November 2021 Minutes

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APPROVED minutes Meeting 139 Cambusbarron Community Council held Tuesday 16 November 2021

Members and office bearers

Marion MacAllister, Chair (MMacA) Janice Paterson, Vice Chair, (JP) Ann Finlayson, Secretary (AF) Keith Ratcliffe (KR)

Melissa Nelson, Treasurer (MN) Jennifer Macleod, Planning (JM)* Cathie Graham (CG) * Douglas Campbell (DC)

Richard Blore (RB) Scott Farmer (SF) elected rep Christine Simpson, elected rep (CS)* Neil Benny (NB) elected rep* Ross Barclay, police (PK ) * Mark Hill, Headteacher (MH) Michael Stewart (MS) Guy Milligan (GM)

Helen Bang, minute clerk (HB)

1. Introductions and Welcome (MMacA)

1.1 The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting via Zoom. She introduced everyone to the guests

1.2 *Apologies were received from Cathie Graham, Janice Paterson, Jennifer Macleod.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

2.1 The minutes of the October 138 Zoom meeting were approved with the following amendments: Section 3.11 Ewan not Euan.

Proposed MN, Seconded. DC ACTION HB to AF for Stirling Council.

2.2 Conflicts of interest declared

AF on CCDT Board, MN Walled Garden Group, RB on Management Group. AF and MN Save Gillies Hill. HB takes minutes for Carron Valley & District CC.

AOB – carry forward links with community councils.

3. Matters arising

3.1 Playpark improvements.

It is hoped that we will resume dialogue with SC before Christmas in order to establish a set of actions and a timetable towards full usage of the park by spring and that plans will be put in place for additional play equipment.

Donna Mills has sent a list of dates – ACTION MN to look at these so it can be set up before Christmas.

3.2 Kersebonny speed changes and verges (MMacA)

Mill development traffic has caused huge potholes. If Roads Dept want to wait until work finished before reinstating the road that’s okay but potholes need attention.

We have had no communication from SC with regard to the condition of the verges on Kersebonny. It may be they wish to wait until the construction at the mill is completed before reinstatement hover several of the potholes are very large and could cause a nasty accident should a car hit one in the dark and some temporary repairs would be advisable. ACTION SF.


3.3 Persimmons adoption (MMacA)


By January SC will have adopted this estate. Some remedial work to roads and burn required. Work should be complete by 17 December.

When SC are the owners for Citizen Jaffray and the Persimmons Estate, Home Farm Road, can look again at putting a footpath in.

Please see the latest reports from Scott Carter at Persimmons.

1. An update of progress is as below;

· Scottish Water works now fully completed on-site.

· Scottish Water have been made aware, and we await a Scottish Water Inspection to confirm acceptance, and subsequently vesting of the assets.

· PHES (Persimmons Homes east Scotland) and SLC (Stirling Local Council) have agreed a scope of road remedial works. These has been costed and since agreed.

· Road remedial works will progress on site on 27nd November 2021 and should be fully completed by 17th December 2021.

· On completion, SLC will inspect and hopefully accept roads as completed.

· Additional Works require to be carried out within burn, downstream of the SUDS Basin, due to silting/overgrowth and lack of maintenance and these will be carried out in tandem with the roads adoption works.

2. I have just had a monthly update call with Scottish Water where I advised that the Scottish Water works were completed at Cambusbarron, the FSA (Scottish Water Inspector) normally inspects within 2 weeks of the request date. I would be confident that the Scottish Water assets will be vested by the end of November.

As for Roads, unless Neil disagrees, I think this year would be optimistic. With a completion date of 17th December, it’s unlikely (with PHES year end and Local Authority Pressures) that we will manage a completion walkover before January. I think it would be reasonable to target January to build in some bunce for winter weather and potential slippage in programme.

It will be good to have the completed and finally off the agenda!

When SC are formal owners we can relook at establishing a footpath from Citizen Jaffrey Court into Home Farm Road as SC will then own both developments which should make planning and budgeting a much easier proposition.

3.4 Seven Sisters (AF)

Nothing new to report. Waiting to set up a meeting. Just waiting on a start date.

