to declare an interest.


SH stated that DS has resigned from the position of the Vice-Chair of CCC but will
remain a community councillor. SH thanked DS for his work and support. BL
acknowledged the amount of work DS did and still does regarding the roads.


RJ will contact
SC to clarify



CCC Minutes March 2021





Nomination: RW was proposed by BL, seconded by EW. Voting: 11 in favour,
none against. RW was therefore appointed as CCC Vice-Chair.


2. Minutes of the previous meetings
February Minutes:

The following changes to the draft minutes were noted and agreed:
Police Scotland budget- £60 million instead of £16 million

Airtricity- delete “£1500” for the Camp Place Play Park and substitute with £4500

Page 17 starting from Aim paragraph up to end of page 18 is repeated in page

Page 9- incorrect spelling Claish Farm.

Page 2- first paragraph should say October, November and December Minutes.

Page 5- ML asked if CCC members agree with the CCDT sentence as it was
written in the February Minutes on page 5. MM noted that she had not been
part of CCDT in 2010 so she can`t prove or disprove. But MM is happy to accept
it. DM noted that he is happy to offer a personal apology and is very happy to
look into it. SH agreed with DM. RW noted that he had been on CCC at that time
and he was very sceptical about that project at that time as he felt that CCC then
needed to look at the finances involved.

With the above changes the minutes were approved: proposed by DM and
seconded by JW.


BL statement from February Meeting- BL noted that he is still waiting for the
ZOOM recording from December meeting. SH noted that she will send it to BL.

ICO response: EW noted that she had not received a reply from ICO regarding
the recording of Zoom meetings. She had contacted them again by phone and
explained to them that she has not had a reply and went through the scenario of
what happens in CCC with them again. The officer advised that what CCC did is
common practice under the current circumstances. There was one suggestion
made that any person who objects to being included in a recording could use a
filter within Zoom e.g. switch to audio only, change screen name or as a last
resort, if they still object, leave the meeting.

EW proposed that recordings will be made available to the CC councillors and to
members of the community on request with password protection and recordings
will be kept until the next meeting.

OW contacted ICO in a personal capacity but has not received a reply. suggested
OW an amendment to EW`s proposal, that CCC will add a restriction that a
recording cannot be forwarded to other people. However, OW agreed to
recordings being sent to the Minute Taker and CC councillors.



SH to send BL
copy of the


EW to write
they would
like about the
use the CCC
could make of



CCC Minutes March 2021




There was a discussion between councillors who expressed their opinions but no
decision was reached.



It was proposed that Olga Watkins be admitted to full membership of CCC
following attendance at three meetings since her co-option.

Proposer: MG, seconded by DS. Voting: 9 in favour. OW was admitted as a full
member of CCC.




  1. Local Place Plan

    HT gave an update on the progress with the LPP. There is an easy
    understandable version of the research plan which was circulated to the Steering
    Group and CCC. Next step is to set up a Zoom meeting with people on the
    Steering Group and find out if they have any specific issues that they want to
    raise. Andy Tatnell agreed to act as a facilitator.

    Focus groups will be drawn from the following residents:

    1. Newcomers. People who have moved to Callander within the past 5

    2. Young families with children at primary school

    3. Older families with children at high school

    4. Callander residents aged 65+ or retired, recognising those who live with

    5. Residents living in SIMD data zones 12, 13,14,15 and 16 – this will be
      refined later

    6. Single residents – mixed age groups

    7. High School pupils from senior years

    8. Business owners – proportional representation, not all B&B owners

    9. Volunteers

These focus groups will be set up and approached, then the feedback from those
focus groups will be a starting point for much wider community consultation.

How will we reward the people who are involved in doing this? We would like to
arrange a fee for the professional who would be leading focus groups. We should
also reward the focus group people as a thank you for their work possibly by
giving them a voucher which they can use in one of the hospitality outlets in the
town. RW will talk about that to CE. RW asked CCC to note these costs are
becoming real and we need to think about how we are going to meet them by
the next meeting.

RW noted that we need to make sure that farmers and landowners will fit in
later on. Member of the public asked if “Empty Nesters” could be included.

