January 2023 Minutes

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Approved minutes Cambusbarron Community Council Ordinary meeting 151 held on 17 January 2023 at the Community Centre at 7pm


Members, office bearers and residents

Janice Paterson, Vice Chair (JP) *         Ann Finlayson, Chair (AF) Melissa Nelson, Treasurer (MN)     Jennifer Macleod, (JM)* Cathie Graham (CG) *    Douglas Campbell, (DC)

Richard Blore (RB)                                Mark Hill, Headteacher (MH) * Shaun Nesbitt, Planning (SN)    PC Alastair Spike, police (AS)

PC Neil Hunter (NH)                              Neil Benny, elected representative (NB) Helen Bang, minute clerk (HB)


* Not in attendance at this meeting


1.              Welcome and Introductions

  • The Chair welcomed everyone to the


  • Apologies

Apologies were received from Janice Paterson, Jennifer McLeod and Mark Hill.


  • Minutes of previous meeting held 15 November 2022

These were approved. It was noted that Shaun Nesbitt is dealing with Planning applications. Proposed MN, seconded AF, ACTION HB to forward to AF for Stirling Council.


  • Conflicts of interest

The following conflicts of interest were noted: AF on CCDT Board, MN Walled Garden Group, RB on CCDT Management Group. MN Save Gillies Hill. JP Save Gilles Hill.


2                Matters arising


  • Burnside Orchard (RB)

This is on hold owing to the weather.


  • Benches (RB)

One bench has been made - ongoing.


  • Seven Sisters (NB)
    • There was a final date for councillors to call it in - 8 January, but the CC was on holiday and so unable to submit their objections.

Four bed houses have now changed to five bed houses. The CC had raised this concern before.

NB - it has not yet gone through. The Planning Officers have not yet considered it.

  • There was a discussion of the timeline - an email of 22 December email apologised for being late, it should have been sent on 21 December. But the developers had put in for request on 14 December so avoiding this Also this was during the run up to the Christmas break.


The CC expressed concerns about the affordability of houses - residents who might be able to afford a three bedroom house may not be able to afford a five bedroom house. The feeling was expressed that the developers were being deceitful regarding their plans after relationships had been improving.

Marketing materials have promoted the five bed houses prior to this being agreed by Planning. NB it would be good to have a contact at David Wilson Homes. ACTION NB to contact Bruce Walker.


The CC also informed NB that the electric points were put in during the summer without consultation. There are concerns about actions being taken at a time the CC is not meeting – i.e. summer months or the Christmas/New Year perios, and therefore cannot discuss.


SN queried how long we should have to raise concerns about a planning application.

ACTION SN to respond. It was agreed to circulate any planning applications of concern to other members of the CC. DC we can also ask for an extension

e.g. if the CC has not had a chance to meet to discuss something.


  • Rovers Park Project (RB)

Steps. This has been delayed owing to weather.


  • Play Park Improvements (AF)

Another meeting - James Aitken has taken over. A decision is needed on the gym equipment - the money (£35K) needs spending by 31 March. AF has asked for times to have a meeting, he hasn't got back yet.


MN queried if the money could be held in a dedicated account until we have the chance to spend it. There was a discussion regarding the type of equipment, if the money is coming from an external source there may be a fixed deadline by which it must be spent. Location - there are concerns that adult gym equipment is not suitable for a play park and may be better in another location. It is very difficult to source gym equipment for children. The skate park is a possibility.


The climbing frame needs replacing. To be discussed with James Aitken.



  • Quarry Road (DC)

The embankment slip issue. Unfortunately, Garry Neil, the Road Services Manager, has not responded yet. ACTION DC will chase again.


  • Fleming Trust (AF) Ongoing. ACTION AF


  • Motorway Bridges (DC)

Reducing risks. Following concerns raised, BEAR Scotland is running a trial at Glenbervie. This item can be removed from the agenda.


  • Who owns land around entrance to football park?


It seems to be cumulatively owned by people who own property at Hayford Mills. The CC is very concerned about the state of the bridge which they consider unsafe. ACTION DC to contact Hacking and Paterson regarding this.


  • Roads around village

The yellow lines were not reinstated after road surfacing. GIllies Hill, Wallace Place, Underwood Cottages were resurfaced. But not the section near Murray Place. There are potholes,         it's a bus route, a school route - it is especially bad on Underwood Road. At the new section near Underwood cottages the yellow lines have not been reinstated so people are parking on the corner and obstructing the buses. ACTION NB


  • Burnside - contact Barratt Homes

A video showing the Burnside water problem was shown - flooded field.

MN is to meet Chris Softley. If the burn can be cleared volunteers should be able to maintain it.

DC thinks Stirling Council need to replace the Seven Sisters culvert if necessary.

MN - Scottish Water is cleaning grates at the Co-Op on a weekly basis.

