Feb 2021 Minutes

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Monday 22 February 2021


Members Present: Ross McGregor (Chair), Tessa Carroll (Vice Chair), Barbara McElhinney
(Treasurer), Linda Jones (Secretary), John McCallum, and Elaine Turner

In attendance: one resident

Apologies: Councillor Jim Thomson, Councillor Susan McGill
Minutes were taken by Tessa Carroll.

  1. Adoption of Previous Minutes

    Minutes of the meeting of 25 January 2021 were approved. Proposed by Ross and seconded
    by Barbara.

  2. Matters Arising (not covered below)
    Duke of Edinburgh scheme query

    Linda had spoken to the resident who had contacted the CC about their child running an
    activity for younger children as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and found out
    more about this. The CC agreed to post details on the CC Facebook page when available.


  3. Waterside Cottage

    John had tried to contact the architect for the site to get the Heras fencing reinstated but could
    not get through.

    Action: John will try again to contact the architect.


  4. Park Update

    The rocking seat in the sandpit has been removed. The new play equipment is being very well
    used, especially with children not at school/nursery during lockdown.

    The existing swings need some repairs and it had been agreed during discussions on the
    project in autumn 2019 that these would be covered by Stirling Council’s budget.

    Action: Linda to contact Chris Burns at Stirling Council.


  5. Phone Box

    Elaine had researched materials and prices for repairing and painting the phone box, e.g. kit
    including paint, undercoat, brushes etc: approx. £150. Cost for windows depends on whether
    glass or Perspex, metal frames etc. Approx. total cost £300.

    Action: Elaine to circulate details of materials and costs to the CC.


  6. Speed Limits/Ladysneuk Road

20mph speed limit signs have been installed at the entrance to the village and streets within
it. Councillor Thomson had asked council officers for clarification about the speed limit on the
rest of Ladysneuk Road and had been told this is still under discussion.

Action: Ross to reply to Councillor Thomson’s email to seek clarity.



  1. Winter Condition of Footbridge

    Councillor Thomson had raised the issue with council officers again, passing on the queries
    and suggestions from the resident who had contacted him, and they had agreed to look into
    non-slip bridge decks (discussed several years ago), the provision of handrails and whether
    there is a more suitable, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly option for de-icing the

    Action: Remember to check on this again before next winter.


  2. Cycle Track to Manor Powis

    Resident attending the meeting had been told by Sustrans that funding for the cycle track to
    Manor Powis would not be available until April 2022. The resident had then asked Stirling
    Council if the pavement along the south side of Alloa Rd to Manor Powis could be upgraded
    in the meantime, as its current condition is very poor and unsafe; Councillor Thomson had
    replied that he had already made a request to upgrade this section of footpath.


  3. Pergola at Abbey

    Elaine had spoken to a resident who had confirmed that the pergola was built by residents
    and is owned by the CC.

    Action: John will check the pergola with a view to carrying out repairs in the spring/summer.


  4. Broadband/CityFibre

    Ross confirmed that CityFibre is now live within the village. Vodafone have exclusivity for six
    months, and other providers can get involved after that.


  5. Wallace Monument Steering Group

    Ross had attended a meeting that afternoon (22 February). Much of that meeting was given
    to a presentation from Bridge of Allan CC as a model for connecting with the Wallace
    Monument, and it has suggested a new path from the monument through the university to the
    station at Bridge of Allan.

    Causewayhead CC has raised the issue of improving the path with steps at the back of
    Causewayhead park, a popular route for local residents, and has suggested a new footpath
    from the monument to Blairlogie.

    Ross thinks the marketing should be based on the cultural associations with Wallace – bridge,
    castle, abbey, Bannockburn – and there is also good reason to connect to local businesses
    for services and encourage visitors to spend in the surrounding area. The main advantages to
    Cambuskenneth will be free access (conditions and details to be decided) and better signage,
    including signage to the abbey. There was a lot of discussion on poor signage to the
    monument for walkers and cyclists, e.g. at the top of Ladysneuk Road. Stirling Council now
    has a greater interest in local tourism now it has taken over management of the monument; it
    has still to decide how to deal with the suggestions from the steering group.


  6. Councillors’ Reports

    No Councillors attended.


  7. AOCB

    Postal votes for May elections

    More people are likely to want postal votes because of the pandemic. Forms for postal votes
    can be downloaded and the Community Council is able to print these out for anyone who
    does not have a printer or internet access; could residents please pass this on to any
    neighbours who may not see these minutes and who might need the form printed.



    Arts projects on Sustrans routes

    Elaine had received information from a resident about funding of up to £2,500 for arts projects
    on Sustrans routes: Sustrans Artroots. https://www.sustrans.org.uk/our-
    Various suggestions were made, e.g. something to lead from Riverside to Cambuskenneth
    (e.g. mosaics on the footbridge), corner of South St and Ladysneuk Rd (signage to abbey),
    ferry. However, the current deadline for final applications is May.

    Action: Elaine to contact 1) Sustrans about timescale and any plans for future funding rounds
    to give more time and 2) Stirling Council about any permissions needed.

    Update 3/3/21: There will be a further round of funding for the next year, which will give us
    more time to apply.


    Wildflowers in park – On the Verge

    Tessa reported that last year’s wildflowers need to be strimmed and cleared before the new
    growth comes through; a resident kindly did this last year. There was some discussion about
    buying a strimmer, but hiring one if necessary was agreed to be the best option.

    Action: Resident attending the meeting will ask the resident who did the work last year if he
    would be willing to do this again.

    Ross will check whether the Tool Library has a strimmer.


    Flooding in farm field next to Abbey

    Barbara had contacted Cowane’s Trust about the flooding in the farm field adjoining house on
    Ladysneuk Rd; they said the flooding was not their responsibility nor that of the farm. Ross
    suggested contacting SEPA.


    Flooding/leak on Ladysneuk Road

    Elaine had contacted Scottish Water about the flooding/leak on Ladysneuk Road just inside
    the village. Their tests indicated that the water was groundwater, not from the mains, and
    therefore not their responsibility.

    Update 3/3/21: Stirling Council is now working on the road and has discovered a burst pipe.


    Hanging baskets

    Martin Parry has kindly volunteered to take over organizing the hanging baskets.


    Consultation on cycle path on Causewayhead Road

    A resident had forwarded a link from Stirling Council about a proposal for a cycle path along
    Causewayhead Road.

    Action: Linda to put the link on CC Facebook page.


    Audit of 2019/20 accounts

    The CC wished to thank Alan Loughray for auditing the 2019/20 accounts.



  8. Next Meeting


Monday 22 March 2021 at 7.30pm, online unless
Scottish Government Guidance changes.

Details to be announced nearer the time on CC website


Stirling Council 01786 404040, Police non-emergency 101, NHS-24: 111

Scottish Power emergency 105, Scottish Gas emergency 0800 111999


Reminder: Minutes are available via the CC website and Facebook page. If you want
them emailed privately or paper copies please let us know via email at
cambuskennethcc@gmail.com or by contacting any CC member.