May 2022 Minutes

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Cambuskenneth Community Council

Meeting held on Monday 23rd May 2022 @ 7.30pm in the Village Hall


Present : Tessa Carroll (Vice Chair), Linda Jones (Secretary), John McCallum, Cllr Jim Thomson, Cllr Rachel Nunn, Anne Marie Oates (Minute taker)

Apologies: Ross McGregor (Chair), Barbara McElhinney (Treasurer), Elaine Turner

Items for AOCB


Adoption of previous minutes (25th April 2022)

Adopted as a true record Proposed – John Seconded – Linda


Matters Arising


Maintenance of picnic benches and tables in park Cllr Jim Thomson has chased this via a corporate enquiry.

Phone Box update Elaine gave an update after the meeting: she has found a Dunblane electrician who does street lighting and is happy to check the box for £50.


Wallace Monument Steering Group – No update.

Footbridge Maintenance – no application has yet been made by Scottish Gas (as at 23/5/22 ). Cllr Jim Thomson emailed with an update after the meeting: SGN will now not be replacing the gas main over the footbridge and is working with Stirling Council to determine how their main can be protected using additional concrete cover.


Sheds at Village Hall John will take a look. The lock on the shed the CC is taking over needs to be changed once the contents of the current shed have been sorted and moved.

Increase in Hall Charges / Booking Procedure Linda and Ross will do key holder training for CC events. Caroline is already trained as a key holder for the coffee mornings.

BBQ 18th June, Residents Meeting re Hall & Park funds 20th June – Linda has booked the village hall for these and will do her training before then.

Cllr Rachel Nunn will look into hall hire and caretaker charges for weekend hires; high rates may put off potential users.

Dog Fouling – dispensers are now installed around the village on various gates. The bags are made from corn starch and are biodegradable.

Ladysneuk Road Pavement – Cllr Jim Thomson reported that SC is looking at digging up the affected area and treating it with a product called I-cade [weedkiller].


Newsletter/Welcome Leaflet – the newsletter has been issued to every household in the village and has prompted positive responses and offers to help and participate in various sub-groups Linda now working on the Welcome Leaflet.

Garden Waste Permit for Village Hall Bin – this has now been received; however, the old brown bin is still there (but should not be used). New grey bin is classed as a commercial bin and emptied on a different run to the rest of the village. Cllr Jim Thomson will check this with officers.

Sub Groups

Cambuskenneth Nature & Environment Group

Helen is meeting with Martin regarding plans for the tubs and pergola.

Tessa has reported hogweed in the park to SC and had a reply saying it will be looked into, and will report hogweed on Ladysneuk Road too.

Helen speaking to Ricoh to see if they want to be involved.

Cycle Path to Manor Powis – Archie McIver emailed council candidates for North Ward prior to the election and had 2 responses, which have been posted on the CC website. Due to staff shortages and changes SC are around 6 months behind on this. Cllr Jim Thomson said SC plans to reduce the speed limit between the Ladysneuk Rd junction and Manor Powis to 30mph in the meantime. Cllr Rachel Nunn is going to cycle the route herself on 14th June and Alexander Stewart MSP will write to Sustrans thereafter.

Social Group

Meeting to be held on 24/5/22 – carry over

Sustrans Art – nothing to report


Permission has been gained from Cowane’s Trust to install the defibrillator on the village hall. Anne Marie is meeting an electrician onsite then a date will be arranged for installation within a few weeks. We approached Cowane’s directly after failing to receive a response from SC for several months.

Tessa will cc the email correspondence with the officer in SC Assets to Cllrs Thomson and Nunn.


Linda has had contact with Climate Forth about resilience plans but a discussion is needed as she doesn’t think it is what we are looking for. A new resident in the village who has training in emergency preparedness has expressed a willingness to get involved. There is a need to produce a written plan.

Parking in the Village - A resident has raised the issue of parking at the ends of the streets onto Ladysneuk Road. A few ideas were discussed, one being a shared surface, which it was agreed would not work. Yellow lines potentially which are working in Causewayhead? It needs to be walked through and then discussed with residents. DPD are a particular problem; Cllr Rachel Nunn will look into this.


Hanging Baskets / Watering Trolley / Plant Sale

Martin is working on the watering rota with hopefully some new people. The baskets at the pergola and the edge of the village will be removed. At least 3 baskets will be sponsored and monies from the Plant Sale will cover another 2. A decision needs to be made regarding the purchase of a new watering trolley by the CC. Linda will put some quotes together for discussion at the next meeting.

Thanks to Martin for his work on the Plant Sale.

Report from Councillors

Cllr Jim Thomson - The councillors are now back at work in Viewforth; key workers are moving in; the new administration is in place. Grass cutting is 2-3 weeks behind due to shortage of staff.

Cllr Rachel Nunn – Labour is now the administration; councillors are looking at their manifestoes and will be asking how the administration plan on serving the community.

Treasurer’s Report – nothing to report – carry over.

Police Report – none

AOCB – Buses

Tessa had been asked by a resident about gaps in the hourly bus service from Riverside and about Hunters taking the service over from First Bus. Cllr Jim Thomson assured that the gaps won’t get any worse. Cllr Rachel Nunn said that the transport lobbying group is looking at solutions e.g. car share. She is willing to work with anyone to solve this issue. Cllr Jim Thomson mentioned demand- responsive transport in rural areas and a pre-covid proposal for a pilot scheme for 7-seater taxis to offer regular services in areas without direct links.

Date of next meeting: Monday 27th June 2022 at 7.30pm in the village hall (to include AGM)


Stirling Council: 01786 404040, Police non-emergency 101, NHS 24: 111

Scottish Power emergency: 105, Scottish Gas emergency: 0800 111999

Reminder: Minutes are available via the CC website and Facebook page. If you want them emailed privately or paper copies, please let us know via email at or by contacting any CC member.