April 2021 Minutes

APPROVED minutes Carron Valley & District Community Council
Wednesday 7 April 2021 meeting, via TEAMS @ 7.30pm


Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP Peter Hayward, Chair PH
Dorothy Breckenridge, Sec, DB David Petch, Councillor, DP
Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS Sara Smith, Councillor, SS

Scott Farmer, elected rep, SF Iain Macfarlane, resident, IM
Helen Bang, clerk, HB



1.1 Introductions and welcome

1.2- Apologies – Pam King, Ross Barclay, Pam Campbell
1.3- Declarations of interest for items on agenda - none

1.4- items raised by members of the public for inclusion in agenda – none



Community Police report, PC Pam King and PC Ross Barclay can’t be present but
take note of comments. Attached as Appendix I.

SS – heavy traffic at weekend, including filming. Large number of parked cars.



Minutes of previous meeting on 3 March 2021



Amendments no increase in council tax –

12.1 – typos.

Proposed NS, Seconded PH

ACTION HB send approved minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council.



Draft minutes of Roads meeting. Proposed PH Seconded SS. ACTION HB send
approved minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council.



Matters arising



Nothing not covered elsewhere in the agenda.





Actions from previous meeting on 3 March


Roads issues for meeting – see later in minutes







DB contacted Council – need to report stuff on verge of road.

SS – parts of car – who to contact at Council – ACTION DB will send contact.
NS posted video on FB re app Clearwaste – automatically recognises location,
notifies relevant Council.

Roads report to Councillor Benny





Bins not being collected




NS has escalated complaint, still not collected.
Evelyn Crawford tree removal - done.




Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021

  1. Chair’s report

    1. PH met Elaine Nicol from Roads Dept at reservoir. B818 potholes, car park issues,
      mountain bikers. Forestry car park either needs expanding or an alternative found.
      Also Duncarron Fort attraction. SF – largely a problem of restrictions being lifted
      resulting in an increase in people visiting rural areas.


      SS – have asked multiple times for the speed limit to be reduced by residential areas
      which is causing distress to locals. Area B818 near east end of reservoir. ACTION SF
      will make enquiries. SS speed restriction has been done in Fintry. From 60mph to
      20mph. Falkirk has closed off part of Torwood to keep it safe for residents.


      PH – battling with this for years with CC. Have instigated traffic survey with Carlyn
      Fraser. Over700 cars a day were passing through. In Stirling can drive from Glasgow
      Road at 20mph for a short distance, then back to 60mph and back to 20mph then back
      to 60mph.


      DB would support ‘20’s plenty’ even on a temporary basis. 100% support from
      community to do this.


      PH there was a temporary speed limit during windfarm construction so it can be done.


      PH and Elaine walked past car wreckage. Drove C10 from hotel – road in a very poor
      state. Junction which has been causing concern for at least two years. Seems keen on
      getting something done. Priorities, money always a consideration. Has followed up on
      NS road issues. (Craigend Road.). Is first person from Roads who has offered to come
      and look at the roads.


      Potholes on the C10 are being filled today, 7 April on C10 near Rosehall Farm.


  2. Secretary’s report (DB)

    1. Nothing to report not covered elsewhere in agenda.


  3. Treasurer’s report. (NS)

    1. Latest bank statement circulated to all CC members. Balance currently £2177.36


  4. Stirling Councillor report (SF)

    1. Attached as Appendix II.

      In Easter break currently. After will be looking at lifting of restrictions. Have formed
      an all-party group to see how can mitigate effects of pandemic. Substantial funds for
      Covid-related activities.


      Other matters – Budget – no Council tax increase this year. Additional spend on
      increasing awareness and work throughout area being dementia friendly. Money for
      volunteers who have worked above and beyond during pandemic, also food poverty
      and resilience. Meeting on Friday with Chair and Chief Exec of NHS Forth Valley to
      discuss any particular issues. Ideal position would be 20-25 per 100K. at 54-55%.
      Pandemic under control if at 5 and below.


      Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021

      Roll out of vaccine is going well. 25 March 56% of population had had first dose of


      PH – Why is Clackmannanshire so bad? SF owing to transmission in workplaces. Also
      bad in Falkirk, Grangemouth, food production facilities. Forth Valley were also testing
      more than other health boards so had higher reading than other areas. More
      infectious Kent variant (S variant) came into Forth Valley at a later point so trajectory
      in other areas was falling faster. In next couple of weeks should see Clacks figure


  5. Valley Renewables Group report (MP)

    1. Attached as Appendix III

    2. North Third – volunteers have broken up the old caravan and taken to tip. Funding
      approved for Boardwalks on west side.

    3. Two sets of defibrillators approved. One at North Third, one in Carron Valley. April
      hopefully. Need to receive units and have installed by electrician. Will then be an
      onsite briefing of volunteers.

    4. Plan to offer New Venture Fund was approved. Details still being finalised. Fund to
      help residents who want to start small business enterprise.

    5. Carron Valley Growers – project almost ready to start. Interim payment of £2500
      approved subject to receipt of constitution

    6. Website being revamped – hopefully within 6 weeks.

    7. Woodland – flytipping incident. An address was included in rubbish so police are
      following up. On Forestry Scotland track – they have had it cleared up.

    8. Strategy review will now be on 19 March. Will be looking ahead to future strategy
      from 2022 onwards. Ideas for activities VRG should be doing welcome. ACTION ALL.

    9. Virtual Open Day – on social media but no response yet.

    10. Next Newsletter – end of May. Copy required. ACTION ALL.

    11. No VRG Board meeting in May.


    12. NS – defibrillators – branded as joint project with VRG and CVDCC. MP – VRG will
      insure units but they are for community benefit.


  6. Woodland Group report (DB)

    1. Barriers – are they open because Forestry need access? DB first entrance after bridge
      is main track through the site which still belongs to Forest Land Scotland. Have
      portacabins etc. Occasionally, but not often locked. Better to leave it open as it takes
      some of the strain off parking on the road. However, this can increase risk of flytipping.
      Had discussed with FLS about closing the barrier at night which had happened in the
      past, but not keen on this at present.


      Red squirrel project has been awarded funding for a pilot year. Looking to site wildlife
      cameras, may also give information on vehicles going up and down.


      DP – C10 flytipping is commercial, daytime issue, vans looking for quiet places to dump
      items. Domestic is at night, worsened by new charges for brown bins.



      Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021

      Prosecution – SF finding evidence is an issue. There has been a reduction in fines
      because there has been overall a fall in flytipping during restrictions, but it is still
      happening. Have emphasized to officers that expect enforcement to be done robustly.


      Not a lot of work during poor weather. Meeting tomorrow. Was going to be a meeting
      on site.


  7. Roads report (PH)

    1. Elaine has offered a second visit. DB has suggested Greathill Road which is in very poor
      repair and the roads around Sauchieburn. NS – also opportunity to follow up on first
      visit and actions planned.


  8. Planning report (PH)

    1. No news back from Shelloc. SF hasn’t had an update either.


  9. AOB

    1. IM – Under planning – application for substantial development at Pirnhall. Not in our
      area but when raised previously he drew attention to fact that access to Glasgow Road
      from our side could be affected. Brucefield, where golf course was etc. Consequence
      is that the exit is currently very dangerous and this would only become worse. Only
      other way is via Vets which can also be difficult at times. Wants planners to look at
      implications. If Durieshill gets progressed it will also affect Auchenbowie.


      DB – put in comment to application? ACTION PH.


    2. How get blue badge from Stirling Council. Application has been in for six months for
      renewal. Confirmation from website it was being done but nothing and no one to

Normally dealt with by bus station, showing as being closed. NO phone numbers. SF –
contact general enquiries. SF will chase if DP still having issues.



Date of next CC meeting – 5 May 2021 at 7:30pm via TEAMs or Zoom.





