April 2022 Minutes

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Callander Community Council

Approved minutes of the meeting: Monday 11th April 2022 Hybrid Meeting (Live/Zoom)

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH) – Chair, John Watson (JW), Olga Watkins (OW), David Moore (DM), Marilyn Moore (MM), Moe Guertin (MG), Bev Field (BF), David King (DK), and Ray Watkins (TRW).

Also in attendance: Crawford Bell (CB) – SC representative, Jeremy McDonald (JM) – Ward Councillor, Town Co-ordinator Helen Terry (HT), Regine Watson (RW) – minute taker, plus several members of the public.

Apologies: Timothy Crone (TC) – associate member, Martin Earl (ME), Evelyn Tweed (ET)

Abbreviations : All in attendance will be referred to by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; FLS= Forestry and Land Scotland; FOI = Freedom of Information; CC = Callander Community, BLV = Ben Ledi View.

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden





Welcome and Structure

SH advised that this was a semi-live meeting, and that the hope was for the next meeting to be fully live. This semi-live meeting was a pilot/experiment, with some people attending on-line, and some attending in the room.

SH apologised personally that some of the information sent out had not been accurate in relation to the requirements of McLaren Leisure Centre for people to register to attend online in advance and emphasised that the requirements of CCC

had not changed.


Recording for Minute Taker & Meeting Protocols

The meeting was being recorded for the purposes of minute taking only.


Apologies, Members of the public present, & Minute Taker

Apologies received from Ward Councillors Martin Earl, and Evelyn Tweed and Timothy

Crone - associate member.


Agenda Items – Declarations of specific interest

There were no declarations of specific interest. SH highlighted that the AGM would follow on from the meeting, and the section on voting for office bearers would be

chaired by CB.




Minutes of the previous meeting

Meeting date amendment (in Matters Arising) should have been 14/2/22 (not 14/1/22).

The draft minutes from March 14th meeting were proposed by DM, seconded by BF, and unanimously approved.


Matters Arising

  • EGM 9th. March Minutes Adoption: proposer/seconder

Proposed by MM, seconded by TRW, and unanimously approved.





  • St Kessogs Working Party Update (TC)

A short written report had been submitted by TC. DM advised at a recent Callander Partnership meeting, that there was a clear assurance from Steven MacDonald that Stirling Council were proceeding urgently with a review of the business plan, and would do this dependent on a wide-ranging survey of people locally, especially local businesses to establish a good business base for the project going forward. There were no questions.

  • Flooding Community Engagement Plan (SH)

Stirling Council were on schedule for putting the feedback to various options on flooding, which they put on their website, and which was also available in the library. They were now working through those options, and were going to comment on those proposals by the end of May, then progress with a series of public meetings to enable the public to comment on the various options, which by then would have been fully costed. The CCC had emphasised to Maria Lucey (SC) the importance of sticking to the schedule of public consultations, and informing of any possibly delay in advance. Maria has agreed to this.

  • Resilience Plan: brief summary of comments to date (MG)

MG advised there had been 4 responses so far, and he had collated a draft document. SH asked people to give their input and suggestions to MG to add to the Resilience Plan. TRW offered to assist MG with this.

  • Stirling Council Motorhomes Pilot Project (OW)

A written report had been submitted by OW – a meeting took place with Killin CC, and it was felt that the pilot study suggested by Stirling Council was of very limited value due to the lack of service provision. The preference was to wait until services were in place before going ahead with the pilot. Funding was being sought for this project.

  • LPP Update (HT)

In the final questionnaire, there would be 35 questions, which had come from suggestions in the first survey, and would run from 1/5-30/6/22. This would be available online and in hard-copy from the library.

HT talked about linking in with Killin and Aberfoyle to look at the possibility of a Community Transport Initiative. She highlighted a general feeling in the community that the current stock was inadequate, and scheduling was appalling. She wanted to take this forward, working with Killin and Aberfoyle, ahead of the final Place Plan survey, as this was the most contentious aspect of the survey, and the one which people were most dissatisfied with. She proposed going to SC to open a public participation, which would mean SC would need to listen and look at this. She discussed proposals for an updated route, with bike storage to be included, and the overall arrangement working for both residents and tourists. HT confirmed that the buses would be wheelchair-accessible, with the exact routes to be confirmed.

SH asked people to send comments to HT on the detailed routes and things to be discussed, and for HT to inform the CCC when the next discussion with the other places involved would take place. HT stated there was a lot of data to be sought before routes could be decided. SH asked HT to write down and circulate the details of her plan/proposals.

  • Bracklinn Bridge Update (AW/SH)

Alasdair Wylie’s report had been submitted and circulated to CC members present. SH highlighted that the NP had agreed to provide the CCC with a monthly report.

AW had nothing further to add, except to highlight that efforts had been made with the NP to accept community involvement, but NP had ‘made it clear’ that they were not interested in involving the community on this. The NP had scheduled the

completion of the bridge by the end of 2022 with agreed financial backing. SH talked





about the need for real communication from the NP, and the strong feeling that the community should be allowed to comment on plans when they became available. AW had highlighted concerns in relation to inadequate safety barriers at the site of the old bridge and SH would write to the NP to highlight these concerns. It was suggested that a clear safety notice be put in the Visitor Centre. The NP had a specific Callander Visitor Management plan, and MM suggested that Bracklinn Bridge and the safety surrounding it be added to this. SH to push this forward. SH and AW to follow up with the NP, and information to be distributed as and when it became available.