3.6 Meeting with Carlyn Fraser (AF)

Met in June - some things raised then have now been done. In July in newspaper that they were going to close Underwood Cottages for resurfacing. Residents moved cars etc. but it didn’t happen, no answer why this didn’t happen and when it will be happening. SF one of the proposals was that the path network at Underwood Cottages is inadequate. ACTION SF will enquire why.


3.8 Footpath Project (MMacA)

Nothing new to report. Difficulties with volunteers.

3.9 Burnside Bridge (RB)

Pending – hopes to complete before next meeting.

3.10 Quarry Road (DC)

After long dialogue with SC a temporary fence has been erected along the embankment. The slip is still there so the road is still potentially dangerous. Should DC contact SC again? ACTION DC.


3.11 Motorway Bridge (DC)

Email sent to BEAR Scotland Tommy Deans – going to set up meeting with SC and the police to discuss reducing suicide risk from this location. Not heard back, wrote again on 12 November.

3.12 Bins/Litter/Dog Waste/Flytipping (MN)

Continuing with reporting. Some flytipping at bus stop, this can be reported online – need to make community aware of how easy this is to report on the website. Library have bags etc.

4 bags of domestic waste left by bus stop.ACTION MMacA to put online.ACTION AF laminating posters. ACTION MN email Keep Scotland Beautiful re trolley.

3.13 Burnside Orchard (RB)

To be cleared and grass-seeded.

3.14 Fleming Trust (AF)

MMacA and AF had productive meeting with Laura at the library. Happy with getting something constructed that will have the book properly displayed. Need to find a joiner to build this. Does anyone know a carpenter who could do this? MN what about the Smith museum? Would they have something appropriate. ACTION MMacA to ask. RB will look at it.

3.15 Child First Aid courses (MN)

MN has made contact with Lindsay – needs to email her again re dates. ACTION MN. First Aid has moved on – want to run paediatric first aid courses in the community for a nominal sum – e.g. £3 – (actual cost £20 per person, CC to fund. People outside the community would pay going rate.

3.16 Touch Road benches (RB)

In progress. One will be sited close to entrance to old waterworks, the other on bend where footpath will go to lime kilns.


3.17 Christmas in Cambusbarron / Community Pride Dates (AF)

Community Pride changing date caused problems. Waiting to hear if we’re going to get anything from the fund.

The change of Community Pride dates should have been advised to the CC as it has seriously affected work on planned Christmas celebrations. It was 5 October – it had changed to 29 September by the time we went online to apply. It was changed online but not notified any other way. MMacA has informed Stephen Bly:


It was with great disappointment that we discovered that the advertised date of 5th October had been moved to the 29th September. Community groups had missed this change as it was not advertised but only changed on the online document and have therefore had to apply at the next date and have had to change/amend their plans. This has caused extra work and we are uncertain if Christmas plans are achievable. Given that we all have email addresses now and that a generic email can be sent with ease can we ask that changes like this be communicated to the community councils?

3.18 Shelloch Windfarm (MMacA)

Paperwork is out from EDF. Each of the 6 Community Councils will get £20K per annum.

There is an option to invest in this, paperwork has been circulated, not urgent at present.

3.19 Triangle Citizen Jaffray (MMacA)

MMacA has written to Ogilvie in September regarding acquiring/leasing this land. AF reply says land has been handed to factors at Citizen Jaffray court. State of it is not acceptable at present.

DC could CC approach factor to discuss how this could be done?

MS is resident at Jaffray Court – there are issues already, but most residents regard this triangle of land as a liability rather than an asset. Doesn’t think anyone would object to improving it. MS agreed to be informal liaison in this matter.

3.20 Relationship with Carron Valley CC (MMacA)

Email last month from Carron Valley, looking to have group to exchange thoughts re relationship with SC. Suggesting Zoom meeting Tuesday 23 November at 7:30pm. MN happy to represent CC.

3.21 AGM planning (MMacA) Tuesday 18 January 7pm

Options – use community centre, bowling club? ACTION AF book community centre. Asked CC members to consider roles. JP is out of action long-term owing to an injury. Another person being Chair to be considered.

3.22 Meeting dates for next year: Tuesdays 18 January, 15 February, 15 March, 19 April,

17 May, 21 June, 20 September, 18 October, 15 November. The school is not currently available to book.

4. Reports

4.1 Police Report.

Attached as Appendix I

4 detected cases in area. This report covers October as well. Also refers to accidents on St Ninians road – see item 5 on minutes.