There was a question asked what SIMD data zones 12-16means. HT explained
that SIMD stands for Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Callander is divided
into several areas. Numbers 12,13,14 and 15 are the main divisions within


All to consider
with the
of the LPP.


CCC Minutes March 2021




Callander. One area in Callander (Camp Place, Menteith Crescent and over to
some of the Lagrannoch) falls into the most deprived in Scotland. Member of the
public asked when the SIDM zones were last checked. HT clarified that 2020 was
the latest dataset. HT also noted that the zone is in the lower 20% but included
factors such as access to transport, educational attainment and unemployment/
universal credit.


  1. Climate and Community Project

    RW reported on progress. Callander and its community and its landscape
    demonstrate very vividly how climate matters. The vision is to build a visitor
    offering that focuses on the ways in which climate affects our community:
    human habitation and human activity.

    The vision is built from a set of component facilities:

    1. Trails and Tours

    2. Observatories- specific locations from which different themes can be
      experienced. One or more wooden towers lifting visitors high above the
      tree canopy to experience weather and understand how it affects the
      area, to observe human activity within the area and understand how it is
      limited by landscape and climate and to see how previous climates and
      possible future climates have shaped the landscape.

    3. The Climate and Community Centre

    4. A lift of some futuristic type

      ML supported RW`s ideas and expressed his views about the project. RJ
      proposed including natural flood management in Climate and Community Project
      and is happy to help. Callander is ideally placed to implement natural flood
      management. It would be an excellent place to demonstrate how floods are
      generated. There were also points made about rivers and how the land and
      water were managed in the past and how things are not managed in the same
      way now and why.

      At the last meeting, RW asked members of CC councillors to explore the online
      presence for The Sill, Northumberland “ National Discovery Centre” for

      The next steps: the vision needs to be developed into a firm project.

  2. Community Building

    RW asked what is the function of the CCC? It is here to ascertain, coordinate and
    present the views of the community to statutory bodies.

    We have been establishing what Community Building might mean. We found out
    who our community is: RW chose to break it into four ways:

    1. Who is our population?

    2. What makes us a community?

    3. Daily life

    4. The way we spend our leisure time.

CCC is asked to discuss the contributions and how they change the picture of the
community. CCC is also asked to consider the following proposal: at a special


RW to
develop to a



CCC Minutes March 2021




meeting before the next AGM, we should discuss our own individual links to the

Comments: AGM to take place as soon as possible when it is allowed to have a
live meeting. It was unanimously agreed that AGM should be done as a live
meeting, not as a Zoom meeting. RW suggested a “preparatory” meeting where
CCC will talk about the work they have to engage with over the coming year and
in which they identify what we personally would be able to bring to that work in
the context of work which we can ascertain, coordinate, and present the views
of our community. It was noted that it could be a meeting between CC
councillors. It was unanimously agreed. RW would like to lead this meeting. DM
suggested to have a Zoom meeting to sort out meeting protocols as we come out
of lockdown.

7. Organising CC activities: focus groups, wider membership, joint meetings,
potential AGM date

Focus groups need to be made more precise and have tasks and objectives. CCC
needs to be much more cross-generational with much wider mixture of
experience and interest. SH thinks that focus groups should not be set in stone.
As we see a need in the community, then maybe we can bring people into a
focus groups for a short amount of time with a specific objective with their
experience and interest.

Associate Membership (EW)

EW wrote a paper about Associate Members which talks about finding a way of
encouraging participation by younger members of the community to get more
involved. It could be people who have professional skills or are enthusiastic to
take a short term project forward. CCC needs to be able to communicate better
with the community for example through articles in BLV and also through the
social media. There was also a discussion about providing information about CC
councillors on the website.

There was a proposal that the CCC should openly welcome Associate Members.
Proposed by DS, seconded by ML.

The question arises as to how we find such members. CCC could advertise via
social media, BLV and website. EW noted that she is happy to provide her
contact details if anyone is interested, she is also happy to write something for
the website and is happy to then distribute details to CCC members.





Written report submitted.


RJ submitted written report and circulated a list of correspondence. He received
five letters/ emails of complaints to the CCC. RJ contacted SC to ask for help and
advice. He was advised to pass all complaints to the CCC Vice-Chair.


