March 2021 Minutes

APPROVED Minutes 133 Cambusbarron Community Council March 2021


Members and office bearers

Marion MacAllister, Chair (MMacA) Janice Paterson, Vice Chair, (JP)
Ann Finlayson, Secretary (AF) Keith Ratcliffe (KR)

Melissa Nelson, Treasurer (MN) Jennifer Macleod, Planning (JM) *
Cathie Graham (CG) * Douglas Campbell (DC)

Richard Blore (RB) Scott Farmer (SF) elected rep *
Christine Simpson, elected rep (CS) Neil Benny (NB) elected rep *
Pam Campbell, Stirling Council (PC)* Pam King, police (PK) *

Mark Hill, Headteacher (MH) Helen Bang, minute clerk (HB)


  1. Introductions and Welcome

    1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting via Zoom.


    2. *Apologies were received from Pam Campbell, Scott Farmer, Jennifer Macleod,
      Cathie Graham, PC Pam King.


  2. Minutes of previous meeting

    1. The minutes of the February 132 Zoom meeting were approved with minor
      amendments, see item 7.2.

      Proposed MN, Seconded DC.

      ACTION HB to AF for Stirling Council.


  3. Matters arising

    1. Map project [KR] - ongoing.

    2. Burnside orchard [RB] – ongoing.

    3. Burnside Bridge – RB/DC. Offer of getting materials still seems to be available. Have
      sent list to SC.

    4. Footpath project – See Item 12 Kersebonny.

    5. Persimmons adoption – no further information, carry forward.

    6. Playpark improvements – no progress as work is weather dependent, carry forward.

    7. Dog fouling and litter – see under 4.2 Catriona Rae (Keep Scotland Beautiful). Will
      have to ask Councillors for support re bags and uplift.

      Litter particularly bad in certain areas. Heather from KSB keen to have Spring Clean.
      MN will forward email.

    8. Cambusbarron Fund (MMacA) This will open for applications next week with the closing
      date of 30th April. The subsequent application deadlines for 2021/22 are 31st July, 29th
      October and 31st January. The community council will adjudicate this application round.
      ACTION MMacA to circulate posters.

    9. Community Council insurance (MMacA) Has sent back asset list. Have asked for
      steps, handrail, bridge to be public liability insured. DC thought we were covered for
      this. Distance between bridge and top of steps? Would 100 metres cover it? Perhaps
      40 metres.

    10. Can have additional insurance cover for people driving on behalf of CC. Covers
      Councillors and volunteers. Covers any loss of no claims discount, policy excess
      protection £1.60 per head per person per year?

      Should we get this cover? RB covered through work. Agreed we should take out this
      cover. SC requires register of names to be covered. Will add Derek MacAllister who
      does plant pots etc. ACTION MMacA will circulate list so Councillors can opt in.

    11. Parking church corner. (MMacA). See Police Report Appendix I

      We have received a response from Police Scotland to confirm that they would only
      enforce parking offences under limited circumstances. They would look for the
      support of Stirling Council as they have the power to enforce. This response was


      HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

      forwarded to our councillors, we have however asked for the presence of Police
      Scotland when possible. This has the potential to be very dangerous on dark rainy
      nights and it would be good to nip this habit before it becomes ingrained behaviour.
      We will formally ask for the assistance of our councillors in this matter.


      RB there were traffic lights this week. White van double-parked there caused an

      ACTION MMacA will write again to the elected representatives regarding this.


  4. Reports

    1. Police Report Attached as Appendix I

      1. Road traffic offence with dirt bike.

      2. Two people were fined for flouting Covid 19 restrictions.


      3. RB - People smoking hash near the quarry. Police were parked nearby but didn’t
        respond, were waiting for them to leave but there is another exit road from the quarry.
        ACTION MMacA Report to Police again.


    2. School Report [HT] Attached as Appendix II. Taken first.


      Delighted to have everyone back of school as of 15 March. Health and wellbeing of
      pupils and staff. Literacy and Numeracy. Because of remote learning we have better
      idea of where children are with learning. Given money from Scottish Government to
      spend on additional support. Approx £6K. Small focus groups, will track this closely.
      Long list of mitigations in place to ensure safety. Lateral flow testing for adults
      conducted twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday, to ensure school is Covid free.


