August 2022 Minutes

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Callander Community Council

Adopted minutes of the meeting: Monday 15th August 2022 Live Meeting

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH) – Chair, John Watson (JW), Olga Watkins (OW), Ray Watkins (TRW), Bev Field (BF), David King (DK), David Shearer (DS) and Gordon Addison (GA) – Associate Members.

Also in attendance: Elaine Watterson (EW) - Ward Councillor, Marnie Forster (MF) – Community Development Officer, Stirling Council, Richard Johnston (RJ) – NP representative for Callander, Helen Terry (HT) -Town Co-ordinator, Regine Watson (RW) – Minute Taker, plus several members of the public.

Apologies: David Moore (DM), Marilyn Moore (MM), Moe Guertin (MG),

Abbreviations : All in attendance will be referred to by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; FLS= Forestry and Land Scotland; FOI = Freedom of Information; CC = Callander Community.

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden



1. Welcome and Apologies

SH advised that this was a live meeting. She noted apologies from MM, DM and MG. There were no declarations of specific interest.

SH advised that the meeting was being audio-recorded for the purpose of minute- taking only and that the recording would be destroyed following the approval of the




No visitors this month. Maria Lucey, Stirling Council, is to be invited to September’s meeting to give an update on the Flooding Engagement Plan. Murray McKellar, Project Manager Bracklinn Falls is to be invited to September’s meeting. A representative from the local police has been invited.



There were no amendments. The draft minutes were proposed by TRW and

seconded by BF.



- Dog Fouling

TRW advised that he would be writing to Stirling Council, suggesting four areas in Callander where dogs needed to be kept on the lead (this included the 4 play areas – Camp Place, The Meadows, Primary School, and High School). He would also be suggesting the development of specific areas for walking dogs. These would be enclosed areas, although people would still be asked to clean up after their dogs.

Another suggestion would be the use of recyclable ‘dog poo’ bags. He highlighted that there were currently issues with people littering pathways with black, non- disposable bags. He planned to have a meeting with the Dog Warden also.



5.1 Co-opted members update (SH)

A co-option notice had been put out, with one application received. A residency check was still in progress. Once cleared, things can proceed and the applicant will be asked to give a short presentation and take questions.





SH proposed putting out a co-option notice for more applications. BF seconded this proposal.

Paper application forms are available on request (as well as online forms).


5.2 Ancaster Square bollards (DS)

There was a discussion about the temporary bollards on the pavement in Ancaster Square. DS highlighted the current situation, with cars parking on the pavements. He will be meeting with Stephen Easton ( SC Roads Department officer) to discuss getting permanent bollards put on both sides of the Square. DS had received one objection to this plan, which suggested there would be poor access for prams if bollards were in place. EW requested that DS copy her into any communications/emails.

A member of the public asked if shop staff should be able to use the Station Road car park free of charge. SH asked that members of the public could pass such suggestions on to DS.


5.3 Flooding Engagement Plan update (ML report)


SH advised that Maria Lucey (ML) stated she was likely to have some ‘hard facts’ by the time of the September meeting, so that she could give a timescale for community engagement. SH asked people to email her with any questions, which she would then submit to ML. She added that ML wanted to have a public meeting when it was possible to be more exact about plans.

It was agreed that people should send in any questions they have for ML prior to the meeting in September.


5.4 Bracklinn Bridge update

An onsite meeting took place on 6th July and was attended by SH and Alistair Weir (AW), with the contractors and Murray McKellar present. AW was able to ask questions and establish communications. He had safety concerns about the site and following the meeting, signage was improved a few weeks later.

RJ confirmed that the NP would own the bridge and would be responsible for carrying out any maintenance.

SH confirmed that the new bridge would be sited in the same place as the old one and would be of metal construction.

A discussion followed in relation to the Bracklinn Falls car park. SH advised that once Murray McKellar’s attendance at September’s meeting was confirmed, she would put together a list of questions to submit to him before the meeting.


5.5 LPP (local place plan) and Callander South Plan updates

HT advised that the LPP voting had now closed, and everything would go into the LPP. 23% of all households had completed the survey. HT had suggested the employment of a Community Development Officer to progress the plan. She had only one section to finish and the plan will be distributed once done. It was emphasised that everyone in the community had been given the opportunity to express their views and to comment on the wording of the questionnaire.


The Callander South Plan has still not been finalised. A update meeting with SC officers took place, which was felt to be very positive. SH advised it had been under the framework of the Callander Partnership and had been a planning meeting (looking at format and timetable of future meetings), so Ward Councillors had not been involved. MF intimated that Ward Councillors would be involved in the next stage of





the process. SH highlighted the need to ensure that the Primary School and High School were also involved in future planning.