4.2 School Report [HT] Attached as Appendix II

Have been improving the playground, extending primary one area. Maths resource – active maths – online facilities, maths games. Training teachers to use this.

Outdoor learning – part of improvement plan. Have completed grab bags. Looking to remove barriers to outdoor learning – the bags contain washing lines, polypockets with items. Training learning through landscapes. Forest Valley Orienteering –


awarded a grant to map the Polmaise Woods, agreed to do some work with the school.

Measures same re Covid inside school. Supporting agencies e.g. complex needs team, are now able to work with pupils directly again. This week is Book Week Scotland. Doing treasure hunts today. Library have joined this initiative.

There has been an upturn in litter around the school, nursery had raised funds for a greenhouse and this was vandalised 48 hours after being put up. Liaising with Community Police regarding this. Nursery looking at alternatives. Thanks to local neighbours for keeping an eye out.

Parent Council meeting on Thursday 18 November – pedestrian safety an issue raised. Issues with traffic in the village. Perceived lack of response from Stirling Council so far. (MMacA See item 5.)

MMacA – need for up-to-date CCTV, can this be expedited in the light of damage now done to equipment at school.

SF – possibility but dependent on measures going through financial committee, SC have underspend in capital programme owing to Covid and Brexit – issues of staff having to self-isolate, supply problems with basic materials. Therefore looking at other projects that can be progressed.

MMacA asked on cost of greenhouse. ACTION MH


4.3 Murrayshall and ROMP [DC]

Not much to report. Local members wrote letter on behalf of community to Patersons – sent week ending 16 October.

4.4 Sequoia Group (Save Gillies Hill) (MN)

DC has done mapping work. Educate and show people what would be lost. Trying to keep an area for the sequoias. Hoping to arrange a walk, getting some posters to advertise this. Launching new website soon, this will raise awareness. MMacA thanked MN and DC for all their work on this.

4.5 Greener Cambusbarron [MMacA] Report circulated.

We have been fortunate that we have avoided any early frosts and the tubs still look colourful and tidy. We will however empty and winterise all of the tubs over the next few weeks. Volunteers are, as always; welcome to help with this task. SC has supplied us with bags for disposal and will uplift. Thanks again to Land Services who are a great assistance.


Residential boundary should be started shortly. Bringing in contractors to take down trees we can’t remove. Larch needs removing at top of quarry. May conflict with red squirrels.

Walled garden – felling has been done, land needs clearing and container bringing in.

Castlegate – working on this, have funding for new gates.

Patersons path – this was progressing then it seems to have stopped and gone to planning. Won’t start this until end of November at earliest.

MMacA thanked CCDT.


4.7 Treasurer's report [MN]

This has been a quiet month. We have purchased a new strimmer.

£2999.25 available.

Reminder to councillors to submit expenses to MN. ACTION ALL


4.8 Planning [JP]

Nothing new to report.

Main agenda

5 Road accidents on St Ninians Road The Chair read out a statement:

This community council are obviously disappointed by the recent spate of road accidents on St Ninians Road. This disappointment not only due to the accidents but to the fact that for a number of years we have attempted to address speeding in the village and road safety. Some members of the community may not be aware that we, as the community council, introduced the flashing speed signs at the village entrances, the 20mph in the village centre, the zebra crossing near the community centre and were very active in the introduction of yellow lines at dangerous areas in the village and actively promoted the adherence to the one way system in Murray Place and the renewal of the road paint. Road safety was a main argument against the Seven Sisters development. For more years that I care to remember we have asked for speed checks at both Touch and St Ninians Road and this has sadly been largely ignored. Reports have been made to Police Scotland with regard to “boy racers” in hot hatchbacks with location and times that they were noted to have been seen, but while some speed checks were carried out no effective action appears to have resulted

Some general issues of road safety in the community that the CC have successfully addressed include work to reduce the speed limit on Kersebonny Road and to change the dangerous junction on to Home Farm Road. We have been very active in the area of safety both on and off the road. We had a zoom meeting before the summer with a member of the roads team regarding a number of issues one of which was the trees growing over, and obscuring, the camera which controls the speed flashing lights. This remained obscured for several weeks until we took further action, this lack of attention to safety matters is very concerning.