      Years 1-3 bounced back. Additional support was put in place quickly. Delighted with
      how they have returned. Expect the same for Years 4-7. Working on nursery/Primary
      1 transition. Creating a website for parents to use. Expecting to do face-to-face visits
      as well.


      1. Stirling High School well on way with virtual transition for Primary 7s also committed
        to face-to-face as well.


      2. Invested with Learning through Landscapes. Working from inservice day in May for
        next year. Meaningful learning outdoors.


      3. Vandalism and dog fouling. On Facebook page have had some issue with nursery
        garden. Pieces of furniture destroyed. Leaving debris / litter. Has been raised with
        Community Police and local neighbours. Looking at increasing height of fencing
        potentially looking at costs of making this secure. However, then garden wouldn’t be
        available for the community. Increasing signage. There is CCTV although not great
        quality. Has asked SC if it can be upgraded.


      Mr Reynolds, janitor, recurring problem at main entrance with dog fouling. Signage in
      this area.


      Have received dog poo bags.


      Fantastic to have the pupils back in school.


      MMacA – JP and MN have taken dog fouling as a project. Meeting with dog warden,
      had to be rearranged. Keen to involve children. Will email MH any correspondence.


      HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

      MN – designing posters.


      MMacA Keeping Community Tidy – difficult as SC won’t provide orange bags or do
      uplift. 5000 dog waste bags have been received into the community and these are
      now available for uplift from the Coop, More Butcher and at the school door.



    3. Planning [JP] Attached as Appendix III

      1. Front porch 130 Gillies Hill

      2. Rear extension at St Thomas’ Well.
        No issues.


    4. Greener Cambusbarron [MMacA] Attached as Appendix IV

      Application to Community Pride for replacement tubs at bowling green, have heavy
      recycled plastic ones this time. Craig Heaney, grateful for his support. Have applied
      to Community Covid Fund for £1500


    5. CCDT [AF]

      Castle Gardens planning to plant flower beds. Walled garden can’t go any further until
      get felling licence. Now has to wait until end of the summer.


      Sawmill Road – hope to get this patched. Bad potholes.
      Waiting for quotes to do estate gates at main Castle Driveway.

      Looking to put in power – all tools obtained through grant are electric.


    6. Treasurer's report [MN] Attached as Appendix V

      1. Five week month so no bank statement yet. No transactions cleared. Playpark to SC.
        Clerk’s fee and fee for gala.


      2. Funds available to CC £2830.81


Main agenda

  1. Seven Sisters [AF]

    1. Had another meeting. Planning application sometime in March. Map of where
      accesses are going to be arrived this evening. ACTION AF will circulate.

      Now 194 houses. SC are insisting there must be one bedroomed flats. Want future
      accessible flats, 2 lower are wheelchair accessible.

      Stirling High are increasing to five houses because of increase in numbers.

      MMacA had asked that Section 75 be reviewed regarding number of houses,
      including those at the Mill development, being built, but hasn’t had a satisfactory


  2. Quarry Road [DC]. Attached as Appendix VI

    1. Issue with embankment falling into the burn. Virtual meeting on 26 February with
      Clare Elliot (CE) from SC, Flooding Co-ordinator and two residents. Main topic was
      damage to embankment. How had damage been caused, flood, thunderstorm in
      September. Are SC accepting responsibility, it’s an adopted road. May need culvert.
      CE has reported to her manager, to the safety manager. Nothing promised yet.
      MMacA – is there a timescale? CE is supposed to be organising a survey to see
      where water is coming from. ACTION DC will keep in touch regarding safety.


  3. Murrayshall and ROMP [DC]. Attached as Appendix VII


    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    1. Decision arrived this afternoon, allowing appeal. Paterson’s have won subject to 16
      conditions. Main condition is Polmaise Road must be improved before access is used.
      (This is something we asked for. Road couldn’t be used by HGVs without
      improvement. There was nothing in original application to say they would improve it.)
      DC can’t see who will pay for the improvements. Reporter has said unless road is
      improved Paterson’s can’t use access. KR if Paterson’s have to pay for this it may
      put them off. Tillicoultry had said they could run lorries on existing road.