EW asked SH for minutes of the previous Callander Partnership meetings from the previous six months. SH stated that although CP meetings were usually minuted, the meetings held in the previous last 6 months had been presentations so were not minuted. SH confirmed that the meetings would be minuted from now on. EW asked SH for copies of any previous minutes that were available and SH stated that she could share them, but that it may be some time, due to work commitments. SH talked about her role as chair of CCC meetings in distributing information appropriately and in ensuring that all viewpoints were represented equally.

A member of the public asked if CCC supported the LPP and the St Kessogs development . OW and SH confirmed this to be the case. BF highlighted that items included in the LPP would be prioritised and that St Kessogs would be included in this. It was noted that St Kessogs was already being progressed and was one of the top priorities in the LPP.




There was a discussion about the possibility of reports being made available online to the public earlier than at present or if they needed to be available to the public online before meetings. EW to email OW with details of which local CCs made reports available online to the public prior to meetings. SH and OW will look at amending current processes if appropriate.

There was a request to have all CCC correspondence published online - due to GDPR (data protection) regulations, OW stated that CCC was unable to do this.


Community Council Office Bearers Chair

A written report was submitted. There were no questions.


No report submitted.


A written report was submitted. There were no questions.


A written report was submitted. There were no questions.


A written report was submitted.

There was a query regarding the names of two new applications to the Braes of Doune (BoD) fund. SH advised these would be announced at the next meeting, if able to do so.

There was a query that no amount had been entered on “Unrestricted Funds”. SH to follow this up with MM for clarity.


DS mentioned flooding issues at Kilmahog Woollen Mill had caused yellow hatched lines to disappear ( these had been installed following a previous fatal accident there). DS is in contact with the relevant agencies to find a solution. EW asked DS to contact her, if this was not resolved.

Camp Place Play Park

A written report was submitted. TRW noted MM’s excellent Open Day for the Play Park and its success, as well MM’s hard work in the development of the Play Park. SH

emphasised that the CCC was very grateful to MM for all that she had done.






A written report was submitted. There were no questions.

Stirling Council

EW gave a verbal update: -

- SC was still in recess and that there had been a lot of induction since she was elected as a Ward Councillor. She is on various committees and boards.

- She and one other person had been looking at appointing an Old Person’s Champion. She emphasised the need to engage the community in this via the CCCs, as has happened in other places such as in Liverpool, and highlighted that progress had been made in various areas

- SC had been dealing with many Ukrainian guests, and this had been increasing weekly. Children had been supported to get into education, and adults had been helped to find employment. SC and Killin had been working very hard on this

- SC comes out of recess on 1st September

There was a brief discussion in relation to work on the Old People’s Champion. EW confirmed that all the appropriate and relevant bodies had been consulted and that a Forth Valley Health Board representative was involved.

National Park

RJ gave a verbal update: -

- The National Park has been developing Loch Lomond byelaws, and he has been looking at whether any of these could be used for lochs in the Callander area.

- The National Park is currently developing several strategic plans (Corporate Plan, Local Development Plan, Partnership Plan, Regional Spatial Strategy and the Regional Land-Use Framework).


7. UPDATES not already covered

There were no additional updates.



Walking Meeting

DK highlighted that a walking meeting around Callander had previously been suggested for any new Ward Councillors and asked if a date could be set for this. SH asked DK to organise this and send a note to all. DK advised that wheelchair users had highlighted difficulties in moving around Callander. SH asked DK to liaise with DS about this. DK and DS to organise the walking meeting.

Fire and Rescue Service

There was a discussion about the Fire and Rescue Service being overstretched and taking a long time to respond to incidents as a result. It was also noted that badly parked cars on the Invertrossachs Road had contributed to delays in the Fire and Rescue Service being able to get to a recent incident quickly. SH agreed that follow up was needed. EW agreed to send any further information to the CC secretary, once the Safety Committee (SC) had met.

There was a discussion on whether police were able to arrest individuals for offences such as anti-social behaviour etc if there was a park ranger present, instead of another police officer. EW stated that due to the law of corroboration in Scotland, police officers on their own were not able to make arrests, even with a park ranger present.





Next Meeting

SH advised that the next meeting would be hybrid (i.e. in person as well as online) if a successful technical rehearsal had taken place beforehand - otherwise it would be an in person meeting only.



- 19th September 2022 @ 7.30 pm