RJ will pass
complaints to
the newly



CCC Minutes March 2021





EW submitted written report and gave a further update. EW received a
confirmation from Bank of Scotland that she was successfully registered for
internet banking, just waiting for the card and card reader to come through. EW
arranged to collect all relevant material from the previous Treasurer.

WEBSITE: The future of CCC website was discussed. EW raised a concern the
contract with CE in which it is stated that CCC is not being permitted to post on
the website without permission of CE. The fee is £105 per quarter. EW thinks
that CCC should look at stand alone website. DS agreed with EW. Firstly, CCC
should decide whether the website will be interactive or just purely informative.
CC councillors agreed that they should start looking at where to focus and what
it is going to be used for. Hybrid model of website could be also taken into
consideration: somebody else will set it up but CCC will run and update it. JW
noted that CCC should find a local business to help with setting up a website, to
support locals during pandemic.

FETCH: £24.50 was spent. EW proposed if there is not a further uptake until 31st
March 2021 that CCC will suspend it. All councillors unanimously agreed.

BANK STATEMENTS: MG noted that statements are still being sent to a previous
treasurer, he will collect Lloyd bank statements after this meeting and pass them
to EW.


DM submitted written report and gave a further update.

Forest Lodge Development of twelve new Eco lodges- a planning application was
put in two years ago. When it was put in, CCC put objections to NP because of
accessibility about this development. NP has now received assurances from
Forest Lodge Development that they will produce access free and wheelchair
access to every single one of the twelve units. It has also been written into the
consent for this development that a fully worked up accessibility plan has to be
agreed before any work starts on site.

Statutory Bodies:


Written report submitted

Stirling Council

Cllr Evelyn Tweed noted that RW made some very good points and suggestions
during his presentations. She also thanked CC councillors for their work.

Meeting with NP: Cllr Evelyn Tweed asked NP what it is looking for from SC for
the forthcoming summer season: to raise with SC enforcement officers-
confirmation from SC received; uplift of additional litter- waiting to hear about

Space for people proposals- SC is consulting, people will have a chance to say
how they feel about the proposals. The officers are quite keen to extend the


EW to
CCC web site



CCC Minutes March 2021




proposals for the whole of Main Street in Callander and review everything after
an 18 months period. Hopefully that whole part can be made 20mph after the 18
months period.

Questions: How much enforcement will there be? It is more unlikely to have
cameras in place. But when 20mph is put in place, we will have to raise
something with the Police in terms of enforcement. BL noted that 20mph will be
a difficulty for emergency vehicles and the crews, it might take too long for them
to arrive at an incident. This should be taken into the consideration. It is about
finding the right balance.

SH asked BL to summarize it in writing and send it to her before this is reinforced
so that she can pass it on to Carlyn Fraser from SC.

Cllr Martin Earl gave an update: Enforcement officers: 75% of the available
resource will be going to a seven days shift pattern from the beginning of the
new financial year. Six more enforcement officers will be employed full time.

Community Parking Management Plan- has been delayed because of no budget.
Cllr Martin Earl advised CCC to look at that, identify some specific projects, (areas
in Callander which need attention and cannot wait for delayed Community
Parking Management Plan), they want to progress and have that conversation
with Carlyn Fraser SC.

Static speed cameras- are not put in for preventative measures, they are put in
as reactive measures. The national criteria across Scotland for them to be
applied has to be data led (the more incidents, accidents and reports you get to a
location, the higher up on the list you go where you might get a camera).

Road works A84- third section- from box junction up to North end of Callander-
are not going to take place as quickly as BEAR officers expected.

Motorhomes: There was a discussion about motorhomes. MM noted that we
should encourage motor homes to park at Station Road car park but we also
need to provide facilities there for them. Cllr Martin Earl noted that this should
be detached from Community Parking Management Plan (which is delayed)
because Callander cannot wait. All councillors unanimously agreed that DS will
pursue this. OW will liaise with MM. It was also noted that there should be a
waste disposal unit for motorhomes to use in Callander.