It should be noted and understood that the new methodology imposed upon the community council by Stirling Council by which the community council cannot report matters to SC until a meeting has been held and the action approved and minuted constrains the cc from taking action in these type of matters as quickly as the community might wish us to do. Over the summer, in multiple emails, we stated that this administrative change, made without consultation, would cause the community council difficulty and this would evidence this. It would be hoped that SC now listen and make the appropriate changes to allow us to represent our community freely. (As confirmed today 15th November we may send emails to Community Enquiries for assistance if this is then minuted at the next meeting.)

Some members of the community may still feel we have been remiss in our actions but hopefully the above report on historical CC actions on road safety matters will allay some of these concerns and highlight that tried to draw this road safety issues to the attention of SC and Police Scotland


With regard to the recent spate of road safety issues on St Ninians Rd, it is noted that that community members and the church have reported these to SC. It is anticipated that the CC will endorse these concerns at this evening’s meeting. Hopefully, a report will be prepared by the Roads Department and action may take place thereafter. It will also include reports from Police Scotland, which will give an insight to the circumstances behind each crash and whether this could have been prevented.

Our MSP is also involved. Our community police officers will be in the village carrying out speed checks and foot patrols; concerns should be reported to them on 101.

We will actively follow this action and, will hopefully, have a part to place in any remediation which is deemed suitable but for now it is for SC to take this forward.

There was a discussion:

MS – lives at Citizen Jaffray court, overlooking junction with Home Farm Road. Also a serving police officer but doesn’t work locally. Can’t officially be involved, but has professional knowledge.

His wife has contacted road safety at SC several times, got no action. Sent an email when a car overturned a couple of days ago Angela McGibbon, road safety officer, says that speed not a factor which seems unlikely.

An accident less than 3 weeks ago which demolished part of a wall. Road traffic police didn’t attend, just regular officers, explanation was as car came around the bend, there was a car coming out of Home Farm Road and car had to swerve to avoid it. Not really an explanation.

Where the car going into the wall accident happened, school children often congregate, it could have been so much worse.

MMacA – the CC has raised this many times. Now responsibility of SC.

KR – considerable discussion on social media regarding this. Several residents have registration number of the same car, been reported but been ignored. MMacA has passed on details of specific car to the police but nothing has happened. Meetings with police have been unsatisfactory. Police reports have been watered down.

MN – can MS suggest anything that could be done? Eg. Wearing high viz vests, drawing attention to issue.

MS there have been 5 serious accidents in past 6 months – has been in local newspapers. Police are under resourced, don’t have time to send officers as dealing with many other matters. Speed bumps are the only answer.

SF - SC does not have a policy of no speed bumps but it is a rural road, with lighting etc. not conducive to speed bumps, could cause accident itself. Has been in touch with road safety staff, they are looking at police reports, investigations are underway. Once have collated evidence they will do a speed survey. Police Scotland are going to increase presence.

KR – with Seven Sisters development it is no longer a rural road, it has become an urban road. 20mph should be introduced on the whole road. Roundabout near Kings


Park corner has introduced measures. SF has raised this with the service to ask for 20mph to be increased.

MS could have signs alerting drivers to speed bumps.

KR now lots of areas with different measures. Speed bumps, chicanes etc.

RB recent incidents were with drunk and drug driving (leaving scene of accident). Don’t care about signs, measures etc. Police need to look at apprehending these drivers.

MS – chicanes can be dangerous on a high-speed road, speed bumps would be better. Speed is a major issue on this road.

MN – how would Barratt Homes react to this issue? Is it going to affect desirability of properties?

The Chair expressed concerns that CC has no role in this. DC - we need to get road safety people and ideally the police to a meeting to explain why speed is not an issue in these accidents, explain why speed bumps are not appropriate if they think so. Asked SF to ensure that police and council officials attend. ACTION MMacA/SF.


5.2 Ownership of land where primary school is located – SC acquired the land from dairy farmer Robertson on 12 July 1963.

6 Correspondence

6.1 Nothing to report.


7.1 No other business.

8 Date of next meeting

8.1 AGM This will be held on Tuesday 18 January at 7pm via Zoom followed by the regular meeting.

9 Decisions taken at this meeting

No formal votes were taken at this meeting.