    2. KR can they have just one access? DC pretty certain that ROMP will allow two
      accesses. SC issued draft ROMP conditions before Christmas which mentioned two
      accesses. Reporter paragraph 12 says ‘because SC had included two accesses in
      conditions’ this is what will be approved.


      Can’t see any way of stopping Paterson’s Quarry.


      Typing error in February report – Paterson consultants mixed up. ACTION HB


    3. How to publicise this decision? On Facebook? ACTION DC will draft something.


  4. City Fibre maintenance (MMacA)

    Roads under two year warranty. Supposed to be restored in good condition. Either
    phone contact centre at SC 40404. Or email Details of how to
    report issues has been placed on our Facebook page, this will be made into a
    poster and placed in our notice boards.


  5. Scottish Field article – Jaffrey

    1. Craig Heaney wrote article in Scottish Field. Has donated £100 fee to Greener
      Cambusbarron. ACTION MMacA will send to DC to scan and circulate.


  6. Garages at the school [JP]

    1. Serious safety concerns. PC was going to look into this some years ago. One has
      now fallen down, there are piles of rubbish. AF has had meetings specifically about
      this. ACTION MMacA – file report, cc Councillors citing danger


  7. Response to email - speeding on Touch Road

    1. MMacA forwarded email beginning of March from resident. Concerns about no signs,
      speed limit changing, nothing about school children crossing etc. Christine
      Simpson sent to Traffic Management. Response - Traffic Officer area was going to
      look at how to improve environment for pedestrians and consider signage.
      DECISION CC recognises concerns, awaiting result of proper survey.

      ACTION MMacA will write and update resident on this decision.


  8. Kersebonny Path [AF]

    1. Link with footpath plan from KR and DC.

      KR has taken photographs. Not viable – land it goes through is owned by Scottish
      Government administered by AMY. Would have to make it a very formal, expensive
      path, high fencing with motorway. Current route through estate is safer. Originated
      with resident in Persimmons.

      No through path from Citizen Jaffrey and the park – only route is out on main road.
      KR looked at this with SC officer – private developments probably won’t allow this.
      Should have been done when houses first built.


      HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

      DC – on plan – no big difference between going through the park as opposed to the
      other route down to the motorway. Funders would want to know how paths would be


    2. AF circulated photographs. If could upgrade Kersebonny Road path it would be much


      KR have cleared burn and piled rubbish on field. The existing ‘path’ is quite narrow
      and would probably need widening. Clearing burn leaseholder of field has left piles of
      rubbish etc.


      Do we have Footpath Officer at this moment? KR lost contact with person appointed
      in 2019. ACTION KR ring SC 404040 and ask for email.


      There was a discussion regarding whether this is a core path. Path needs draining at
      the least. KB it would take a lot of money to improve. Path would need raising etc.
      Another option would be to boardwalk a section.


      JP went upside down briefly at this point.


    3. ACTION MMacA will amend application for funding including ‘boardwalk’ and ‘steps’,
      will revisit in April. Gate to replace stiles so dogs can have access?


      9078CB /01 Core path reference.


  9. Feeding the Bees project [AF]

    1. Suggestion - not getting some grass verges cut to encourage bees? Continue to keep
      grass verges in village tidy.


  10. AOCB

    1. Easter project [MN] Attached as Appendix VIII

      Sunflower seeds, compost etc. Wellbeing. Will be put together this week to go to
      school 22-23 March.


      1. Enquiries will be made re allergies to chocolate.


    2. Brown bins. MMacA has written to Councillors. Do we have to have a number on bin?
      License is sticker which goes on bin.


    3. Benches in park.

      MMacA wants to apply for £1500 to Community Pride for benches.

      DECISION agreed unanimously. ACTION MMacA apply for funds.


    4. AF – mobile CCTV for the village? MMacA not sure this is allowed. In co operation
      with shops might be able to have additional cameras. ACTION MMAcA to contact
      Pam Campbell.


  11. Items to carry forward for April agenda.


  12. Date of next meeting

    Tuesday April 20 at 7pm. Zoom link to be advised.