National Park

NP board meets next Monday- the board papers are available, there is a specific
one on visitor management which details the joint working with the recovery
group and some of the work between Police, SC and NP officers. It is a very
informative report worth reading. Cllr Martin Earl noted that there will be
another forum follow-up meeting at the end of March 2021.

Callander organisations:
Callander Landscape Partnership

Written report submitted.


BL to get the
and prepare
report, from
people who
are involved
to provide
him with
actual figures.


DS to pursue
idea of
motor homes
parking area



CCC Minutes March 2021




Callander Enterprise
Written report submitted.
Town Coordinator

HT submitted written report and gave a further update. FOI request was
submitted on 16th December 2020 and SC have failed to meet the deadline of
15th February 2021 and have failed to respond to HT`s emails reminding them of
their obligation to either provide documentation or explain the delay. HT will
email the information about the FOI request to Cllr Martin Earl and he will make
a direct inquiry straight to Chief Executive Officer.

HT noted that CCC is not registered with GDPR. HT thinks that CCC should
register. It can be done online. The cost is £35.





  1. Leisure Centre application for £7500- there was a discussion about
    whether to award money or not. There was a suggestion to collate all
    questions and send them to Trish Thompson (from McLaren Leisure
    Centre) by the end of the week and get her to reply and take a decision
    from that via email. All CC councillors agreed.

  2. Jazz and Blues Festival application for £3850. There was a suggestion to
    ask them why they want to use McLaren Hall not the CYP facility.

SH asked all CCC members to send BL any questions about those applications.

Camp Place Play Park

MM noted that FCC has granted a maximum award of £40 000 towards Camp
Place Play Park. However, we are still awaiting a grant of £50 000. If full funding
is not available, there are several design options to pursue:

  1. keep the original design but reduce the amount of new equipment and
    then seek money later on to purchase each piece of equipment
    separately so we gradually build it up

  2. Reduce the overall plan to meet the money available

  3. Mix of two above options

MM would appreciate any thoughts and comments from CCC.
To obtain further funds there are options:

  1. pursue any further smaller grants through SC if any are available?

  2. CCC can apply for further grants but we would not have the benefit of
    saving VAT

  3. pursue smaller grants through other local organisations (CCDT,CE)

  4. request community support

MM asked for approval to continue pursuing all these various options. All
councillors unanimously agreed.


All to send BL




CCC Minutes March 2021




BMX Track

After the last CCC meeting, David King offered services of his building company
to help with clearing the BMX Track, re-sculpturing it and resurfacing. There is
now negotiation with SC to make sure that there are adequate insurances put in
place. MM has to obtain community approval and support for the project, so a
survey will be put out. MM asked CCC support in this- all councillors unanimously

Regarding public liability insurance for the work MM noted that she will make
more inquiries about whether it is necessary and why CCC should need it and
what CCC should need it for. MM also noted that they were overwhelmed by the
response from the community offering help regarding clearing out the BMX


Environment/ Flooding

ML asked for CCC permission to write to NP about Bracklinn Bridge asking for
sight of the inspection report. All councillors unanimously agreed.

Lesley Hawkins would like to set up a multi-agency and community group (reps
from Forest and Land Scotland, CCDT, CCC, Callander Countryside and others
who are interested to join) to pursue works regarding Coihallan Wood in a
community manner. ML asked CCC permission to join this group to represent
CCC. All councillors unanimously agreed.

ML asked for CCC permission to write to FLS Woodland officer in Perth asking
them to support Lesley Hawkins project idea.

St. Kessogs

EW submitted a written report but was not able to give any further update as
CCC Zoom meeting session had finished.


MM to


ML to write to


ML to write to

F. Any Other Business

All CC councillors unanimously agreed to send a message of recognition, ongoing
support and sympathy to Dunblane Community on the 25th Anniversary of the
Dunblane Tragedy.

Bridgend Speed Cushions- this item was not discussed during the CCC Zoom
meeting because there was not enough time before the session finished.

However, it was discussed in the chat box during the meeting between RW and
members of the public who think that this issue needs to be addressed urgently.
RW asked everyone to email him regarding this issue.


Date of next meeting

12th April 2021