February 2022 Minutes

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Callander Community Council

Adopted minutes of the meeting: Monday 14th February 2022 On-line meeting via Zoom

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH) – Chair, John Watson (JW) Olga Watkins (OW), Moe Guertin (MG), Bev Field (BF), David King (DK), Ray Watkins (TRW), Timothy Crone (TC) Associate Member

Also in attendance: Ward Councillors Martin Earl (ME), Jeremy McDonald (JM), Town Co-ordinator Helen Terry (HT), Regine Watson (RW) – minute taker, plus several members of the public.

Apologies: David Moore (DM), Marilyn Moore (MM), Crawford Bell (CB), and Evelyn Tweed.

Abbreviations : All in attendance will be referred to by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CCDT = Callander Community Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; FLS= Forestry and Land Scotland; FOI = Freedom of Information; CC = Callander Community

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden





Welcome and Structure

SH welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Recording for Minute Taker & Meeting Protocols

SH stated that the meeting was being recorded for the purposes of minute taking

only, as previously agreed and minuted. There were no objections raised.



Apologies received from David Moore, Marilyn Moore, Crawford Bell and Evelyn Tweed.


Agenda Items – Declarations of Specific Interest

There were no specific interests raised.




Minutes – Meeting 14/1/22

OW advised that a spelling mistake had now been amended.

The draft minutes were proposed by JW, seconded by MG, and unanimously approved.


Action Points From Meeting 14/1/22

SH highlighted that action points had been put in the right hand margin of the minutes, rather than in a grid at the end, and that she would go through the minutes focussing on the action points.

P.3: -

Grateful Traveller - OW advised that she had contacted the Riverside Inn and Chinese Village Restaurant to ask about their preferred group for the donation from a grateful traveller.

Damaged Bench - MG and SH contacted Stirling Council about the damaged bench in the Square, and stated that SC followed this up quickly.

Postponed Resurfacing - ME advised that a date was still awaited.

P.4: -

Camp Place Play Park - MM had given an update in her report (see Reports section).





Callander Public Toilets – ME and SH had a very positive onsite meeting with 3 members of Stirling Council and Anne Docherty last week. The closing of the toilet over the Christmas period was acknowledged to have been an error on Stirling Council’s part, and assurances were given that it would not happen again. Anne Docherty is now able to communicate directly with the relevant council officers to address any future issues. A couple of safety issues were highlighted and taken on board, with a view to improvements being made. Money to be spent (by Stirling Council) on the upgrading the exterior of the toilets in March, as well as improvements to the barriers at the front and stopping the flow of rain water going down the slope.

Bus Timetable – issues now resolved.

Tom Na Chisaig – OW advised that Stephen Bly had sent a link which can be used to report issues to Stirling Council. ME clarified that Drummond Estates own the hill, although Stirling Council is the official occupier, and the responsibility for the maintenance of the hill would lie between the 2 organisations. ME has emailed Michael Aldridge, Area Manager for Drummond Estates to seek an agreement in principle from Drummond Estates in relation to an offer from HES to assist and help assess what works are needed.

Stirling Council Link - OW had received another email from a member of the public, asking about trees in the Square which were needing trimmed (as there were issues when putting up lights at Christmas), and also about trees needing trimmed in Callander in general. OW sent the Stirling Council link to the member of the public. OW advised that she had used the link herself to report lights which were not working outside the public toilets, and the lights had been fixed within a few days.

OW clarified that Stirling Council’s link for the general reporting of faults is

https://www.stirling.gov.uk/request-it-or-report- it

ME highlighted that there are a number of different forms which can be accessed through this link by members of the public, in order to report a variety of different things. SH asked ME to email everyone with the relevant information.

Riverside Walk – see Matters Arising.


Matters Arising


Flooding Community Engagement Plan

SH advised that information had been added to Stirling Council’s flood protection website, and Maria Lucey (ML) is looking for more public engagement. SH encouraged people to take a look, and highlighted the link within her report (Chair’s report). ML would like people to engage and ask questions in order to build up to a wider community discussion, and has extended the time (that the information is available on the website) to 14/3/22. SH to send information from ML to MG to put onto the CCC website, and also to OW so that people can use the secretary link to get in touch. OW highlighted that people can also use the CCC post box in the library if they need to. SH will also put information onto the noticeboard. MG highlighted that the link within the report did not seem to be working. SH/MG to follow up on this.


Resilience Plan

MG still collating information in the wake of Storm Arwen, and aiming to finish this and send to SH when completed. Feedback from other community councillors still awaited (e.g. pros, cons, dos, and don’ts learned in the aftermath of the storm as well as potential questions e.g. if the power was going to go off, how would one cook food? How would one keep warm?)





