March 2022 Minutes

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Callander Community Council

Adopted minutes of the meeting: Monday 14th March 2022 On-line meeting via Zoom

Community Councillors present: Susan Holden (SH) – Chair, John Watson (JW) , Olga Watkins (OW), David Moore (DM), Marilyn Moore (MM), Moe Guertin (MG), Bev Field(BF), David King (DK) and Ray Watkins (TRW).

Also in attendance: Ward Councillors Martin Earl (ME), Jeremy McDonald (JM), Town Co-ordinator Helen Terry (HT), Evelyn Tweed (ET), plus several members of the public.

Apologies: Regine Watson (RW) – Minute Taker

Abbreviations : All in attendance will be referred to by their initials.

CCC = Callander Community Council; CE = Callander Enterprise; CP = Callander Partnership; CCDT = Callander Community Development Trust; SC = Stirling Council; LPP = Local Place Plan; NP = Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; FLS= Forestry and Land Scotland; FOI = Freedom of Information; CC = Callander Community; St. Kessogs Working Group (SKWG).

Chair of Meeting: Susan Holden





Welcome and Structure

SH welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Recording for Minute Taker & Meeting Protocols

The meeting was being recorded for the purposes of minute taking only. The chat box

was available for posting notes only, and not for discussions.


Apologies, Members of the public present, & Minute Taker

Apologies received from Regine Watson (Minute Taker).


Agenda Items - Declarations of specific interest

ET highlighted that as the MSP for Stirling, she recently led a debate on Storm Arwen

in the Scottish Parliament.




Minutes of The previous meeting

Part B – Matters Arising: -

Meeting date should have been 14/2/22 (not 14/1/22).

Meadows Hill – has been changed to “Tom Na Chisaig”. “Richard Aldridge” has been changed to “Michael Aldridge”.

Flooding Community Engagement Plan – “Maria Lucey” has been added instead of using the initials ML.

Citizen of The Year – 1 abstention was added to voting details.

The draft minutes were proposed by BF, seconded by MG, and unanimously approved.


EGM 9th March 2022 – Notification of result

Draft minutes had been circulated.


Matters Arising: -

  • SC Flooding Engagement Plan Update (SH)

The Information Gathering phase had taken place. The next phase - to collate all the

information gathered and produce a list of options which will be published on the





website. The CCC will be kept updated. There will then be a period of “screening activity” (end of March and through April) to determine a short-list of options. This will be followed by various further stages of community engagement and discussion. SH to contact Maria Lucey to highlight concerns that the website needs to be more widely publicised. A link to the website also to be put onto the CCC website and Facebook page. SH will also circulate the link after today’s meeting.

There was discussion about a wider study of flood management by Stirling Council and NP, and how this relates to the plan for Callander. TC to email information to SH, for SH to then forward to Maria Lucey for clarification. ET to also become involved to ask further questions.

  • Resource Planning (MG)

Some feedback received from 3 CCC members in relation to their own experiences post-Storm Arwen. All CCC members were reminded to send information to MG. ET highlighted work done by her team, and stated that a lot of responses had been obtained from members of the public, and a report was sent to the office of John Swinney (who has responsibility for Resilience).

  • Motorhomes discussions (OW/SH)

OW/DM/MM to attend a meeting with Killin Community Council on Wednesday this week.

SH attended a meeting last week with David Hopper (SC), and Matt Buckland (NP) where there was discussion about the possibility of an experimental project, with a suggestion of 4 spaces, with waste water disposal, and possibly electric points, with feedback from the community to be sought, and CCC to be asked for their agreement. There was further discussion, and the proposal was agreed. SH to circulate draft information to be sent to David Hopper for any feedback/comments prior to sending.

  • Callander South plan update (SH + any at CP meeting)

Two architects came to last month’s Callander Partnership (CP) meeting and gave a presentation and are due to present their final report at the end of March.

There was discussion about the ongoing demand for a new pedestrian link across the River Teith, and it was felt that things were coming together.

HT to circulate the Callander South Masterplan final version when it becomes available.

The next CP meeting to take place in April.

  • CC documents archive (MG)

Discussion about archive took place. MG has added various folders to Google Drive for saving of relevant documents. MG suggested a half-hour session in the next few weeks to familiarise people with how to use this, and also contacting previous CCC members to request older documents to fill in any gaps in records.

  • Eagle Hotel complaint action (DM/TC)

See Planning update, PART D.

  • LPP

HT discussed her report (submitted for the meeting). She will be working on her final


questionnaire and will be suggesting the formation of an Action Plan Group, and the


appointment of a professional Development Officer.


There was discussion about the increasing crime rate in Callander (in comparison to


all other areas in the NP, where the crime rate is going down), and it was suggested


that the CCC should look into this. HT to send her findings to ET, who will ask


questions of the police, and ask them what they are doing about the rising crime rate


in Callander.


There was discussion about a perceived high level of police activity in the area of the


new houses beyond McLaren High School, and the use of illegal drugs in Callander in





general. It was agreed that the police should be invited to attend the next meeting (or as soon as it is practical for them to attend).


Citizen of the Year (all)

  • Confidential voting + decision

An anonymous vote took place. The clear winner was announced as Mark Nicol of The Callander Youth Project in Bridgend. Consideration to be given to how to let him know the result, and also how the other nominees should be informed of their





There were no invited guests.