Approved March minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council



Approved Roads meeting minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council



Flytipping - send SS Council contact for removal of car



Speed limit, serious safety concerns with increased pedestrian traffic in area



VRG - going forward, strategy discussion



Newsletter copy required May



Pirnhall development objection



Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021

Carron Valley Community Council meeting


Our priorities in the Carron Valley area continue to be
Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug dealing,
Road Safety and Community Engagement and


Our activity over the last month has been focussed
towards these priorities.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA                                                                                                                         A

Name of




There were 6 calls made to Police for the
Carron Valley area over the stated period.
The calls relate to planned shoots, vulnerable

persons, poaching and road traffic matters.

Crime Reports: 1

28/03/2021 – Possession of a controlled drug


Detected cases: 1

Crime Reports for Carron Valley from




Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021




Since Police were made aware of the parking issues
etc at North Third last month we have patrolled the
area on a regular basis with no issues observed. We
will continue to patrol the area and provide updates




We have been made aware of fly tipping in the
woodlands. Enquiries are continuing and will
provide an update on next month’s report.


Incidents of



Please contact PC’s King and Barclay with any
community issues at the email address noted below
or alternatively by calling Tel no. 101.






Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021

Appendix II


Councillor's Report Carron Valley Community Council April 2021
In terms of matters relating specifically to the Carron Valley are as follows. I
received an enquiry relating to the ongoing issues of restricted access at

the Sauchieburn Estate contrary to the freedom to roam legislation. While
continued attempts to engage with the landowner have not proved successful
and the offending gates remain locked. Angela Simpson has reported back that
she has compiled a report on the issue that has been forwarded to legal.

Following this options will be presented initially to the Corporate Management
Team and the outcome of proposed actions will be communicated hopefully in
the next couple of weeks.

Following weeks of the Forth Valley being the highest level of COVID 19
infections in the country over the previous couple of weeks we have seen a
significant decline in infection rates. We must remain vigilant as the virus
remains volatile and highly infectious and we must continue for the
foreseeable period to observe the FACTS guidance from Scottish Government
as restrictions are eased. As of 31st March Stirling was 53 per 100,000 with test
positivity at 2.3 Falkirk was 92 per 100,000 and test positivity rate of 3.1and
Clackmannanshire was 196 per 100,000 and test rate positivity of 4.4. There
are no issues regards vaccination rates that are continuing apace with 56% of
the population being vaccinated with their first dose by 25th of March.

The principle budget was passed on the 11th of March with a Council Tax Freeze
and no reductions to front line service delivery during these challenging times
due to significant additional funding from Scottish Government. An all-party
recovery group has been established with the availability of significant funding
from Scottish Government to deal with both the considerable challenges and
opportunities that will arise as we start o come out of the pandemic.

Cllr Scott Farmer



Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021

Appendix III


VRG Report for CVDCC 7th April

Key items of interest -

  • North Third - Small team co-ordinated the removal of old caravan chassis in bits which was
    taken to the local public tip. Funding approved to obtain materials to improve and make safe


  • Defibrillators – Funding approved to obtain and install 2 sets – one at North Third, one at
    Carron Valley. Hopefully will be done during April.


  • Grants – Plan to offer a New Venture Fund approved – details being worked out. In summary
    this is a fund to help residents interested in starting up small enterprises. Carron Valley
    Growers Community project seems about to get started and an interim payment of £2.5K
    was approved subject to production of its constitution.


  • Website – Major redesign about to start – WebReturn was chosen as being the best fit from
    a short list of three companies.


  • Woodland – Big fly-tipping incident last week – multiple bags of stuff plus boxes of rubbish,
    one with a name and address attached! Although within our woodland, most was on one of
    the tracks which actually still belong to FLS. Andy Gallagher had it all cleared up in quick time
    and the incident was reported to the police.


  • We decided to postpone our review on the 2019-2022 Strategy Document for 2 weeks and
    discuss this at a dedicated session.


  • A proposal to have a virtual Open Day this year in place of an actual one was mentioned on
    Facebook but has not generated much interest as yet. We will continue to mention it and
    see if we can whip up some support.


  • Next newsletter will be worked on during the last week of May. Doors open for copy on 3rd
    May, up to 20th.


  • It was decided not to have a meeting at the beginning of May but take a break from each
    other. Perhaps the CC might like a wee break as well!


Approved CVDCC minutes 7 April 2021