  13. DECISIONS taken at this meeting

  1. Speeding on Touch Road MMacA


    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021


    Benches in park apply to Community Pride






    Approved February minutes to AF for Stirling Council



    Cambusbarron Fund application posters



    Insurance for CC members



    Parking concerns



    Report anti social behaviour at quarry to police again



    Litter picking etc



    Seven Sisters - accesses map to be circulated



    Keep in touch with Clare Elliot re safety



    Amend quarry report appendix for February minutes



    Draft social media post for Quarry update



    Scottish Field Jaffrey article circulate



    Garages concerns



    Update resident re speeding issue



    Find out who current Footpath Officer is



    Amend funding to include boardwalks etc



    Benches - apply for funding



    Mobile CCTV regulations etc contact Pam Campbell





    Dates of next meetings

    20 April, 18 May, 16 June, 21 September, 19 October, 16 November

    18 January 2022



    The Meeting closed at 8:55pm



    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    Appendix I



    16/03/2021 – Cambusbarron Community Council


    Our priorities in the Cambusbarron area continue to
    be Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug
    dealing, Road Safety and Community Engagement
    and Reassurance.


    Name of




    Crime Reports for Cambusbarron area between


    Detected cases: 4


    17/02/2021 – Road traffic offence (dirt bike)
    28/02/2021 – 2 x Breach of Coronavirus

    03/03/2021 – Possession of a controlled drug

    09/03/2021 – Assault/Breach of the Peace



    Undetected: 1


    14/03/2021 – Failure to report a road traffic


    Total Crime Reports: 5


    There were 32 calls made to Police for the
    Cambusbarron area over the stated period. The
    calls relate to a number of incidents including anti-
    social behaviour, domestic matters, road traffic


    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021


    matters, vulnerable/missing persons and neighbour



    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    Incidents of



    Efforts are always being made to obtain
    intelligence in relation to substance misuse and
    drug dealing in the Cambusbarron area.


    Any information regarding substance misuse and
    drug dealing is welcomed, and can be reported to
    Police Scotland via Tel: 101, to Crime stoppers, or
    directly to the Community Officers via:



    Your information/name will never be disclosed.

    Over the last month we have received 7 calls
    (some on the same day/similar time) from
    members of the public in relation to dirt/quad
    bikes being used at said location. Police have
    attended on each occasion and as a result 3 crimes
    have been detected.


    On 17/02/2021 one male was traced riding a dirt
    bike within the quarry and was issued with a
    formal warning under the terms of the Anti-social
    Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004.


    On 28/02/2021 two males were traced within a
    van close to the quarry entrance with dirt bikes
    within. Police did not observe the males riding
    dirt bikes and as such they were unable to be
    officially warned under legislation however both
    males were issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice in
    relation to a breach of Coronavirus Regulations.


    We will continue to carry out high visibility
    patrols wherever possible.


    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021






    We are continuing to work with Stirling Council
    in order to monitor the footpaths at Burnside and
    the path leading from the Touch Road towards the
    football pitches in relation to empty blister packs
    found at said locations. If anyone has information
    with regards to who is responsible for this then
    please contact PC’s Barclay and King at the email
    address noted below. We will continue to monitor
    this area as much as possible and update you
    should there be any developments.




    We have been made aware of parking issues on
    Main Street, opposite the junction for Birkhill
    Road. I believe Stirling Council have also been
    made aware and we shall work together in order to
    alleviate the issue. Please be advised that Stirling
    Council have enforcement powers and Police
    Scotland have enforcement powers in limited
    circumstances only.


    We will carry out high visibility patrols wherever



    Please e-mail any feedback/questions to PCs King

    and Barclay:-




    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021


    Cambusbarron Primary and Nursery Headteacher Update 16.03.21


    • Transition,

    • Returning to School

    • Mitigations in Place

    • Vandalism and Dog fouling

    • Outdoor Learning


    Transition arrangements


    P1 transition discussions with children have begun which help to shape the transition
    planning which is underway including discussions with feeder nurseries. Plan will be to
    include physical visits to the P1 rooms and outside space but mindful of covid guidelines.


    Plans for virtual transition to SHS are well into development by our High School colleagues
    and will be shared by the Stirling High team in due course. The understanding is that virtual
    transition planning will be amended should face to face transition opportunities be permitted.


