September 2022 Minutes

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Cambuskenneth Community Council

Meeting held on Monday 26th September 2022 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall


Present: Ross McGregor (Acting Chair), Elaine Turner (Secretary), Linda Jones, Councillor Danny Gibson


Apologies: Tessa Carroll (Chair), Barbara McElhinney (Treasurer), John McCallum


Approval of minutes from meeting held on 27th June: Carried forward to next meeting for approval by members who attended the full meeting.


Phone Box Update: The phone box continues to be well used as a book exchange, with a small amount of toys and produce also being exchanged.


Footbridge Maintenance: The exposed gas pipe on the bridge has now been enclosed in squared off concrete to a high standard by contractors working for SGN.


Sheds at Village Hall: Some shed contents have now been removed. The derelict shed is still to be removed; the remaining shed needs protruding nails in the roof covered, perhaps by donated corks from wine bottles. A Toddler Group has expressed interest in letting a shed to store toys and members present agreed this should be for a minimal rent; the Group should ensure they have their own insurance.

Action: Ross will contact the Toddler Group to arrange.


Increase in Hall Charges: Rates are now much cheaper for CCC, because official key holders have been trained, but weekend rates remain at £32/hour at the full rate, which will minimise Hall usage. We await a reply from the Council about rates. Action: Councillor Danny Gibson offered to ask about the rates at an upcoming meeting.

Added Note: see email reply to CC query 2206997 which says that rates were agreed at a Council meeting. The only way to avoid the rate is to become an approved key holder.


North St Road Surface: We have received a reply from our CC enquiry that North St has been identified for some upgrading works which are planned for January/February 2023 weather permitting.


Welcome Leaflet: Linda continues to work on this.


Hall and Park Funds: Ross and other villagers have still to price some of the suggestions for use of these funds.

Action: Ross to cost picnic tables for Hall garden and chase up other items in order to make a decision.


Pergola: We will check with the Nature & Environment Group at the next meeting if they have heard back from the Beechgrove Garden or if the structure should be taken down as it is unstable.

Action: Councillor Danny Gibson will chase up provision of a dropped kerb by the pergola.


Watering trolley for hanging baskets: A new trolley has been purchased and is now in use for watering duties. It is lighter and more manoeuvrable.


Use of Glyphosate in the Park: The trail of glyphosate in the park was due to an accidental spillage and it was only used as approved. There was discussion about the views of different international environmental organisations on the use of glyphosate and its toxicity.




Cambuskenneth Nature and Environment Group (CNEG) Report


This was noted and will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting when another CNEG Group member is present.


Social Group Report

Elaine discussed plans for the next social event. This had been planned for early October to allow a display of calendar photos. However, most of the Group had holidays planned around this time. Instead, a quiz night has been planned for 28th October, where a draft calendar will be available and orders can start to be taken. Over 70 photos have been received for the Calendar, with a choice of 13 to be made.

Elaine had also held a meeting with Joyce Kitching, District Visitor and Community Manager, Historic Environment Scotland, to explore closer working between HES and the local community and to find out if events can be held in Cambuskenneth Abbey. This was a very positive meeting. HES have an application process for community events and are running a pilot project at another property with local volunteers. A further meeting of the Social Group will be held on 27th September.


Sustrans Art: no update


Defibrillator: It was reported that no one had signed up for the online training.

Action: Elaine will provide a signup form at the Quiz Night to assess interest for a training session in the Hall.


Resilience Group: Linda reported that a Group is being formed and plan to have their first meeting soon and obtain support from Stirling Council Resilience Officer.


Report from Councillors: Danny had no news to report, but had walked round the village and will chase up what is happening with Waterside Cottage as it remains unsightly. We discussed that Rachel Nunn was making further enquiries into the proposed cycling route at Manor Powis. Danny reported that a 30mph speed limit may be brought in at Craigmill on the Alloa Rd as an interim measure, as it remains a dangerous route for cyclists.


Treasurer’s Report: Deferred to next meeting


Police Report: No reports at present




Date of next meeting: 1930h, Monday, 24 October, 2022 in the village hall


Stirling Council: 01786 404040, Police non-emergency 101, NHS 24 111

Scottish Power emergency: 105, Scottish Gas emergency: 0800 111999


Reminder: Minutes are available via the CC website and Facebook page. If you want them emailed privately or paper copies, please let us know via email at or by contacting any CC member.