June 2022 Minutes

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Cambuskenneth Community Council

Meeting held on Monday 27th June 2022 @ after AGM at 7.30pm in the Village Hall


Present : Tessa Carroll (Vice Chair), Barbara McElhinney (Treasurer), ElaineTurner, John McCallum, In attendance: Helen Barrett (CNEG), Councillor Danny Gibson, Anne Marie Oates (Minute taker) Apologies: Ross McGregor (Chair), Linda Jones (Secretary)

Items for AOCB

Resignation from AGM minutes

Adoption of Previous Minutes (23 May 2022)

Adopted as a true record Proposed: John Seconded: Tessa


Matters Arising


Phone Box Update – a electrician qualified to deal with electrical street furniture attended and an electrical certificate was issued, invoice paid. Elaine to check when it will need to be updated.

Footbridge Maintenance – no update as yet from Cllr Jim Thomson. Tessa will email JT to check with SGN.

Sheds at Village Hall – shed that the CC is taking over is ready to move into; John will remove some nails prior to moving things across.

Increase in Hall Charges/Booking Procedure Cllr Rachel Nunn queried the high weekend charge; council officer advised this request needs to come from the CC and Tessa has done this. We now have official keyholders so we have lower rates for weekend CC events, but we would like high rates for others hiring the hall at the weekends to be reconsidered.

Ladysneuk Road Pavement/North Street Road Surface Tessa has looked at the roadworks schedule, which indicates work on Ladysneuk Road pavement is due to commence in mid-July. Tessa will raise again with Stirling Council the potholes in North Street.

Welcome Leaflet Linda working on this over the summer.

Update on Meeting re Hall and Park Funds – there were 4 Community Council members and 1 resident in attendance at the meeting on 20 June. Some suggestions were received by email and on Facebook. All suggestions were discussed and those considered most appropriate will be investigated further to make the best use of the funds available and the Community Council will report back at a later date.

Pergola Amended from unapproved minutes. There was a discussion around what to do with the space and whether the pergola can be repaired. We discussed a suggestion to contact Beechgrove Garden (who designed and constructed the pergola with residents), but when Helen explained more about the original process, it became clear that we would probably have little or no control over what they might do if they were involved, and that wasn’t what we wanted. Therefore it was agreed not to contact Beechgrove. It was agreed that dismantling would now probably be best as


the wood is in poor condition – John to look at this and see if any wood is salvageable and then the CC will discuss the area again. Helen (CNEG) will buy plants for the area with some of the grant money, which needs to be spent by November. Helen will ask for change of use of the £140 of the grant ringfenced for wood for the pergola to pay for collection and disposal of the old tubs instead. The Community Council approved this. It was agreed that the pergola is the responsibility of the CCC and not the CNEG.

The suggestion of having a dropped kerb in front of the pergola to improve access was raised. Cllr Danny Gibson will ask about this, although the land is owned by Cowane’s Trust not the council.

Watering Trolley for hanging baskets John will investigate more, as current pricing of trolleys is expensive for what we require, and report back with quotes and weights for all items. It was agreed the overall weight should be no greater than at present to avoid making the trolley too difficult to pull and control.

Sub Groups

Cambuskenneth Nature and Environment Group (CNEG) – not had a meeting recently; one is planned for before the next CCC meeting in September.

Helen had a positive reply from Ricoh about making their field areas more wildlife-friendly. She plans to contact various voluntary organisations to survey the areas.

Martin has got quotes getting new tubs to replace the old ones and compost and top soil for them and for collecting and disposing of the old ones.

Omitted from meeting: on 15 June Cllr Rachel Nunn cycled the stretch from Causewayhead to Manor Powis roundabout withArchie McIver and then met him and Tessa to discuss the long overdue cycle route. She has meetings scheduled with relevant council officers and has since sent an update: it seems all landowners have agreed in principle to a scheme that might cross their land, but the final route on the Stirling side once the path has passed under the railway bridge is still ‘in the air’; this is down to costs, future maintenance arrangements and safety issues for active travel users to merge back onto the Alloa Road. This remains a top priority route to resolve.


Social Group Report (Calendar Competition) - Good first meeting of the Social Group. The aim is to try and have an event every quarter. Events suggested are Burns Night (January), Quiz or Historical Talk (March), BBQ (June), something for the children in October, although this needs further discussion (Elaine will discuss previous Halloween events with Susan McLeod), Christmas Party in December.

Potential for a cheese and wine evening in late September/early October with a display of photos for the calendar competition, for which a closing date needs to be set.

Elaine emailed Historic Scotland about possible events at the abbey and they seemed interested.

Sustrans Art – Nothing to report

Defibrillator – is now installed and registered on the national database. Thanks to everyone involved, particularly Neil Gault, electrician, who installed for free. Anne Marie is registered as the guardian for the defibrillator and does a weekly check.

Anne Marie will send dates of online awareness courses to Linda and do the PR.

Anne Marie will supply a collection tub which can be placed in the village hall during events for fundraising for maintenance and ongoing consumable costs for the defibrillator. Phone box notice


to be amended to specify defibrillator maintenance as focus of any donations and a notice about this added to notice board by the defibrillator.

Resilience – nothing to report

Use of glyphosate in the park – there has been a spillage in the playpark; Cllr Danny Gibson will investigate.

Report from Councillors Cllr Danny Gibson gave a brief update: Stirling North is the only ward in the council with equal representation of men and women. Minority Labour council with a governance review over the summer. First full meeting has taken place and the council are now in recess until September.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance of just over £6000.

£67.50 received in sponsorship for the hanging baskets.

Police Report – no report received.


Community Council Membership John is standing down but happy to remain in place until a replacement is found. Thanks to John for staying on in the meantime.

Date of next meeting: Monday 26th September 2022 @ 7.30pm in the village hall (apologies from Tessa)

Stirling Council: 01786 404040, Police non-emergency 101, NHS 24 111

Scottish Power emergency: 105, Scottish Gas emergency: 0800 111999

Reminder: Minutes are available via the CC website and Facebook page. If you want them emailed privately or paper copies, please let us know via email at cambuskennethcc@gmail.com or by contacting any CC member .