    All classes returning to school


    We are delighted that all classes have returned to school this week. It is understanding that
    parents get anxious; this is an unprecedented time. HWB is the most important thing. What
    we want most is to receive children who are happy, feel safe and secure and loved. We
    know our families really well. We know those who are finding this time more challenging. We
    already have a clear idea of where we may need to focus emotional support or learning
    support when the children return. The school team will be very responsive to this.


    Over the first couple of weeks we will quickly establish where the children are at in their
    learning; particularly in reading, writing and numeracy. Teachers are highly experienced and
    skilled at assessing where children are at and establishing next steps in learning.


    We also have our data from tracking remote engagement and the ongoing feedback from
    remote learning. We are in a strong place to start from. It is a very different picture to
    returning from lockdown 1.


    To help with this we have been awarded over £6000 to support learning by the Scottish
    Government. This money will be used to pay for additional staffing to support focussed
    learning groups where gaps have been identified. Our SLA team is also now up to full
    strength which gives us more flexibility around deployment.


    Finally, I just wanted to say how proud I am of the staff team who at times, like many of us,
    have been at a saturation point.


    Mitigations In Place

    We are following Government advice to ensure the school is Covid safe. This includes;


    - Hand sanitising units are installed at all entry and exit points and in the classrooms.


    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021



    Appendix IV


    Greener Report

    Plans are being formulated for the new season taking current restrictions into consideration. An application
    for funding to replace tubs which are ageing has been made to Community Pride. We are grateful to Craig
    Heaney for his support which will help keep us Outstanding. We have also applied for funding from the
    community COVID fund.



    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    Appendix V



    Cambusbarron Community Council Main Account


    Of this the sum

    held in trust are






    Opening Balance










    WWW1 Exhib














    Greener Cambs







    Elephant I T Sky







    Touch K/BSeats







    Micro Grants







    Covid-19 S/C







    Covid-19 W/F







    Multi Playpark





































    Funds Available to C/C







    Appendix VI



    REPORT FOR [VIRTUAL] MEETING 16th March 2021


    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    A virtual meeting was held on 26th February between myself on behalf of CCC, Claire Elliot [CE], Stirling
    Council Flood Co-ordinator and two residents with a direct interest in the issues.

    There was a general consensus that the issue of water welling up through the surfacing at the Quarry Rd
    Touch Rd junction had been resolved, possibly due to remedial work by Public Utilities, but no details had
    been passed to CCC. This matter will be monitored

    The agenda for the meeting was

    1. introductions

    2. description of the issues on Quarry Rd

    3. when/how the issue arose

    4. responsibility for remedial action

    5. form of remedial action

    6. programme for remedial action

    7. temporary measure for public safety.

      No formal acceptance of responsibility from SC for maintenance of Quarry Rd embankment, but
      my view is that this will be forthcoming. Possible remedial actions include a barrier with pre-seeded
      reinforcement of the embankment or a culvert with a grass covering formed into a ‘swale’

      SC are keen to identify the source of the flooding before any remedial action proposed, but the
      current safety concerns and ned for temporary protection was highlighted.

      Actions arising from the meeting were

      1. CE will summarise discussion and present report to her manager

      2. CE will copy report to SC’s Safety officer

      3. CE to arrange survey of primary source of flooding onto Quarry Rd

      4. DC offered to meet [COVID-19 Regs permitting] any inspector on site to identify flooding source

      5. JMcA will continue to monitor damage to his property

      6. DC will report progress to CCC

      CE has completed actions a, b : actions e, f are ongoing
      Copy of meeting note attached as appendix


      Douglas Campbell
      13th March 2021

      APPENDIX 1



      Claire Elliot: Stirling Council Flood Co-ordinator. [CE/SC]
      Douglas Campbell: Cambusbarron Community Council [DC/CCC}
      J McArthur: resident [JMcA]

      J Mailer: resident [JM]



    8. introductions

    9. description of the issues on Quarry Rd

    10. when/how the issue arose

    11. responsibility for remedial action

    12. form of remedial action


      HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    13. programme for remedial action

    14. temporary measure for public safety.