There is also confusion about who owns this land. DC showed a map - Stirling Council appear to own this land. AF - we were informed that the Council didn't own the land opposite Citizen Jaffray which was why they couldn't instate a path. ACTION AF to email map to Traffic.


3                Reports


  • Police (taken first as they were in attendance) (AS) Attached as Appendix I

8 crime reports. 5 undetected, 3 detected - threatening and abusive behaviour, see report for undetected. Extortion - information on Police Scotland website about helping people who may be vulnerable. LINK


Youth disorder – police have attended the Co-Op where there have been issues previously. Recent very cold and wet weather may have temporarily reduced the problem.


Police attended with radar gun.


Issues raised by CC - fire-raising vandalism at the school. Police unable to find a report of this. As well as attending the Co-Op, the police are increasing patrols. ACTION MN to advise MH re reporting any future issues.


It was noted that there has been vandalism to noticeboard at the Burnside.


A double decker bus has been abandoned for days at a time on Berkhill Road causing an obstruction. Advice - get registration and send via email to company asking them to park in a safer place.


  • School

No report received. NB has a meeting with MH later this week and will mention that the CC would like to reinstate closer links with the school.


  • Planning (SN)

Seven Sisters increase in house size - see item 2.3


  • Treasurer's Report (MN) Attached as Appendix II

Christmas at Cambusbarron. See Appendix III.


Internet banking. Some transactions were made with sole signatory over the Christmas period, this will now cease.


BACS payment Greener Cambusbarron £1,500, first of agreed payments. Further money can be claimed for items as necessary.


£2695.56 is available to the CC.


Items held in trust - money set aside for specific activities.


Awaiting further invoices for Christmas in Cambusbarron expenses.


  • Murrayshall Quarry and ROMP (DC)

To be removed from agenda. Review in April.


  • Sequoia Grove (MN)

Nothing new to report. Review in March.


  • Greener Cambusbarron (AF) No report this month.


  • CCDT (AF)

We were hoping to have land at the primary school - trees had been cut down. Trees are in a dangerous condition. People have arrived with chainsaws to remove wood, unsupervised. There are concerns about safety. It has not been possible to clear the trees owing to the inclement weather.

There is a locked gate on the path up to kennels. No access for vehicles, pedestrian access is via the side.

The fence at the quarry is to be replaced. There is currently no access to the viewpoint.


4                 Main Agenda

  • Website – See Appendix It was agreed to carry forward to February meeting. Derek Townsend is to be invited to this meeting. ACTION MN


  • Lack of crossing patrol due to illness

There has been no crossing patrol officer since November. They are looking to get it covered.


  • Potholes - see earlier


  • Spring Clean

Discuss in February 17 March, 17 April.


5                Correspondence (AF)

  • No Parking - double yellow lines in Paterson Place. This is an ongoing issue. The number of cars has increased.


  • Community Council elections - these will be held later this year – see below from Stephen Bly:

Stirling Council is putting in place the arrangements required to provide a full set of Community Council elections in the first half of 2023. Formal notice of election will be published in due course, but it is expected that the process will start around April. A full timetable will be published when set, with periods set out for nominations to be made, and, where required, for polls to be held. Once memberships have been elected, Stirling Council will support inaugural meetings of each Community Council.


This is a key moment and I will update you as we move along. In the meantime, I suggest you start to put out feelers in your community to gauge if any interest and keep a note of all who are keen.



  • Vandalism in the Burnside - to the notice It is not clear when this damage happened. ACTION AF will enquire about cleaning it.


6                AOCB

  • There was no further council


  • Date of next meeting: This will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 21 February 2023 in the Activities Room at the Community Centre.


8.       ACTIONS

Item   Action          Name

1.3     Approved November 2022 minutes to AF for Stirling Council            HB Draft January minutes to AF

  • Contact Bruce Walker re housing development communication NB
  • Raise objections to housing development with planning NB
  • Playpark improvements James Aitken meeting AF
  • Quarry Road – Garry Neil DC
  • Fleming Trust AF
  • Football park bridge concerns – advise Hacking and Paterson DC
  • Yellow lines not reinstated NB
  • Email map of land ownership to Traffic AF
  • Ask Mark Hill to inform police re vandalism at the school MN
  • Invite Derek Townsend to February CC meeting MN

5.3     Noticeboard vandalism – cleaning                                                  AF



The meeting closed at 9:10pm. Appendices follow: Appendix I Police Report


Name of Community Council

17/01/2023 – Cambusbarron Community Council meeting


Our priorities in the Cambusbarron area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug dealing, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.




Crime Reports for Cambusbarron area


between 14/11/2022- 13/01/2023


Undetected: 5


Vandalism, Fail to Stop, Theft, Assault,


Attempted Extortion


Detected: 3


Threatening and abusive behaviour


Total Crime Reports: 8


No crime trends have been identified for any specific area.



