March 2022 EGM

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EGM March 9th. 2022 minutes:

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 9th March 2022 for Callander Com- munity Council members to discuss the final details of the contract with the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park in relation to the Green Recovery Grant Agreement for the Camp Place Play Park Refurbishment, as discussed and min- uted at previous monthly meetings, with the intention of formally approving this con- tract.

Present: SH, OW, MM, DM, MG, RW, BF, DK (8)

One member of the public

Apologies: John Watson

There was general discussion on the wording of some of the clauses of the con- tract.

Questions included:

· What guarantees would be given by the contractors involved on the quality of

the materials etc?

· Would Stirling Council be signing off the project on completion?

· How did the National Park intend to handle any photographs they are given of the project?

Following further discussion, the following motion was proposed, and a vote was taken.

‘At the EGM of Callander Community Council on 9th March 2022, Callander Com- munity Council (CCC) agreed the terms and conditions of the contract with the Na- tional Park for accepting the Green Recovery Fund, which is contributing about

£20,000 to the cost of installation and groundworks for the toddler/inclusive section of Camp Place Play Park.

CCC is satisfied that the Letter of Comfort from Stirling Council indicates that it will take responsibility for the equipment and grounds, their maintenance, safety and in- surance as it is part of the wider parkland under Stirling Council's management.’

This was proposed by David Moore and seconded by Ray Watkins. There were 8 community councillors present and the vote was unanimously in favour of the pro- posal.

Olga Watkins 14.03.2022