Community Council Office Bearers:


Written report submitted. Bracklinn Bridge Update - SH attended a meeting on Friday which she felt was very disappointing in terms of what the NP were suggesting. A timetable to be obtained from the NP in the next 10 days (which involves getting a new bridge in place by the end of the year), although the community had wanted it up during the summer and had wanted a simple structure. A further meeting to take place this Friday between SH and Alasdair Wyllie.

ET offered to get involved to ask questions of the NP, and help push things in the right direction, and ensure the community are appropriately consulted.

SH to update CCC members with further information from Alasdair Wyllie following Friday’s meeting.

Vice-chair Nothing to add. Secretary

Written report submitted. OW had contacted the grateful traveller and provided a link for her to contact Greener Callander. An article has been submitted to the BLV which is yet to be printed.


Written report submitted.

Airtricity – Processes now sent to Braes of Doune for them to approve.


Written report submitted.

The former Eagle Hotel – ME is following up with both NP and SC and will report back with any update. There was a brief discussion about the fact that the building is currently unsafe, and the various options around this. ET will speak to Building Control.

The railings in Pearl Street were discussed. Both the NP and SC already have powers to deal with the situation.


Written report submitted. MG to submit payments to Zoom before the end of March.





Statutory Bodies:


Written report submitted.

Stirling Council

ET advised that her inbox had become busy in relation to Ukrainian refugees, and that the Callander Community had been “wonderful”. She emphasised that the best way to give support is through monetary donations (to the DEC). Hosting was discussed. ET will put all relevant information (from the government) out on social media as it comes in. SH suggested the CCC providing a communication link between people wanting to offer accommodation and those looking for accommodation and emphasised the need for enquirers to be provided with up to date and accurate information. There was further discussion about the need for good communications and for things to be done at the right pace. ET discussed a Parliamentary Motion she had put out to thank the community and said she would be happy to put out another one for any people that had been missed. There was a discussion about MNV Consulting, Callander, and their role in the shipment of donations from the Callander community.

ME highlighted that Stirling Council could also act as a conduit for hosting (Paula Roberts and Jonathan Sharp are the contacts).

It was noted that refugees would potentially have a lot of support needs.


National Park

There was a visitor/stakeholder event on Friday, which was useful, and many partner organisations attended and contributed. Some extra investment in visitor management has been made available. The National Park got a 5 year capital settlement, which will allow for a strategic investment plan over a number of years. The season is expected to be busy. A follow up meeting in relation to South Loch Venachar will be held hopefully by the end of March.

The following suggestions were made by MM: -

· Clarification needed as to where/how the shuttle bus will operate

· Extra litter uplifts and additional EV points would be useful

· It would be good if public toilets could be open for longer hours

ME advised that any queries regarding the above should now be directed to Brian Roberts (rather than Bruce Reekie, who has now left).


Callander Organisations Town Coordinator

See Matters Arising





See Treasurer update.



See Matters Arising.


Camp Place Play Park and BMX track

Pendulum swing had been installed, and multiplay is currently being worked upon in

the junior section. Work on the toddler and inclusive area to begin next week. A





photoshoot to take place at the end of March and will involve some local school children, the contractors, Stirling Council and MM.


St. Kessogs

No further meetings had taken place. Potential trustees are still being recruited (initially, SKWG members to suggest potential trustees).



Nothing to report.



See Matters Arising.


Roads, parking, pavements

Nothing to report.


Coilhallan Woods

SH to add Coilhallan Woods to the list of specific groups (as a standing agenda item). BF attended the last meeting of the Coilhallan Woods Group. They are working really hard and have had a couple of volunteer sessions. Sue King will be the future liaison

person for this group (as BF is stepping down).




Balvalachlan Cemetery

A member of the public had reported that learner drivers and motorcyclists have been using the cemetery for practice. They have written to Stirling Council, who said they would be erecting a sign as soon as possible. This was some time ago. Recently, the same member of the public has also seen a camper van preparing to park there for the night, while noting that there was still no sign in place. ME confirmed that Barbara Docherty, Stirling Council should be approached in the first instance. MM advised that she would do this. DK suggested a height barrier to deter camper vans.

ME also suggested contacting local driving instructors to highlight the issues.


Disposable Barbecues

2 members of the public from Invertrossachs Road had put in a request to the CCC for local supermarkets to be requested not to sell disposable barbecues. There was a brief discussion about this, and the fact that disposable barbecues are not recyclable. Suggestion was made for built-in barbecues, but it was noted that the location of these would need careful thought. ME highlighted that small reusable barbecues are readily available and suggested encouraging local shops to stock these instead of disposable ones. It was agreed that all shops in Callander be asked not to stock disposable barbecues and encouraged to stock small reusable ones. BF agreed to

draft a letter.


JM Stepping Down

JM advised he would be stepping down, and highlighted the following: -

– speed bump meeting happening in Doune, and may impact on Callander

– suggested the compilation of a priority list

- suggested that a walking meeting be held (during the summer)



SH highlighted that Dick Johnston had asked the CCC for help with a shortfall in transport costs of donations to Slovakia, but it was not possible to offer any funding (due to funding criteria and timescales).

BF highlighted that Dick and Mary should be thanked for the work that they had done

in organising aid for refugees.





Tulipan Crescent

A Tulipan Crescent resident had given their thanks to the CCC for helping with getting

yellow lines done.


Next Meeting

Ordinary Meeting on 11th April 2022 at 7.30 pm.

The AGM will follow on from this and will be chaired by someone from Stirling Council.