St Kessogs’ Working Party Update

TC gave the following update: -

· There had been 3 further meetings since last time (2 with Stirling Council, and 1 SKWG meeting)

  • A funding gap still exists. There is potential for funding from “Levelling Up”, and Stirling Council capital funds.

· Building design has been signed off at level 2, with things to be added going forward

· The SKWG has fed back to Stirling Council on the Operational Plan

· Information has been put on the LPP website and on Facebook forums

· There will be an article in the next edition of the BLV

· A proposal to expand the SKWG had been put forward. Constitution to be drafted initially, and be reviewed by the Working Group. Trustees to be recruited (to help progress the business plan). For the next meeting, all members of the SKWG to put forward names of people to join the group

· Next SKWG meeting date still to be set

· CCC members to get any comments to TC by the end of the week, so that he could then pass them on

· Public presentation to take place once additional members are in place


HT highlighted that the current survey was the mid-way point in the LPP, and that interconnectivity and transport were amongst the main issues raised. There will hopefully be a vote on all the suggestions put forward in about April/May this year, and by June/July at the very latest. Communications have been a problem, and this was coming through in the survey. HT highlighted that 28/2/22 was the closing date. TC urged people to carry out the survey, and said that the links should be shared as widely as possible.

Riverside Walk

DK advised that this was not being progressed at the moment for a number of



Citizen of The Year

Following a brief discussion, where it was noted that not all CC members were present, it was agreed that voting would take place at the March meeting (5/7 voted

for this, and 1/7 voted against, with one abstention).




There were no invited guests today.




Community Council Office Bearers:


Written report submitted. There were no questions.


No report submitted.


Written report submitted.





The Riverside Inn had suggested that the donation from the grateful traveller goes to Greener Callander. OW will send the link to the grateful traveller.

A member of the public had emailed wanting to put a plaque on a bench in Callander. OW had asked DK to take it forward, and this has been done.

OW highlighted the need for a place to store all CCC documents/information so that it can be handed on in the future. MG to look into this and come up with some suggestions.


Written report submitted. Any questions should be sent to MM.


Written report submitted. Any questions should be sent to DM.

SH noted that concerns had been raised about the poor state of the former Eagle Hotel. A brief discussion followed. ME noted that Bob Cook of NP Planning had already been contacted, and said that an enquiry to Stirling Council would be worthwhile in relation to identifying anything needing done from a safety point of view. SH suggested talking to DM to get a letter organised from the whole of the CCC to send to the relevant bodies.

A Balhousie Development display board was now in the library, and another one was to be put in the McLaren Leisure Centre. DM has also asked for it to go in the Visitor Centre window.


No report submitted.

MG advised that some requests had come in, and also that the webpage was being tidied up.

Anything relevant is posted on Facebook by MG. There is a link to the Facebook page on the CCC website.


Statutory Bodies:

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park (Planning Sub-group)

Written report submitted.


Written report submitted. There were no questions. OW highlighted that PC Deans or PC King could be contacted at the Callander Police Office if people have any concerns, or they can phone 101.

Stirling Council

No report submitted.

ME highlighted that budget-setting meetings would be taking place in the next few weeks.

ME advised that the car outside the Post Office could potentially be removed after 1/3/22 when the car tax expires, and that the parking bays outside the Post Office were due to be redesignated.

ME advised that a survey form in relation to Resilience Planning is available online (Stirling Council’s website) until 23/2/22.





ME advised that a pre-season Visitor Management Forum Meeting would be held (virtually) on 11/3/22.


Other Callander Organisations:

Town Coordinator

Written report submitted (see Matters Arising).





No update.


Callander Enterprise

No update.



No update.


St Kessogs Working Group

See Matters Arising.


Camp Place Play Park and BMX track

Written report submitted



Meeting to take place next week. Also to be discussed at meeting tomorrow.


Callander Partnership

A meeting took place last Friday, and involved a presentation. An online meeting to take place tomorrow.


Coilhallah Wood Group

· The group has not met since the last CCC meeting

· Volunteer sessions are currently being arranged

· BF to confirm the date of next meeting



No update.



See Matters Arising


Roads, Parking & Pavements

No update.




Format of Future CCC Meetings

OW advised that a member of the public had enquired as to when face-to-face (F2F) meetings or hybrid meetings would be happening. It was noted that McLaren Leisure Centre has facilities for hybrid meetings, and that this would be looked at. JM highlighted that funding has been confirmed to enable hybrid meetings to be offered in the future.


The Eagle Hotel

TC advised that he had logged concerns (discussed earlier) with Historic Environment Scotland.


The meeting finished at 9.05 pm. Date of next meeting – Monday, 14th. March at

7.30 pm. Venue TBC