999/101 CALLS



There were 66 calls made to Police for the Cambusbarron area over the stated period. The calls relate to a number of incidents including vulnerable persons, missing persons, anti-social behaviour, assisting members of the public, domestic matters, road traffic matters and neighbour disputes. There were also issues with assaults, thefts and noise complaints as well as youth disorder.



Other Incidents of note/relevant Community Council




Efforts are always being made to obtain intelligence in relation to substance misuse and drug dealing in the Cambusbarron area.


Any information regarding substance misuse and drug dealing is welcomed, and can be reported to Police Scotland via tel or email.


Your information/name will never be disclosed.




Police are aware that there are several areas of youth disorder within Cambusbarron including the CO-OP. In order to combat this police have been conducting high visibility patrols throughout the area to dry and deter any anti-social behaviour.




Police carried out speed checks with hand held radar at Park Place after reports of speeding vehicles.



Feedback from meeting

Please e-mail any feedback/questions to PCs King and Spike:






Appendix II Treasurer’s Report


Cambusbarron Community Council Main Account                                                           Of this the sum held in trust are



Opening Balance





CHQ 010695       Toddlers M/Gran


WWW1 Exhib



CHQ 010698       Sep C/C Fee





CHQ 010697       Oct C/C Fee


Greener Cambs



CHQ 010696       Helen Bang AGM


Elephant I T Sky



BACS F/S            Greener Camb


Touch K/BSeats



CHQ 010699       Newletter M/Pres


Micro Grants



CHQ 010700       P/back A/F lights


Covid-19 S/C



CHQ 010701       M/Press CinCam


Covid-19 W/F



CHQ 010704       Nov C/C Fee


King GV P/Benc



CHQ 010703       Helen Bang Mins





CHQ 010708       P/back A/F Decs


Christmas in



CHQ 010710       P/back A/F lights





CHQ 010705       M/G Warm Spac





CHQ 010706       M/G CVN FirstAi





nternet Payment P/back A/F CinC





nternet Payment P/back CVN Cin





CHQ 010709       Angela CinCam







£13,804.05                                                                      £11,108.19




Available Funds to C/C                                                           £2,695.86


Appendix III Christmas in Cambusbarron Report


Christmas in Cambusbarron report


We started off by dropping leaflets to all the residents within Cambusbarron which I know were greatly received with a list of dates with all activities leading up to Christmas. This funded by Sums held in under Newsletter.


Foundation Scotland awarded the Christmas in Cambusbarron £3870 for Community groups like Gala Event , CVN and the oasis group all came under the umbrella for Christmas in Cambusbarron which have reported back to be a great success.



  1. Lights budget was £550. This was the biggest expensive and came in over budget at £602.41 (£52) this was pulled from No3 (oasis& cones) payments made by cheque and internet-banking
  2. A budget of £250.00 for 21 baskets were purchased with a total of

£168.65 (£81.35 left) payment to White Vines by internet banking.

  1. Oasis, cones and artificial accessories for the baskets it was a budget of £230 due to the owner of white vines using a lot of her own accessories are payment was only

£84.97 paid by internet banking leaving a total of £96.62 (£52 compensated for over spent on lights)

  1. Intergenerational event, budget was £620, with gift exchanged and a nice afternoon £564 (£444 internet banking to CVN & £119.45 cheque to Angela) leaving them a balance of £56.
  2. Craft, coffee morning and decorations for the Santa‘s lunch that budget was £250 this amount was fully spent. (£119.39 cheque & £130.61 Internet banking)
  3. A waiting invoices and receipt from Christmas Extravaganza for the Gala Events Group. Their budget was £1,970


At present there is a balance of £2,510.71


From the details above the fund has certainly gone to great use to benefit the community, making the first Christmas in Cambusbarron a success.

Internet banking was a quick simple action so people weren’t waiting too long to be reimburse.

Here’s to planning for 2023


Appendix IV Website

30th November 2022 Cambusbarron Community Council Dear Melissa,

Re: Cambusbarron Community Council website

Thanks for contacting me recently regarding a website for the Cambusbarron Community Council. I have listed below what I propose for this and would welcome your ideas and feedback.

I would design and develop a website based on Wordpress using the Astra theme, hosted on Krystal Amethyst web hosting. This would be designed to be self-managed but I would also be available for support and updates if required. The website design would be clear and intuitive, suitable for all devices.



Wordpress + Astra website development (1 off) £525 Domain name registration (annual) £15 Krystal Amethyst web hosting (annual) £60 Tuition session (1 off) £70 TOTAL £670


I would be happy to discuss this further with you and can explain and demonstrate the options available.

Yours sincerely,

Derek Townsend


3 Burnside, Balfron, GLASGOW G63 0QQ www.webreturn.co.uk derek@webreturn.co.uk 01360 441054


07775 668 699