  • Disposable Barbecues (BF)

BF had circulated a letter to local businesses recently, and had received one set of responses. Once she has received more responses, she would contact them again to encourage them to stock re-useable, rather than disposable, barbecues.


Election of Co-opted Member as a Full Member

TRW was co-opted over 3 months ago and had attended 3 full meetings. The proposal was that TRW now became a full member of the CCC. MG proposed, and MM seconded. A vote took place, and 7 CCC members voted in favour, with 1

abstention (OW). SH welcomed TRW as a full member.


Applications for new Co-opted and Associate Members

SH emphasised the need for more CCC members and to endeavour to open up the CCC membership to all sectors of the community. As soon as possible, CCC would seek applications for co-opted members. CCC would also seek applications for Associate Members, asking applicants to state their area of interest. This would be

done after the local elections had taken place.




There were no invited guests.




Community Council Office Bearers Chair

Written report submitted.

JM reported that there appeared to be a lack of information on how to arrange for refugees to obtain benefits, national insurance numbers, schools, etc and that a member of the public had stated to him that he felt SC should be helping more efficiently with that.

Callander Kirk Hall will be available for use by Ukrainians refugees. They will have use of the kitchen and be able to use the hall as a meeting place. The CCC will be updated when this happens.

MM stated that the “In Callander” website was considering the development of a job page on its website, which could also be translated (into Ukrainian particularly), to give people who came here some opportunities for work, as there was a lack of staff in the retail and hospitality sectors in the area.

A member of the public commented, at some length, on the fact that she felt the Callander community had not been thanked at all by the CCC for their efforts in sending donations to the Ukrainian refugees. This was discussed and a vote of thanks was proposed by TRW. It was pointed out that this had been discussed and minuted at March’s CCC meeting. It was then suggested by the member of the public that a





notice to that effect should be put into the Ben Ledi View. TRW said that this could be done and it would be followed up.


Another member of the public commented on March’s meeting and said that ‘they’ had tried to get a copy of the recording of the meeting to check what had been said about certain individuals but had been unsuccessful. She discussed the way that the Chair had chaired the March meeting. She debated, at some length , the Chair’s views on how to thank the community for its help with the Ukrainian effort. It was agreed that the response should come from the CCC, not an individual, and emphasised that the CCC had already acknowledged the work that had been done by the community.




No report submitted. JW highlighted that Robert McLean (a wheelchair user in Callander) had organised a team to do a tidy-up of the cycle path yesterday, between Murdiston Avenue and North Church Street. Ally Baird had provided a digger. JW thanked Robert and everyone involved for the work done.




A written report was submitted. OW said there had been 2 outstanding requests by email (which she would circulate): -


1. From St Ninians CC – advising of problems with speeding and noise traffic in their area, looking for any feedback from other CCs to see what they had done about similar issues

2. From a coordinator at Befriending and Well-being Scotland, in Alloa - they were looking to recruit more befrienders from the Stirling and Clackmannanshire areas, and would be grateful if this could be advertised within the CC area. She would be happy to come and speak to the CC and answer any questions and would be invited to a future meeting.




A written report was submitted. There were no questions.




A written report was submitted. There were no questions.


Martin Earl had submitted an update on The Eagle Hotel. The NP has no action plan as yet. Some discussions had taken place with Stirling Council and Building Control, who felt that the building was not in a state where it could be considered a dangerous structure. This will be kept under review.




No report submitted. MM had been assisting MG with the Facebook page. A meeting of the CCC members was to be scheduled some time after Easter to look at the Google Drive (to use it as an online document repository).


Statutory Bodies Police

A written report was submitted. Police representative to be invited to future

meetings, and possibly someone from Forth Valley’s drug team to update on current substance misuse issues.





Stirling Council

A written report was submitted by ME.

JM gave his thanks to the people of Callander for the work they had done in supporting the people of Ukraine. He highlighted that he was stepping down, and thanked the CCC for their work and support over the years. He suggested having a walking meeting at some point in the future with future ward councillors. He advised there would be some update on the Masterplan soon. SH thanked JM for all of his participation and input.


A written report was submitted.


Town Co-ordinator

See Matters Arising.


PART E: UPDATES (New Activity Only)



Covered in Treasurer’s report.


Callander Enterprise

MM highlighted 3 promotional films by “Falkirk Delivers” for inclusive access to holidays, days out, and heritage sites. They were creating a website where these could be accessed, and it should be out soon.



The Visitor Information Centre (VIC) was now open 5 days a week, and it was still looking for volunteers. People should go into the VIC if interested.


Camp Place Play Park

A written report and photographs were submitted.


BMX Track

MM discussed that two types of insurance was needed, and this was taking some time to sort out. BF suggested contacting the bike park in Aberfoyle for advice.



Covered in Matters Arising


Callander Partnership

A meeting took place the previous Friday. A presentation was given by the architects of the Callander South plan, which was almost final. They were asked to send a copy of this to the CC.


Coilhallan Woods

Sue King updated – there had been 3 very successful working parties on Coilhallan, clearing paths, and the beech wood area for the schools and nurseries. Things had come to a standstill as the leader had now left, and this had impacted on insurance for the group, and no more working groups could be scheduled until this was resolved. There was a group of very enthusiastic volunteers involved. Sue asked the

CCC if the Development Trust could be approached on the group’s behalf, as could





potentially help with the insurance issues. There was a brief discussion on the best

way forward, and various solutions/options were suggested.




Date of next scheduled meeting

SH advised it had been agreed previously that the frequency and dates of future meetings would be discussed after the AGM had taken place.