  1. description of the issues on Quarry Rd


    DC outlined issues at the lower section of Quarry Rd Cambusbarron. These were series of slips in
    the small embankment supporting the east side of the road and a length of kerb-line previously
    repaired by SC starting to move in towards the burn.

    In addition, the wall supporting JMcA garden property has been undermined, and this process is
    continuing, exacerbated by the soil from the embankment slip pushing the burn flow towards his

    A previous reported problem where water was welling up through the surfacing of the Touch Rd

    /Quarry Rd junction appears to have been resolved.

    The community view was that the above are a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles using Quarry Rd
    because of the ongoing movement of the slips, the close proximity of the edge [about 300mm] from
    the kerbline, and the drop from road level to burn level of approximately 2m

  2. when/how the issue arose


    JMcA and JM stated that during a heavy storm in the latter half of 2020 water cascaded down
    Quarry road, overtopped the kerb line and caused the damage to the embankment.


    DC suspected that there was also a component of damage caused by water flowing through the road
    sub-surface construction


    CE plans to identify the source of flooding and proposes arranging survey of the upstream features.


  3. responsibility for remedial action


    DC referred to an email from Maria Lucey on 23rd September 2020 on general responsibility
    for flood damage where it appeared that SC were not accepting maintenance responsibility for
    this adopted road, but highlighting upstream land owners. DC’s reply of 27th Sept was
    mentioned [see extract on land ownership as appendix to these notes]


    Discussion on possible land ownership by Margrave Estate. Stated that since Quarry Road was
    an adopted road [adopted about 12 years ago after upgrading work by SC] the view of CCC was
    that SC were responsible for maintenance, including for the supporting embankment.


    Currently SC do not formally accept this, but further investigations ongoing


  4. form of remedial action


On basis that item [4] above is resolved, CE explained that two main options for SC remedial


  1. Leave as open culvert but install safety barrier to protect from ‘greater that 1m’ drop, and possibly
    use a pre-seeded fabric to stabilise the embankment

  2. Culvert the burn [possibly perforated pipe] covering by ‘swale’ -grass covering over pipe formed
    into a ditch shape.


Noted that for [1] since Quarry Road has no footpath, and no room for a footpath, the construction
of a barrier would force pedestrians onto the road.


HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

J McA, as resident mainly affected by any remedial works expressed support for option 2.


  1. programme for remedial action


    CE explained that any permanent remedial action unlikely to be in near future due to lack of
    resources, both financial and physical, but that a report will be given to manager on the issues


  2. temporary measure for public safety


Community expressed concern at the current safety issues associated with the hazards and asked
thatas a temporary measure that some form of barrier be secured to highlight and safeguard the


CE advised that roads officer inspected site on regular basis



CE will summarise discussion and present report to manager
CE will copy report to SC’s Safety officer

CE to arrange survey of primary source of flooding onto Quarry Rd

DC offered to meet [COVID-19 Regs permitting] any inspector on site to identify flooding source
JMcA will continue to monitor damage to his property

DC will report progress to CCC


Notes prepared by Douglas Campbell
Cambusbarron Community Council
28th February 2021


Appendix VI






    DPEA Appeal Ref PPA-390-2072


    Firstly, a correction to February report. Third paragraph, delete Pinsent Masons and substitute


    I am still not aware of any response from Patersons to reporter on possible requirement for EIA


    On 24th February I submitted a response on behalf of CCC to the reporter on both Stirling Council’s
    and Patersons submission on the ’29 matters’. In addition, as the reporter had requested details of
    proposed ROMP conditions form the two quarry operators. I also submitted at the same time a
    copy of CCC comments [previously sent to SC in Oct 2018] ‘for information’, but the reporter has
    decided not to formally consider this document



    HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

    I was informed on 11th March that the “reporter has carried out an unaccompanied site inspection.


    On 16th March the reporter’s decision was announced: I allow the appeal and grant planningpermission subject to the 16 conditions listed at the end of the decision notice. I draw attention to
    the 3 advisory notes at the end of the notice


    One of the main conditions is that Polmaise Rd must be improved in accordance with the Systra
    report before the access is used. Details of other conditions will be given in a subsequent report.




No further information on progress of ROMP.


Douglas Campbell
16th March 2021


HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021

image of leaflet


HB draft minutes 133 CBCC March 2021