10 Actions

2.1 Approved October minutes to AF for SC HB

3.1 Playpark MN

3.2 Kersebonny verges SF

3.10 Quarry Road DC

3.12 Flytipping posters online, laminating, contact KSB MMacA/AF/MN

3.14 Smiths museum - cabinet for library MMacA

3.15 Child First Aid courses MN

3.21 Book community centre for AGM January 2022 AF

4.2 Advise on cost of greenhouse MH

4.7 Reminder to submit expenses to Treasurer ALL

5.1 Arrange road safety meeting with council officials and police MMacA/SF

11 The Meeting closed at 9:05pm.



 Crime reports

Crime Reports for Cambusbarron area between 19/09/2021-15/11/21.


Detected cases: 4


22/09/2021 – Breach of bail

26/09/2021 – Section 38 offence (threatening abusive behaviour)

10/10/2021 – Assault to injury 14/11/2021 – Breach of bail


Undetected: 5


21/09/2021 – theft of pedal cycle (Enquiry ongoing) 05/11/2021 – Vandalism (Enquiry ongoing) 05/11/2021 – Vandalism (Enquiry ongoing) 08/11/2021 – Fail to stop after accident

14/11/2021 – Drive vehicle whilst unfit through drugs


Total Crime Reports: 9

There were 86 calls made to Police for the Cambusbarron area over the stated period. The calls relate to a number of incidents including anti- social behaviour, theft, domestic matters, road


traffic matters, vulnerable/missing persons and neighbour disputes/ Parking issues

Of note there has been two calls In relation to road traffic collisions on St Ninians Road, Cambusbarron;

PS-20210925-2156 – Relates to two car collision on St Ninians Road whereby car is ended up on its roof. (No drivers charged or reported in relation to this incident)

PS-20211114-3063 – Relates to RTC whereby a vehicle has struck the embankment and ended up on its roof. (Driver of said vehicle will be subject of report to Procurator fiscal regarding this incident)

PC’s Barclay and King will be carrying out additional speed checks and patrols of St Ninians in light of recent road traffic collisions In this area.

Should residents have any concerns about speed on any other roads within the village then please let us know.

Previous areas reported to us include Main Street and Touch Road.


 Other Incidents of note/relevant Community Council information


Efforts are always being made to obtain intelligence in relation to substance misuse and drug dealing in the Cambusbarron area.


Cambusbarron Community Council – 16.11.21 – HT report


  • Book week running well with a host of book themed experiences being enjoyed across the school including live author sessions, authors on demand, book mark competitions, whole school outdoor book themed treasure hunt to name but a few. These activities will also count towards our bid for Silver Award Scottish Book Trust’s Reading Schools initiative. House Captains have been active in researching and planning this week's activities.
  • Heinemann Active Maths We have recently invested in updating our maths resources to further support Active Learning. The school has added Heinemann Active Maths to our bank of resources. Heinemann Active Maths is the first activity–led maths programme, created specifically for Scottish schools, with the Curriculum for Excellence and Active Learning at its core. Incorporates traditional print supports (Textbooks) with online activities, games and resources tailored to each maths levels. This term Teachers will familiarise themselves with this resource with additional training in our Feb Inservice days.
  • Outdoor Learning ‘grab bags’ have been completed and are now in regular use. Learning Through Landscapes will be working with the staff team in Nov and Dec to explore the teaching of Literacy outdoors, and then next session to look at numeracy.

School has also linked with Kieran Watts from Forth Valley Orienteering who has been awarded a grant to map the Polmaise Woods. As part of the grant application they will work with the school (2 classes) to run orienteering seesions

  • School Life

Cordali Music sessions being delivered in P1 and P1/2 marks the beginning of a return to normal. Music tuition has aslo made a welcomed return to school with in-person lessons being delivered.

Music and PE specialists are returning to in-school teaching on a rota across the authority. Our sessions will begin in term 4

Supporting agencies being allowed back into school if required – Complex Needs Team, ASN team which is very welcomed.

  • Vandalism

Nursery Greenhouse was erected and within 48 hours was vandalised. Nursery team are ;looking to replace but feel very disheartened regarding this.